Apologies if there is a sticky or thread somewhere for this already - I couldn't find one! Feel free to move it Also, I read the rules and didn't see anything about posting links to a compressed file, such as a .rar so I assume this isn't a problem. *gets wrists ready*

So here is my current playlist for HD/Fury I figured I would share with you all . I've scavenged over 200gb of my electronic music collection to compile what I feel is the best hard hitting variety of energetic tracks for WipEout! This playlist is the fourth revision of over 200 tracks I've flown to for the past few years.

For fans of DnB, LOTS of hard trance/J-hard trance and various techno and hard-hitting dub-influenced energy compositions. It would be super cool if anyone else had some contributions as I'm always looking for additions. I spent a lot of time and chose the majority of the tracks for the fact that they all exhibit almost no intro's (mostly). I hate when the entire race is over before the high energy sections of a song arrive. Some of these are only 2m in total length which is quite appropriate. The race starts and these tracks keep bumping pretty constant. Some other longer pieces I use for ZONE and others. There is a great diversity. PLAY IT LOUD!

50 Tracks, about 4 hours total length. I won't post the entire list here but some examples are

Placid - Gravitation
TaQ - innocent walls
CLOUDCHASER - Aerodynamic [Alphazone Remix]
Noisia - Machine Gun [16bit Remix]
Mindstorm - Paramount
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up [Noisia Remix]
Metrik - Solar
State of Mind - Where You At (original mix)
Lee Haslam - The Future
Celldweller - The Last Firstborn [instrumental]
2koto3koto - RADIEN
Remixed by xac - Programmed Sun [xac antarctic mix]
HIVE - Neo (audio remix)
DJ Noriken - Lilium
Cobalt Green - Flow Stars
Reso - Exoframe
kors K vs LED - Emission High Energy
Elegance - Impact
Bustrexx - Wave by Wave
Mage - Moving in Transit
Aramanja - Memories
Nish - Listen 2 me [StripE Remix]
Eagle - S!ck
Clean Tears - Skull Horse
Irus - 1st upper region trip

And lots more!
Cheers pilots!

Snag it here!