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Watch from 1.00 to 1.12

Something that's gradually been disappearing is the hovering/floating detail in all futuristic racers. I don't mean bottoming out completely, I mean that the craft moves vertically as well as left and right depending on its momentum. It adds a realistic feeling to the game and makes it more fun.

Its probably harder to program cool physics like that with bumps on the track etc. but it makes it more like sega rally and less boring. (To me anyway).

I would ask the game makers to at least try it and see if it makes gameplay any better.
I'm guessing you play in near or far view when playing WO.
I've always played every WO in cockpit mode, the Fury craft definitely have that floaty bounce of the older WO craft, maybe it's just not as noticeable when playing in near or far view.
Having a totally immersive experience has always been first and foremost in my love of WO, but playing in that mode can have it's cons, bounce, like a few other things in the more recent WO's, namely BR's and transparent glassy tracks, can really play havoc on your perceived orientation, ultimately effecting your racing ability....not so bad when in racebox doing SL's or TT's, but when playing online against really good pilots you can often find yourself at a disadvantage...this is especially true when when being hunted down by a pack, who if like the vast majority of pilots fly in near or far view, can all see each other and counteract ramming etc, but being in cockpit mode you only have your HUD's proximity alert until other craft are right up beside you, by then it's too late and you can often find yourself getting overridden and rammed out of the way.

I would agree that I find the craft of both HD & Fury tend to have less rear end drift, compared to say WO3's version of Quirex or Icarus, and a lot less than the craft of WO Fusion...Tigron etc....the tightening up seemed to start happening with Pure, got a bit tighter with Pulse, stayed pretty much the same with HD, got a bit looser with Fury...and I don't know about 2048 as I've never played it [Sony, where's the patch to allow this to be played on a PSTV]

I'm not really sure asking for more bounce is actually going to applicable to Formula Fusion, as unlike WO games, craft handling will be left somewhat up to the pilot as the availability of craft upgrades are unlocked.
I suppose it will depend on what degree of effect these upgrades [or combinations of ] will have .... I can see a source of endless testing and discussion with these parameters.