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    Question European WipEout Convention 8


    Shortcutting the long story: Mad is unable to host/care a convention and now I'm the leader. To those who don't know: it'd be in Germany - either Frankfurt Main (just like in 2012 and 2009) or alternatively Köln (Cologne) if we want to combine it with attending the gamescom.
    Update: Frankfurt only.


    Personally I'm able to provide/attend a convention:
    From Wednesday,
    to Wednesday,
    From Wednesday,
    to Thursday,
    From Tuesday,
    to Everday,
    This means I'm open for the following weekends (Saturdays):
    • 2014-06-14 (week 24)
    • 2014-06-21 (week 25)
    • 2014-06-28 (week 26)
    • 2014-07-05 (week 27)
    • 2014-07-12 (week 28), break.
    • 2014-08-16 (week 33) (the gamescom)
    • 2014-08-23 (week 34)
    • 2014-08-30 (week 35), break.
    • 2014-09-20 (week 38) and beyond.

    Edit: gamescon is not possible, as the member nearby is occupied already.
    New time window: September, October, November.


    1. In Frankfurt Main the meetings can happen in my apartment. Again. Also up to 5 people are able to sleep here aswell. All others can rest at a hostel not far away that also has a great lobby to play the mobile games. One night ~27 EUR only.
    2. Maybe in Cologne (Köln), but sleeping and daytime location are not known/confirmed yet. KappesKopp lives there and we could do it at the weekend when the gamescom is open from Thursday, 2014-08-14 to Sunday, 2014-08-17 (highest ticket price is 15,50 EUR).
    Update: gamescon is not available.


    Like in the past (Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Heerhugowaardt, Frankfurt and London) we have to bring most of the stuff ourselves: monitors, PS3, routers, controllers, PSPs... This time it's even harder: it's unsure if Mad is able to contend at all. Likewise Asa will most surely not have time to stop by.


    Please reply with the following data:
    1. Are you interested at all this year? When are you able / not able to come?
    2. Where do you want to go? Frankfurt or Cologne? Are you interested in visiting the gamescom?
    3. What can you bring? People having a car could use it to their advantage by bringing i.e. two monitors.
    If things turn out blurry then this year might be the first one without a European convention. As usual: gaming is not the focus - we can have just a meeting aswell.
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