Hi everyone, Hi R8Games

I've been playing wipeout since its birth, was there from the beginning. And I loved it, every reincarnation of the game has been amazing (even Fusion - the 2 player split screen was amazing).

However, as we know, the PSP incarnations saw the introduction of Barrel Rolls, and though I didn't like them at first, they've grown on me to the point where I cannot imagine wipEout without the BR's.

Last night I was racing with a good friend and member of WZ and we were messaging each other about the whole Formula Fusion no BR issue. Now, as much as we appreciate the whole re-ignition of this game, we really had a hard time understanding why the Barrel Rolls were taken out?

And what will replace this mechanic which requires an ongoing skill which develops and increases the addiction of this game? Some members have recommended that no turbos be available in the game and instead - an option to turn each wep into a turbo instead - for me, this makes no sense as all we'd see is weps being converted to turbos in every race. Some others have made similar suggestions but none of them require the player to develop a specific skillset as in the case of barrel rolling.... I mean, it's hard enough to BR in some spots, but once that skillset is developed, it's a logical progress for the player to chain BR, by getting extra air from the last BR to BR all over again - it's tricky, but easily done by those who have invested time into the game - it's one of the things which keeps them coming back to race with us.

I feel that if barrel rolls were to go, we'd essentially be losing the evolutionary heritage of wipEout in formula fusion - and thus, I'd probably stack FF in line with the other futuristic racers which wanted to be wipeout but didn't quite cut the grade.

Your thoughts are welcome,

Thank you for listening to my rant.