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Thread: WipEout HD/FURY Offline Tournament (Palermo)

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    Talking WipEout HD/FURY Offline Tournament (Palermo)

    Good Evening! Today I've got a great notice!

    Right yesterday, in Palermo, a videogames shop & mini-game room accepted my request: to create a WipEout HD/FURY Tournament Event !
    I'm very glad to give you this notice. Finally a physical and real meeting of WipEout pilots and fans, and plus a competitive tournament too! A rare and gold opportunity for all people around Palermo's zone (Italy, Sicily).
    The place is " 16GAMES - Palermo ", it will be a 'Direct Elimination' Tournament and played only by physical participants (so external players not in the shop can't participate - all the races will be played in Local).

    But it's not end here! There'll be a special guest... a super special guest... the fastest guest... yep, I'm talking about SuperRyuga! The world champion of speed in WipEout HD / Fury will join us at this event!
    And uhm... me too... the TOP 2 of Syncopia... but this doesn't matter.

    So this event will start Saturday 15th November, at 16:00. The address of location is: Via Lussemburgo, 81, 90146 Palermo

    About this tournament:

    The game settings & rules are the following:
    Speed: Phantom | Weapons: all | Vehicles: Only Fury models - To choose before starting every match | Laps: 5 ~ semifinal & final: 7 | Spins: allowed | Co-pilot: NOT allowed | Sixaxis function: NOT allowed

    The track list is this:
    - Anulpha Pass
    - Anulpha Pass (Reversed)
    - Ubermall
    - Moa Terma
    - Tech de Ra
    - The Amphiseum
    - The Amphiseum (Reversed)
    - Random track

    The PS3 consoles will be two.

    I know it's nearly impossuible, but I hope at least one of you will be with us; there's a reason why I informed you all Italian and International Wipeout Zone members, don't you think? Hope is the last to die, we like to say!

    If you want to join this big reunion of super pilots (did you forget about SuperRyuga??), visit this page (italian lang. - if you need more explanations contact me) for more infos and contacts:

    Hope to meet you there,
    Manfredi / El__Cho / AlisGelida

    [Upldate] Video announcement is now online.

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