I decided to log back in to get some assistance on something. I think this is the proper section. 'u`

I have drawn a fully original WipEout fan ship/team called XP Dynamics. It's pretty close to exactly how I want it visually. But I want a fitting backstory for the WipEout universe as opposed to shoehorning it in like bad crossover fanfiction. I'm sure a little of that can't be helped though, obviously...

I've watched Hellfire's Teams video on YouTube repeatedly, but I feel that what I'd need is all of that compiled in a very simple visual time map. If that there's any resource like that even in partial structure, I'd greatly appreciate a link! In the meantime, some suggestions on what to write are just as helpful. I'm not adept at storytelling. This isn't me asking for someone to write it FOR me, but rather just point me in the proper direction so I can do it myself. :3

To start out, you can probably see that I've tried to go for a fury class design with a bee motif. Pay no attention to the logos. It's all inside stuff that I'll fit in myself when I eventually get this situated.
So far, what I've got in my head that needs fleshing out:

-Technically a brand new team to the AG racing league (Is WipEout HD/Fury the latest in the timeline?), but due to struggles (I need to decide what) they were unable to get a craft on the circuit in time. I was thinking short on pilots, poor funding, some kind of moral dilemma, or something else entirely.
-Low thrust, high handling, medium shielding, medium speed.
-Some kind of business deal like FEISAR assisting with handling technology; feel like it should go awry, but not final yet.
-Creator (me) greatly inspired by classic arcade shooters which pushed the importance in an agile craft for dodging.
-Maybe a rivalry with another team for a believable reason besides "I don't like you". Like an enemy of FEISAR becomes an enemy of XPD due to a partnership...if that's possible.

This is all I've got for now. I'll be thinking on my own and will come up with new ideas in tangent with your responses if any are made. When I feel it's ready, I'll copy and paste the Google Drive document for a review to see how it works.

Thank you in advance! \:3/