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Thread: What do you want to see in Formula Fusion?

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    Default What do you want to see in Formula Fusion?

    Thread title should be pretty explanatory, but to help prompt thoughts feel free to break information down into categories. For example, I'll start (note while I use names like speed lap/zone, I understand they most likely won't be called that if they are included in FF at all, but refer to theoretic analogues):

    * This is supposed to effectively be WipEout yeah? That means speed. I'd like to see uncapped FPS to support 144hz monitors, and FreeSync/GSync support. The only kind of limit to speed I want to see is menu framerates capped to 60.

    * Support for multimonitor and high resolution graphics e.g. 4k, 5k.

    * Can easily be alt-tabbed, e.g. borderless fullscreen.

    Controller support:
    * #1 concern is gamepad support, which generally means Xinput.

    * I'd like to see native DualShock 4 support, too, with mappable "6axis" controls. IMO it's a huge bonus to control pitch in Wipeout HD with the motion controls; I always find myself moving off my desired line by using the joystick or d-pad. While some external apps allow for this, it would probably make it easier for the vast majority to include it natively.

    * Concern #2 is allowing keyboard & mouse users especially map functions to multiple keys, e.g. having accelerate as "B" as well as "X" or "mouse4", and also turning left as "left" as well as "mouse axis X-". I don't know any specific functions that would make the game more playable by having this, but I am still certain some people would make use of such a feature, and it should be so simple a feature to include for such a talented team

    * Offline play. Even if you're going to release the game only on Steam, people should have the ability to play the game easily offline and upload their ghosts/records later.

    * Minimum 8 player online multiplayer.

    * Mod-able HUD. While the default HUD should be minimalistic and sufficient, past WipEouts have led me to think the devs don't get it 100% right for 100% of players. As long as there's nothing that could allow players to cheat, I think this would be really good.

    * I'm sure you think you'll get it right, but clear and distinct graphics that don't clutter.

    * Without getting into detail which would be 100% ignored anyway, I'll just say I'd like to see an evolution of WipEout HD when it comes to how the game plays and feels. Not in the direction of 2048, obviously. Perhaps something along the lines of more complicated physics e.g. wind dynamics, weather, etc.... Honestly I think making gameplay more sim-like is absolutely the way to go. Weapons are fine and all, but there's so much more to HD/Fury than shooting people that it would just be a waste to focus on such overly retreaded territory yet again. People already have Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for weapons based arcade racing, why compete on their own level?

    * Zero lag in navigating menus. Sounds small? It's the most frustrating thing in the world. I can't tell you how annoying it was to have HD/F not let me quit/restart a race/speedlap session half a microsecond faster when I've messed up and need to leave the current session. It is... annoying.

    * Gamemodes:
    Green races! I.e., no weapons but allow players to boost at will. Make it official.

    Speed laps: I really like the aerial ballet possible in HD/Fury, and learning how to perform such manoeuvres is integral to the gameplay for when you want to race. So while I understand it can be seen as unfair on beginners to learn how to best use your boost and learn advanced techniques like "BSB", I think the fun factor wins out. The only reason 2048 had any replayability at all was because the controls are so bad and the handling was made terrible, and that... that, is not cool.

    Zone: I'd like to see it.

    * An external track creation program... give everyone an application that allows people to craft their own tracks. Don't even need to allow people to import textures or models or anything... give them a Zone-like Palette and a few decals and that should be enough. Hey... I'd just like to see it. As long as you don't do a StarCraft 2 it should add replayability provided the gameplay makes people want to come back.

    * Menus that, unlike 2048, are actually usable and make sense.

    * Last but certainly far from least... ABSOLUTELY NO PERK UNLOCK CARROT ON A STICK HELL. If you can unlock skins and stuff like CS: GO, that's great. But if you give a player with 100 hours about 10 different ways to make life even more unfair on noobs, that's not cool. If you force players to play the game for 20 hours before they can play the game as it should be played, that's not just not cool, it's incredibly ****ed. Do not do it.

    That's all I can think of for now... As much as I'd appreciate an old-style gameplay mode in the vein of Wipeout 2097/Wipeout 3, it's beyond the scope of what I'd expect of the devs given what I already want regarding gameplay.

    Everyone else?
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