Why have you chosen the team you stay loyal to? Do you ever switch? What do you like about your team, what do you hate? Does your team ship look ugly or amazing?

All of these questions must be answered, as I've found myself changing team every few weeks.
Post in this thread about your chosen team's performance, your opinion on why they are better than the rest and your feelings on their aesthetics.

Are they faster? Are they tankier? Can they just stick to a line better than the others?

In particular I want to hear your say on their:

Looks, the way they pilot, why they are better or why they are bad if you are choosing to write about a team you don't recommend to others!


2048's physics are a drastic change compared to HD's fairly rigid style, and the team lineup has been stripped back down to basics, plus Pir-Hana of course.
I stick with FEISAR in this game out of loyalty, although their Speed ship tends to slide a lot, their Agility ship is completely redundant and their Fighter ship has mediocre combat stats. They are still very precise machines, but with a boot full of power added if you decide on the Speed spec. For me, AG-SYS are too twitchy and too slidey to be useful, and their shields make it so they can't last. Qirex are a good high-speed craft with middling handling, with Auricom being their shielding-based brother. Pir-hana forgo all handling for raw speed, something I loved until the point I found you scrub all that speed off in standard cornering manouveres.

In short, FEISAR in 2048 are the all-rounder they never meant to be. Reasonably fast with fine control and okay combat stats for their speed ship. Their prototype is something to marvel at too, quite the beast for lower-class time based events.