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Thread: WipEout Pulse PS2 - A development kit?

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    Post WipEout Pulse PS2 - A development kit?

    I dunno if I should post this here, but I'll be sharing with you guys. . If you don't want I'll remove ASAP.
    So in WOPulse PS2, there's a file called "PADZ2". It's a disguised zip file, and when you extract it, it goes to 4,4GB(considering a DVD is 4,7GB, that thing is ultra compressed). Just a guess, but I think that what causes the slow loading. Anyway, it wasn't my find, I've found this like out of a coincidence. I began looking inside it and it had basically a development kit inside the game itself! It had the music, the models(which are in Maya format, so remember the papercraft? We could do it since 2009, but the game was so underlooked that it went straight), textures, and even comparison images of the ships of PSP and PS2 versions....
    Can't say I'm hacking anything since... it is just there. I'll post some images below(I killed the quality propositally):
    AG Sys normal.jpg<< With layers - Unlayered>>Ag Sys unlayered.jpg
    AG_systems_01.jpg << Comparison

    Well this could be used for something useful.
    I just hope it doesn't cost my membership. Just wanted to share this.

    EDIT: The name of the files is PADZ2! Not DATAZ. I've mistaken myself fixed now.
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