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    Default When NOT to BR

    So after playing for so long, I've started to notice some barrel roll spots that are possible to land, but don't really give you an benefits.

    So what are your spots where it doesn't always pay off to fly?

    Some examples I can think of:

    Moa Therma Reverse: boost and roll out of the tunnel. It doesn't seem to do much more for you than just using the turbo on the magstrip.
    Moa Therma Reverse: rolling right at the start on the first hump. It seems that just hugging the wall to the left and sideshifting is just as efficient.
    Metropia Forward: rolling at the final hard left turn just before the final straight is inefficient because the landing angle is too sharp at speed.
    Sebenco Forward: rolling on the uphill right before the righthand turn (where the cat is) just past the initial roll right after the start line.

    There are many more, but these just stick out.
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