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    Post The Story of Temtesh Bay

    This is a one-shot fanfic about the Temtesh Bay Disaster and my first ever fanfic so please keep the critisims to a minimum. WipEout is the sole property of Sony Computer Entertainment. All I own is this Fanfic.

    The Story of Temtesh Bay

    It is the 17th August 2164, during the fifth race of the F9000 Anti-Gravity Racing League. 4 racers have already been eliminated on the Temtesh Bay Medium Course. Piranha are currently in the lead with both FEISAR's behind them on the first lap. The FEISAR's fire their new Super Missiles at the leaders whilst in the mines when suddenly... The mines start to collapse on top of them. The FEISAR's stopped to pickup the Piranhas who had just been eliminated when the whole mine fell on top of them. All the teams that were in the mines when they collapsed were traped for three days. The only reason they survived was because their ships had ration kits onboard. After they were rescued, everyone found out that six racers had died in the mines. The F9000 race commission anounsed that the Temtesh Bay track would be closed for investigation. Since then, the track has remained closed and the investigation is still going. There were many rumours about what happened. The official story to date it that it was caused by the FEISAR super missiles, however, some believe that it was caused by some explosive gases the walls of the mines that caused the cave in whereas others believe that it was caused by some Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition extremists with mining charges who were trying to prove that the track was unsafe. But for now, the cause of the cave in is still unknown.

    Sorry for the short fanfic. Like I said earlier, this is my first fanfic so please keep the criticism to a minimum. Thanks.
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