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    Cool For all Zone Mode players

    Just a dedication to all Zone Mode players: a phografic gallery of beautiful/good moments playing zone, all starring my Auricom, of course
    Enjoy the increasing order of adrenaline!

    An avatar made by me

    An Amphiseum look

    Mach-1 Power, w/Auricom

    The Super Zen

    The Supersonic

    The Hidden Zone (I imagine the name... "Zone Xpander")

    The Hidden Zone to Venom

    Hei! Watch out, Auricom!

    The Amphiseum Reversed: Hardest Curve of ever!

    The Amphiseum Reversed: Zone Supersonic

    Behind my skills

    Upcoming Auto-Destruction

    And the great last...

    That's all! See you, pilots! Good night
    Oh, and call SuperRyuga here, please!
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