I am in need of assistance. I've been trying to figure out how to properly race Sebenco on Phantom, and for the life of me I can't seem to get a time under 2.06.xx. Even if you got 1 turbo per lap, and used it over the last chicane series (which I think is the optimal place to do so) there are so many other roll opportunities that staying alive becomes a serious problem anyways.

I just don't see how a time of anything under 2.00.00 is remotely possible. I've raced it now about 200 times, and I'm doing something wrong. It probably comes down to barrel roll management, and knowing when to roll and when not to. In a typical lap the rolls are:

1. Right after the start at the first hump.
2. immediately after that after the right-hander near the first weapon pad.
3. The uphill just after that (where there are 2 side-by-side speed pads).
4. You can do a double just after #3.
5. Going up the hill before the steep downhill starts just before the weapon pads on the top of the hill.
6. You can do a double just after #5.
7. You can do a triple if you hit #5 and #6.
8. At the bottom of the tunnel, you can side shift right and get one over the speed pad.
9. Immediately after #8, you hit the speed pad to the left and get one at the start of the chicane series.
10. You can do a double after #9.
11. *Technically you can do a triple after #9 and #10*
12. If you didn't go for the triple, there is one possible just after the chicane series before the last left-hander.

So I can land ALL of these with unlimited energy, but obviously in a single race, you just can't land all of these even if you were to absorb everything. So which ones give you the most benefits and which ones aren't worth doing? Also, where is the optimal spot to use a turbo (I was thinking it is over the chicanes after the tunnel if you hit it low enough)?

After experimenting for quite some time, it seems that #1 doesn't offer much of a benefit, and #2 offers little benefit. #3 seems to be a good one. #4 isn't really worth it. #5 or #6 seem to be a good place (but not both of them) and #7 seems pointless. #8 seems not worth it. #9 is essential, but #10 and #11 aren't worth it. #12 also doesn't seem worth it.

What is your optimal route?