Greetings racers -
So I've played HD/Fury for years now - But i'm one of those players that never dared venture into the realm of online play until I was "ready". I'm now left with less than 10 elites in fury/HD and have started playing online phantom class events. It seems like the player base is pretty polarizing, I'm either getting wrecked by pro's (admirable) or lapping other racers entirely.

I'm only level 7ish right now but it would be rad to fly with some other forum members and get wrecked to get some more practice and hone my skills and have some more records to work against.

WipEout is the only game I play on PS3 and I'm on pretty regularly. In-fact its the only reason I own a PS3 minus a few variable dabblings (PC gamer). Feel free to add me if you want to school a veteran noob or just have another player in your events. I'm often raceboxing or pushing towards transcendence so I don't see everyone online during sessions.

Add me @PSN: nostromer

See you fine gents on the circuit !