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Thread: I Need some help/tips on Sebenco Climb

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    Default I Need some help/tips on Sebenco Climb

    There are some tracks that I do not like in Wipeout, and this is one of them. Yeah I do like there are some points I can do barrel rolls (I can do 4 in one lap with turbo), but at most of the turns I release the acceleration but that slows me down, having trouble keeping up with the pack, although I can do the whole track easily with Harimau.
    Can someone give me some tips and pointers on this track? This is especially a pain on Zone.

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    Never let go of the throttle. This goes for all tracks, every speed class.
    Start wide and airbrake + full steering earlier than you think, aim to slide through the corner as opposed to simply going around it.
    As soon as you reach/cross the apex of a corner, sideshift in the direction you are turning, this will greatly improve your laptimes/speed around the track for various reasons.

    Zone mode is a little different. When the speed gets high you need a wide entry to the corner, but you also need enough of an angle to make the turn, so a lot of the time it will involve
    pointing to the outside of the track and turning earlier such that when you reach the wide point of entry, your craft is already part way through making the actual 'turn' that it needs to.
    You'll get what I mean if you try it I think. Middle-ish of the track, point it slightly to the outside of the track (away from the apex) then turn in early. You make corners much more easily that way.

    There are many many barrel roll opportunities on sebenco. There's a minimum of around 9BRs per lap without turbo, depending on speed class, but for the time being concentrate on the barrel rolls you know, and focus on your lines around the track.

    Is there specific speed class that is giving you trouble? Techniques for each track vary wildly with different speeds, so more in depth advice may be given if we know which one you're having trouble with.

    More than anything, make sideshifting a habit. Sideshift every single corner in the game till you can't help it. It's more or less the most important part of the game as far as lap times are concerned.

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    You may also need to consider using high agility craft for the fast speed classes such as phantom. You may want to get to grips with Feisar and its 100% handling for this can greatly help your lines around some of the tight corners at high speed. I say you may want use Feisar on rapier or phantom class for Sebenco. But once you become comfortable with the track and its lines swap back to Harimau for the better speed.

    Never let go of the throttle, it kills your speed very fast, especially in conjunction with the use of airbrakes. Let go of the throttle and the AI will zoom past you. Just slam hard on your airbrakes but not for to long either to conserve speed. The only time you may need to let up on the throttle is Chengou projects left hairpin on phantom class.

    That's all I can say without repeating Yeldars advice, but there's some of my tips if it helps

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    What Yeldar said.

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