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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 44.0

    The referenced song title of Part 43.2 was It Must Use Force by Benjamin Briggs.

    [FTA|s3_4.0: Part 44.0] Top Speed Dreams


    Thursday, February 2nd, to Sunday, February 26th, 2215

    Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia.

    After two whole years in development, two certain groups' projects were in its last stages of completion. Coincidentally, both projects were very similar in terms of their scope and overall functionality.

    The former group's project was a limited production hypercar, meant to be a successor to the group's 2205 efforts. Unlike the previous one, there weren't a confirmed set amount of units, instead being produced in small amounts over the year. The decision to conceive the car came from an incident in 2213 where the 2205 hypercar belonging to the leader of the group had been destroyed by a grav-tank. Not wanting to be left without a high-powered machine, he took to developing the new project.

    Two years later, it was almost complete. Five prototype test units had been developed, all to the specifications of the final production model, and were in relative amounts of working order. The five prototype test units were all given designations, named after the main isotopes of the chemical element the car was named after. These designations were P188Ir, P189Ir, P190Ir P191Ir.0 and P192Ir. Two of the units were not included with certain major mechanics, having been deemed unnecessary due to the structure of the car being more important for the tests than their functionality. One of these units, P188Ir, was purposed for crash-testing, the other, P190Ir for structural integrity testing.

    P188Ir and P190Ir went through their own tests at roughly the same time. It was with these tests that the more intricate details of the naming scheme came into light. Each individual test unit was named to reflect their lifespan. For instance, P188Ir, the crash-test unit, was named after the main isotope with the shortest half-life. All the other units had also reflected this naming scheme, with P192Ir expecting to last the longest.

    P189Ir was one of three test units that were wholly complete and functional, and was developed before the two remaining functional units. This unit served to perform the final mechanical stress and reliability testing, which involved pushing the car and all its technologies, including the shiny new quad-rotor engine, to its limit. In the end, it had only served to confirm the results gathered from the monumental amount of calculations and formulae produced well before the manufacturing process, proving the whole system to be extremely stable and reliable.

    The success of P189Ir's test led to the immediate manufacture of the final two test units, P191Ir.0 and P192Ir. P192Ir was a lower priority model than P191Ir.0, however. Half of it had to do with the reason why the latter model had a deviation in its designation. The other half had to do with the fact that P192Ir was to be developed as the publicity model, to be finally shown off at the upcoming motor show.

    P191Ir.0, however, was a more secret test model than the previous four. It was to test even more systems, however, said systems were for a one-off model, never to be directly seen by the public. The first of which was an addition to the quad-rotor powerplant, 4 electric motors providing additional power on top of the car's already plentiful output. Of course, they were developed in tandem with the engine, and had proven their worth.

    The main technology to go through final testing, however, was one that was developed in secret. Initially applied to a pre-prototype shell, the new system was developed as part of a separate stream of the same project. Once it was in some form of success, it merged back into the main stream of the project's development, and into P191Ir.0. As according to schedule, it was finally tested once more for stability, reliability and specification matching. Naturally, after the strenuous research and development that went into the technology, it had reached the mark on all three of its testing parameters.

    P191Ir.0, despite its function to test the secret systems, had also adhered to the naming scheme devised. Its namesake was the lesser of two naturally occurring and stable isotopes. And, once it had completed its task of testing those systems, had been promoted to the very first "production" model, #0. Said model, however, would not be accessed by the public, instead it was to be used as the personal transport of the founder of the company, who had those secret systems commissioned into a special version of the car for his use.

    P192Ir's manufacture was completed right at the end of the development cycle, two whole years after the project had begun. Effectively a complete unit save for a few unnecessary systems, the unit was ready to be publicly revealed at the upcoming motor show the company had attended every year since its inception, without fail, even when they were apparently focusing solely and intently on their major project in 2200.

    Despite not being a test unit, one last designation was given to the project. Multiple full production units had shared the designation 193Ir, so named after the most abundant naturally occurring stable isotope.

    Crinale International HQ, Russia.

    The latter group's project was, while still a hypercar, both similar and different to the first's limited production aspect of the design brief. It could technically still be described as a "limited" production model, but it was not intended to be a model released to the public. In other words, it was a model limited to just one, being a commission from the group's owner.

    That of course didn't mean that only one was built. Several components each had 1-2 duplicates, including the shell of the vehicle, which underwent similarly stringent durability and crash testing as the test prototypes did. The various other components also underwent specifications testing and stress testing. Of course, there were more tests that had to be performed, owing to the sheer experimental nature of the planned, and eventually, completely manufactured and functioning powerplant.

    The engine for the commissioned project was one that fit what was soon becoming the theme of the team. Utilising the technologies from a much more advanced product, and at that point in time the only other one they actively maintained, they fitted the vehicle with two jet turbines. The technology involved made it that the engine itself used up very little fuel, but the main focus on the technology was the turbines' immense power output. The fuel efficiency was just an unintended, yet beneficial, side effect.

    The next systems to be tested were the bladed fins attached to the far rear of the car, which acted as airbrakes as well as functioning as what was called a directional stability system. Or, in other words, they acted exactly like an F-Class craft's airbrakes. It seemed, however, that both groups had similar ideas in terms of handling performance in that both of their hypercar projects contained a mechanical airbrake system, combined with torque vectoring in their stabilisers.

    However, one thing that the latter singular unit project had over the prior multi-unit one was that they had incorporated one more piece of technology into increasing the handling of their vehicle. All four stabilisers functioned to steer the car directly, not just the front two as was in the other project. Overall, the project was highly experimental in nature, more so than the other project, due to the details of its design brief, and that only a single complete unit was to be developed.

    There was one thing to note about their project, though. Despite knowing of the events that kickstarted the production of their rival's new project, they did not know of the product's existence itself, and had thus decided to base its target power output to that of the project's predecessor, explaining the coincidental similarities in both projects' performance. It was unintentional, but the two groups had actually made a product that was a true rival to the other's.
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    Default New Jennter Racing Stories - Part 3

    Arc: NJRS - #003
    Title: Engineering Prodigy Linda Greyson

    Jennter Enterprises HQ, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Wednesday, 8th February 2215

    After the devastating performance of the anti-gravity division in the opening race of the 2215 season, the headquarters of Jennter Enterprises have been busier than ever.
    A lot happened the past years, but with some normalcy returing after 2212 and the success in recent years, the fall was hard again.
    The #1 craft, as well as the remains of the #2, have been returned for thorough inspection. Linda was leading the taskforce created to find a much more urgent problem than the actual speed.
    "The frame of the crafts showed exessive wear through the race. It poses an issue since shielding technology can't protect us from internal damage, furthermore it is a breach of the rules. However-" the young woman opened the meeting.
    An employee rushed into the room, interrupting Linda and giving the vocal order: "TV-Sys: AGtoday, sound on."
    TV screens along the wall switched from Lindas prepared presentation to said channel: 'F12000 contender Jennter Enterprises has been disqualified from the Wolstenholme round, due to breach of-"
    "Article 6 Section 1a and b" Linda completed the announcement "TV-Sys: back to my presentation".
    Said employee nodded and left in a hurry.

    She shock her head "We didn't even finish to begin with. But rules are rules, I suppose."
    "It is weird" came from someone taking part in the meeting "We didn't change much on the hull design compared to last year, neither did the rules..."
    "Exactly" agreed Linda "Even more, our cornering speeds are much slower compared to last year. It makes no sense that the physical strain would be heavier now."
    The young woman opened a CAD program and loaded the JAG-F12.212/5, together with data collected from the #1 craft of Patrick.
    "This is a record of changes to the grid structure of the Number One craft during the last race. You can see an accumulation of Burgers-Vectors with passed time." she explained.
    Linda continued to open the file for Auroras craft "And here the same for Number Two."

    "Looks like we went too far with ionising the chassis" admitted Herman Graf, long-time head of the Chassis Ressort of Jennter Enterprises.
    "Indeed." spoke Linda through her teeth "Perhaps you should reconsider your career choices."
    Graf, a middle-aged and seasoned engineer usually never lost his cool, but this time he had to fight "Excuse me?"
    For half a second a vicious smile ran over Lindas face "It is obvious that you've reached your limit half a year ago, but were too stubborn to accept it."
    "Hold on, we made tons of calculations and simulations before testing this iteration!" defended Kevin Lerod, Herman Grafs right hand for several years.
    "I recall that I approached you during that time, presenting you my corrected calculations." was Lindas snarky response.
    Graf hissed back "Of course, you used the wrong method. Which is something a fresh graduate may can allow to happen."
    "Here is the basic formulae" she displayed her basic method on the screens "It is a new method, considering the knowledge we nowadays have in structural development of metals. You however, relied on simplified methods used hundreds of years ago."
    "Oh stop with your science fiction." Graf laughed her development off, but Linda just started a FEM simulation based on her new model.
    The simulations calculated the 2214 chassis, while it took twice the iterations, the values were much closer to the real recordings than the original calculations.

    "I am sorry Mister Graf, but you willingly put our pilot at risk, due to your arrogance. But that is something an assy old engineer may allow to happen." Linda concluded.
    "That is..." he winced at this words.
    She continued "We need a zero-error job. We need to rely on the best will of every employee. And just now you showed your incompetence in that regard. Farewell, Mister Graf."

    Everyone in the room either starred at him, or tried to avoid Lindas glare.
    At a loss of words, he slowly stood up, glarred at Linda and left.

    A successfull meeting concluded that in short time two new frames based on the 2214 craft will be manufactured. Linda was happy with the day, until Nico Bovier caught her on the way back to her office.
    "Linda Greyson, what are you doing?!" he yelled, while steadily approaching her.
    "Just now we decided to use the old frame, something wrong with that?" she played oblivious.
    "What are you thinking, firing important employees for what exactly?" Nico was noteably angery at her.
    "He messed up due to his own ego. The spot falls to Mister Lerod for now, but I think he isn't suited either." she calmly explained.
    "You set high standards, Greyson. Don't let them bite you back." the Bovier said.
    Linda smiled "I don't intend to make mistakes. But scold me all you want if I am wrong."

    She turned around and continued to calmly return to her office. Linda, the engineering prodigy whispered "In all my life, I never made a mistake."
    "She may be talented" uttered Nico, a man experienced with the psychology of people "But the fall will be hard."
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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 45.0

    The referenced album title of Part 44 was Quarter Mile Dreams by Moog.

    [FTA|s3_5.0: Part 45.0] Death Angel

    Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

    "The most vile of creatures... they are born, and will die as nothing but the source of all that is wrong with this world. Physically indistinguishable from humans, they are, however, an imitation, based upon an anthropoid template. These vile creatures know not what it means to be human, and thus do not live — they merely function, fuelled by greed, spite, idiocy... in fact, it can be accurately determined that their functions, their products, their purpose, all follow one, multiple, or all of the seven vices..."


    (Footage captured by a nearby security camera, datestamp 2215-0█-██)
    [21:21:21] Unidentified Male enters carpark, walking. Upon noticing a red vehicle which had been situated there prior, he increases his pace, reaching the vehicle and kneeling beside it.

    [21:22:17] Unidentified Female, confirmed to be owner of the red vehicle, enters shot of camera, walking up to the unidentified male. Male presumably hears female's footsteps, and stands up, turning around and brandishes what seems to be a bladed weapon. Female retreats slightly.

    [21:22:44] The mouth of the unidentified male moves, before he pockets his weapon. A short period of time later, he continues to move his mouth occasionally, indicating that a conversation takes place. Either due to the correlation of the distance from the camera to the volume of their speech, or the camera's model not allowing for any audio has not yet been determined, however no part of the conversation is audible in the footage.

    [21:23:34] Some time into the conversation, the male pulls out another weapon, looking like a white pistol. After several seconds, the discrepancy in time suspected to be from the female talking, the male looks down at it, then extends his arm, passing it over to her.

    [21:23:58] Another suspected piece of dialogue from the female takes place, before she turns on the spot.

    [21:24:06] Signal loss. The final few frames captured seem to make out the female aiming and firing the pistol at the camera, which corroborates with the camera losing its signal, and the fact that security found the destroyed remains of the camera soon after, the male and female assumed to have escaped the scene.

    Day 12.


    About five minutes after the camera's destruction, a different, more traditional AG car pulled up into the carpark, its driver exiting once it had parked. Neither the red vehicle nor its driver was anywhere to be found, yet the man the camera captured was still there. The only other person in the otherwise abandoned square of tarmac, the new arrival walked up to him.

    "Rei... Kurokawa?" He asked, trying to confirm the man's identity.

    Rei Kurokawa simply nodded, and did the same for the other.

    "Yes." Was the response, albeit spoken awkwardly. The man was not natively Japanese.

    He was one of the seven survivors of the group Rei was investigating. Judging by the appearance of the man in relation to the seven's physical descriptions, he had accurately identified the one standing before him as 'Scott'. Of course, he had a proper name, but he did not want to reveal his hand, and so chose to identify him as the five-letter codename all seven known survivors had assigned themselves.

    'Scott', like all of the survivors, was between the ages of 70 and 85, having been between 25 and 40 by the time of the group's official and large-scale collapse. Despite that, he was still a rather fit man, well shaven, and wearing smart casual clothes. However, he did not look his age at all, an interesting fact Rei noted.

    The move was made, Rei had began to launch his attack against them, and it had started with a question, accentuated by the drawing of the pistol last seen in the unknown woman's hands.

    "Scott, you will tell me. Who. Is. Erebus?"

    He spoke fluent English. Of course he could, his former self, the one he abandoned, was born and raised in an English-speaking country, so why couldn't he?

    "W-What!? I... I thought..." Scott was caught out by the sudden and fluent language change.

    "You thought exactly what I wanted you to think. Now look, I don't think you really have a choice here. Answer my question. Who is Erebus!?"

    The gun being held threateningly against him was all that was needed for the man to begin speaking.

    "O-Okay! Okay! But I don't know much, I swear! All I know is that it's some greater-than-top-secret project that was being undertaken in the last years before the fall."

    Rei simply shook his head.

    "I know that's not all. I know what your occupation was there. I require all the information you carry."

    "...fine. I was a technical advisor to the project, but I wasn't privy to the specifics! Just general stuff that could be applied to just about anything."

    "Anything? Really?

    "Yes! I... I swear that's all I know, that's the truth..."

    "Fine." Rei spoke, lowering his gun. "That will be enough, then."

    Just as he said that, though, with a speed unbecoming of the man, Rei lifted his arm once more, and pulled the trigger.


    The body on the hard tarmac of the carpark, Rei Kurokawa, with an entirely unemotional look on his face, pocketed his weapon. Walking up to the body, he felt through the man's pockets, pulling out what he was looking for: his car's key fob. Lifting the body over his shoulder, he pressed a button on the fob, unlocking and opening the trunk.


    The trunk was almost empty, and was large enough to contain the man's body without any issues. With that information noted, he dropped the body into the trunk, and closed it.

    " down. Six remain."

    After sending a text, Rei departed, leaving the first to be claimed in the carpark.

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    Default New Jennter Racing Stories - Part 4

    Arc: NJRS - #004
    Title: Magnum Opus

    Jennter Enterprises HQ, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Friday, 10th February 2215

    Linda was hammering a report into her keyboard, in the whole company only Aurora could match her typing speed. The responsive noise of the keys were not audible over the loud playback of Lully filling her office.

    'The on-track tests of project J-LSVS-212/5-2* have been completed today and fully successful. Pilots reported a massive improvement in turning ability and responsiveness. Furthermore cruise stability has been improved by readjusting the craft control system to the new thrust vectoring.
    However, the overal sluggishness of the current J-AGS12000 Levistrat* system makes me considering to redevelop the experimental J-AG-PSMSS* project. It is quite...bulky and did not practically work so far. But I '

    She stopped writing her report and grabbed the VR headset and control gloves located in the shelf behind her. "VR-SYS: Launch ComKonWerk* loading 'JAG-F12-212-5b_verbund' and 'J-AG-PSMSS_v0-2'" Linda spoke and dived into the world of the CAD program.

    Several hours later and only after having filled any free square inch of her office walls with caluculations, she stepped out of her office and marched straight towards the office of Nico Bovier.
    The FACE* simulation was running on her laptop, taking up seventy percent of Jennters computing network capacity.

    As both returned, Lindas noisiness attracted several interested coworkers who followed both. As Nico and Linda entered her office, they stood at the doorframe, following carefully her explaination and trying to take a gasp on the formulae filling her walls.

    "And as this simulation shows, applying the anti-gravity field externally and using the adapted control mechanism alone results already in an increase of turnability by, to say it generally, 45%. And fully building the next craft around this approach, should at least double such a value." she summarised. It was unusual for Linda to speak about her own constructions in such a simple manner.
    She struggled to keep standing and pretended to only lay against her chair, but it wasn't noticed, as the results of the FACE calculation were displayed, along the physical elements she changed on the craft.

    Nico could not hide that he was impressed. But at the same time he had his doubts "Are you sure this is legal?"
    "I am not sure." Linda answered unusually polite "But there is no exact rule against this. And it is no aerodynamic component."
    Nico nodded with a slight smile "This is really impressive regardless. I am looking forward to your first field test."
    Linda nodded back in response. Saying anything wasn't longer possible at this point.
    Even less usual for herself after finishing a creation, she shut the door while others were looking in awe. She laid back into her chair, as everything went black.

    J-LSVS-212/5-2: Jennter Laser Schub Vektor Steuerung 2212/2215 Version 2 (Laser Thrust Vectoring Control)
    J-AG-SMSS: Jennter Antigravitations Planetar Sensomodromisches Steuersystem (Anti-Gravity Planetar Senso Modromic Control System)
    ComKonWerk: Computer Konstruktion Werk (Computer - Construction/Design - Works) - Jennters inhouse CAD program
    FACE: Field Antigravity Computational Encryption - Tool to simulate and adjust the behaviour of gravity field affectors and the objects around them

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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 46.0

    The referenced song title of Part 45 was Death Angel by Endur.

    [FTA|s3_6.0: Part 46.0] Mass Target Manipulation


    Sunday, February 19th, 2215

    Nokav Vertigo, Rocky Mountains, USA.


    The second race of the 2215 season brought the teams to the Rocky Mountains once more, this time tackling the deceptively difficult long course of Nokav Vertigo. A single glance at the layout would probably fool the viewer into thinking that it was a mostly straightforward circuit, but in reality, the course was a subtle devil, containing its fair share of subtle irregularities that threw a pilot's pace and initial strategy off, unless the strategy was masterfully worked around the course's irregular, subtly dangerous state.

    The course twisted its way around Pikes Peak, a mountain that was also home to another race, a point to point race run solely by wheeled vehicles. Like the shorter two courses, the start grid for the long course was situated on the most northern straight of the course, situated very near the peak of the mountain. Unlike the other two, the grid was not in the same place, the layout forgoing the "main" straight. Thus, the teams and the race officials, including the press, were all at the secondary grid, further north and higher up than where they had been when the race there went through the medium and short courses.

    Upon initial construction beginning of the various courses for the F-class tournaments, severe amounts of backlash was garnered over one significant portion of the long circuit, a minor section being shared by the medium course. The section was to tunnel into the mountain itself, however nature activists, among a few scientific organisations, spoke out against the tunnel section, citing that since the mountain was a historical landmark, it was not theirs to tunnel into for a racecourse. Soon, government officials stepped in, and the Nokav Vertigo project was forced to terminate, should the section not be redesigned to remain on the outside.

    Having come that far, the project officials decided to take the latter option, and redesign the course. Interestingly, the redesigned section was rather maliciously designed, seeming to be simple enough at a glance and on paper, yet when actually raced on, the sadistic nature of the course designers venting their frustrations on those who shut down the original tunnel plan showed.

    For certain teams, however, the course was the least of their problems. For others, it was stopping a larger threat that presented itself very recently. Little did two of the teams know, they were unknowingly teaming up, despite not so much as acknowledging each other. The prior race had caused the second of these two teams to devise a strategy that the first would otherwise not do.

    "First and foremost, eliminate Tigron. Do not allow them to win." The strategic advisor spoke to their lead pilot.

    "Hmm," The pilot replied, albeit quietly. "The way I see it, that might just be playing into their hands. You know how they admire violence above anything else. However... I still don't care. from all I've heard of this team, they must be stopped."

    That pilot did have a name, but for most of the public, she was merely known as 'Lady White', her pseudonym given for her attire, which was almost entirely white, save for black boots and, occasionally, a violet scarf. Due to the rather cold temperatures of the mountain, causing most of the area outdoors to be coated in white snow, the scarf was one of the items she was wearing at that moment. Her race suit matched that, being a unique variant of the existing primarily purple Qirex racesuit, hers primarily being white with very minor pink and purple details.

    "Precisely. The weapons exist for a reason. Another level of strategy. Tigron is a disease that must be cured as soon as possible."

    The white-clad pilot simply nodded in response.

    Of course, the other team took a different approach.

    "Gareth, you've got pole." Brandon noted. "Take advantage of that, get away from Tigron and not let up. They do have the power from that hive unit, but this time, the course is on our side. It twists and turns, and then there's the infamous Section 3. If done right, we can shake them off."

    "I understand." Gareth responded to Brandon's strategy.

    Brandon smiled happily.

    "Good! Now, you'd better hurry up, the race will start soon."

    A simple nod later, Gareth started to head over to the waiting craft, and soon, was on the start grid, ready to begin the race.

    3, 2, 1... GO!

    <nokav vertigo: long fwd_>
    <race: lap 01 of 59_>

    01. ARD889.0.19.194 #19 Gareth Ardos Angelus AX2.2_r9
    02. AUR164.0.16.156 #16 Aurora Jennter JAG-F12.212/5
    04. ROU931.1.26.156 #26 Patrick Rouser Jennter JAG-F12.212/5
    05. WHI353.0.12.894 #12 "Lady White" Qirex LS12 v2.8
    12. SCA308.0. 7.329 # 7 Lucia Scarlatti Crinale F0-RG08/01536
    13. KIR311.0.67.297 #67 Natalia Kireyeva Tigron K-Bystrota v1.4
    14. VAL027.1.66.297 #66 "Valkyria" Tigron K-Bystrota v1.4
    15. TUR847.1.13.329 #13 Leon Turner Crinale F0-RG08/01536

    <generator | dimension_>

    As usual, the craft exploded off the line, Gareth's Xygen V having been tweaked to his specifications. These modified settings allowed Gareth to almost completely blow the main competition away. Of course, those with higher thrust power quickly caught up to him. However, the first corner was right after the start grid. That corner was rather sharp, and led into a series of descending hairpins. While they didn't unleash it during the Wolstenholme Point race, here Angelus were able to fully utilise the power of their new airbrake system.

    In an instant, the craft disappeared from the views of the pursuing teams without any of them knowing what had even happened or how it was even possible. Gareth had shown them the power of Angelus' research and development by unleashing their new system that was vastly more powerful than the preceding system.

    However, they were rather intricately being played. One certain team had noticed that Tigron were rather hell-bent on eliminating Angelus, and was taking that to their advantage, having the aggressive team pursue the calmer one, and not pay any attention to the real threat.

    The hairpin section ran downwards, from the peak where the straight started from. In fact, it could be said that the entire long course was either moving down or coming up, with the exception of the main straight. The sharpest hairpin of the beginning section, which was executed almost perfectly by the modified craft, led into another straight, which was, while still at a decline, not as steep as the hairpin section. It was long enough that it was a possibility that Tigron and Crinale would catch up to them. Or, give them a clean shot.


    Despite entering the slight curve onto the small portion of the long course that was shared by the other two courses, the agile craft just barely got hit, even after sideshifting, albeit a little late. The northernmost section of both the short and medium courses was, by this point, very well known by all the pilots. A chicane series of high-speed, very easy corners that transitioned into two increasingly sharper corners, the first a right-angled bend, the other a slight hairpin.

    Regarding the long course, the third section was not the only one re-designed. One small addition to the second section was made, not shared by any other course. The entry into it, however, was quite awkward, owing due to the rushed nature of the addition itself. The design was to continue past the original split point of the right angled corner, towards the hairpin, then split off from the hairpin onto the new section. However, the split to the new section seemed like it was to be entered from the complete opposite end, thus creating an even sharper right angle corner when approached from the correct side.

    None of this was an issue for Angelus, but it was testing their airbrakes to its limit. However, due to the sadistic nature of the designers, the section did not let up for a second, throwing another sharp left-hand bend after a small right curve. After a short uphill straight, the crux of the section bared its fangs. A hairpin was situated in the section, but was aiming towards the incline of the mountain. Taking the incline to their advantage, they made the hairpin follow the incline of the mountain, and, with a slight twist of the track itself, accurately captured the extreme awkwardness of the hairpin in the FX300 course Sebenco Peak.

    Of course, without sufficient practice, those who attempted the corner would, in most cases, not cleanly maneuver through it. As usual, the escaping team had practiced enough such that nailing the corner was a simple task. While most of the others did also make it through, there were several that did not, either scraping the wall at best or, at worst, slamming into it.

    The section immediately following it was a much easier section curving along with the natural lines of the mountain. A slightly sharper right hander followed, before the track met up with the medium course's section once more. However, it was only a minor portion of it, since immediately following a series of corners of varying sharpness, the much dreaded Section 3 began, deviating from the medium course once more.


    Tigron knew that the section was subtly difficult, and so fired the quake at just the right time in order to, at the very least, disrupt the leading team just as they had entered the section, its change in difficulty occurring rather suddenly. The momentum of the attack sent the white craft careening into right wall of what seemed to be a high-speed right hand corner. However, with the angle it had subtly skewed at, along with the way it had, also subtly, narrowed out, meant that the corner it had lead into, was a far slower affair than how it seemed. But despite their mistake causing them to hit the wall, it would take much more for the lone pilot to catch up.

    It was only the first lap, and yet the major parties were in an intense battle as if it was the middle of the race, or even the final laps. The twisting section, naturally, demanded much more out of Gareth than any other course section had, however his extensive practice had been put to good use, getting through the twistier first part of the section, while not clean, still a faster approach than Tigron, who chose a cleaner, yet slower line.

    A faster corner lead into two increasingly tighter, more difficult corners, before the final portion of the section. It was a good a point as any for one pilot to activate a saved turbo, over a waiting weapons pad, and...

    "Oh, damn it."

    Fail to obtain a weapon necessary of at least slowing down the juggernaut of a team.

    With the three craft around the corner that lead in to the final corner of Section 3, Gareth strategically let off on the offense, while his craft was more than up to the task, he didn't want to overexert himself. It was, after all, only the first lap out of 59.


    That section, to someone in a far heavier craft, was a nightmare, especially the final "curves" out of there, just what the hell was that about!? Still, it did provide an opportunity for a barrel roll, although it was one that every team ahead of the white-clad pilot took. The rather well-balanced craft was slowly being left behind by the much faster opponents. Fortunately, there was a way to slow one of them, possibly both of the greater threats, and scare the pants off the other opponent. Almost an instant after receiving the weapon, the fire button was tapped.


    Keeping to one side of the track, Lady White fired the missile blind, before it could lock on to the white and azure craft directly ahead of her. As it passed him at incredible speed, she couldn't help by feel somewhat bad for him. But her main target was the ones unsuspecting of the maneuver that was just pulled. Due to the gentle curve of the section, the missile would eventually hit the opposite wall or one of the craft that had to take the curve.


    Natalia only had time to exclaim that one word, before the missile struck true, causing direct damage and shunting her craft into the wall. This also had an unintended positive effect in the slowing down of their second pilot as well. Due to how the Tigron team had devised their strategies, after Gareth had been hit with the quake, the two craft ran with one craft tailing the other. However, Valkyria, the second pilot, had started to get a little too close to Natalia, and as such, had no time to avoid the leading craft as it rapidly slowed down into him.

    Of course, the race was far from over, there was still 58 laps remaining, and the two Tigron craft were still very much active.

    "Contender Elimin-- Rockets. Contender Eliminated."

    Seemingly from nowhere, a white and orange craft appeared into view, fired the rockets at the remaining Tigron craft disrupted by the bomb's radius of effect, and continued as if they had known what was even going on, at top speed.

    Hearing the two elimination messages one after the other, the lead Angelus pilot couldn't help but shake his head as he crossed the line for the second lap.

    "You know, Brandon," He begun to speak his mind, "This could just be what they want. Eliminated at the first lap, antagonising most of us, their weak shielding... they seem to be the perfect target. Too perfect, if you ask me."

    "It's something to consider." Brandon noted. "But only after the race. It's only the second lap, focus on winning."

    "Yeah, you're ri-"


    Wordlessly, the pseudonymic pilot fired at the craft. There were no harsh feelings as was the case with Tigron, but it was still a race, and Lady White was still as competitive as anyone else. Passing the slowed down craft, she looked behind her briefly using her HUD to see the Jennter craft gradually gaining on her. Rather simply, she let it pass her, not really having a choice in the matter with the lack of some form of defence that wasn't her craft itself.

    Of course, that didn't mean she was throwing in the towel. It did take a while for the purple Qirex to run over a charged weapon pad, but what she received was more than enough to re-take the lead.


    However, they were immediately stopped, along with Jennter, by the lone Angelus craft, who had finally caught up to them. That marked the beginning of a three, and eventually four-way battle between Lady White, Gareth, and the two Jennter pilots. Despite their differences in skill at navigating through Section 3 as fast and cleanly as possible, they did seem to be evenly matched in the overall standings. Eventually, the race had ended quite fairly, with Lady White taking first, Aurora and Patrick Rouser finishing second and third respectively, and Gareth, due to a last-minute weapon hit, closed off the four-way race just behind the top 3.

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    Ha, got 'em

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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 47.0

    The referenced album title of Part 46 was Mass Manipulation by REZZ.

    [FTA|s3_7.0: Part 47.0] Chimera Sleeps

    Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan.

    "The chimera. A fire-breathing creature from mythology, consisting of multiple body parts of different animals in the one creature. Some dangerous, some not. However, the creature is said to be quite dangerous, indeed. The same could be said for racing teams. Different people, driving different cars, all with different levels of talent and skill.

    The real danger with a racing team, the fire breath of the chimera, comes not with the average level of the team's opponents, it is, in essence, two things, but it all points to one major factor: The fastest racer of that team is, naturally, the strongest part of the team. Of course, how fast they are is directly correlated to how dangerous they are to battle. However, the second factor is less direct..."

    Day 15.


    A particularly sunny day was the rather clichéd backdrop for a meeting by five former high-school friends; two females, and three males. They had all graduated from the same school, in the same year, and they were all bound together by one single common interest, before any else: drifting cars. They were all very much interested in the touge racing scene, and by the time of their graduation, all had cars of their own.

    "So, are you ready for tonight?" One of the males asked.

    He was Iori Yoshizawa. Tall and lanky, with short black hair, he usually wore a modified variant of his own school uniform. Despite wearing glasses, he was considered not the strategist, but the mechanic of the group, fixing and helping to modify the group of friends' cars. The car he drove was the most powerful, yet oldest out of their cars, a white 2190 Nissan Fairlady Z, which put out 263hp.

    "Well, we'd usually just be doing a drift run like any other, but you realise this is something different, yeah?"

    The woman who spoke was Naomi Matsushima, who also went by the nickname 'Solar'. Her blonde hair was long and flowing, tending to flow out from behind her. She wore a simple yellow jacket over a black, white and orange singlet. Below her waist, she wore a red and black plaid skirt, black tights and the same black Mary-Janes she wore as part of her school outfit. Her choice in cars was fairly simple. Fast, yet as tiny as possible. To that, the car she owned was a 2199 Toyota MR2 GS, in a dark grey, putting out 192hp. Being mid-engined, it was a somewhat dangerous car to drift, if she wasn't completely used to it and in total control.

    "Ah, of course! Solar's right, we saw the announcement just last night!"

    That man was Rei Haneda. An outlier in a certain aspect of the five's friendship, Rei was an approachable, care-free man. His hair was short like Iori's, but was dark brown rather than black. A man of simple tastes, he wore a white t-shirt with a design printed on it, along with black pants. He owned and drove a black 2198 Nissan 180SX, tuned to 249hp with the help of a turbo upgrade to his SR20 inline-four, and containing a Yokomaru Fortune bodykit. He was always pushing the boundaries of his car, sometimes even paying for it.

    "W-wait! What announcement?"

    The other girl was Tsumugi Kotonami. A rather sleepy looking girl when outside of her car, she had long orange hair. Her usual attire was of a grey shirt with a grey-black gradient skirt, a white tie around the shirt, and a pair of popular sneakers, in red. Her car was rather unique, her 2207 Honda Civic Si being the only front-drive car of the group. Despite that, she still somehow was able to make her car drift, albeit not to the angles the other group members could get to. However, the car was a beast, having it's engine swapped out with an F20C7 from an S2000. Thus, it put out a rather high 254hp.

    "Surely you know? You, of all people?" Rei queried.

    "No, I really don't! What announcement?"

    Before Rei spoke, another person cut in. He was the quiet one of the group, but didn't stay quiet completely, or all day. He did give comments, but only where he felt it was truly necessary.

    "...I have an idea. Let's not tell her yet. Wait until tonight."

    That man was Haruto Kawakami. Bearing longer, black hair, he came from a more well-off family, so he could wear more stylish, upmarket clothing and was able to purchase the newest, yet not quite fastest car of the quintet: a 2212 Angelus Neko ST. Painted in a bright azure colour, the car was kept clean, completely stock. Of course, that did not mean that its 150hp inline-4 could not make the car's tiny 1058kg frame slide around a corner.

    Rei just burst out laughing.

    "You don't speak in what seemed like hours, and that's what comes out!? That's amazing!"

    And then, Haruto responded with a silent nod, not seeing the point to speak any more.

    Their plans were made, and so they had all met up that night, on Happogahara, at what was effectively the start line of their course. All five friends had arrived, all in their own cars.

    "Hey, first off, let's all go for a run!" Solar suggested.

    Getting back in her MR2, she began to drive at breakneck speed down the pass, without even waiting for the others. Inside her car, before the first corner, she laughed loudly, leaving everyone else in her dust. Scrambling to their cars, all 4 remaining friends began to race down the pass, intending to catch up to the dark grey MR2.

    The first to start moving after Solar was Haruto, he started moving toward his car first while everyone stood dumbfounded. The sound of his 1.6L inline-4 snapping everyone else out of their trance, to quickly enter their cars and follow suit. Despite his seemingly hard start, he was mechanically sympathetic, and had only launched the car at a large fraction of his Neko's upper limits, only going up to 100% when he knew he could.

    As he rounded the corner as well, everyone else finally started. Immediately following him, in order, was Iori, Tsugumi and Rei. All of them were following closely behind, but not too close so that it was unsafe.

    All 5 friends were drifting along the course, none of them being serious about getting the best drift, or the fastest times. They were all drifting for fun, not for competition. While it was fast, they weren't pushing themselves. In fact, after a certain point, Solar was going slower than she usually went, allowing her friends to catch up to her. Once she saw the pop-up headlights of Haruto's Neko, she stepped on the accelerator, letting the car gain a burst of speed and power, allowing the car to powerslide around the corner.

    "Heh, finally caught up?"

    However, the Neko was not the only one that was visible from the girl's MR2. The most powerful, but equally revered to everyone else's cars, Iori's maroon Fairlady loomed just behind the much newer Neko.

    "Hmm, you too. Heh, took you lot long enough!"

    Pressing the accelerator further down, Solar pushed her car back up to her usual speed, having slowed down to allow her friends to catch up to her. She did it instinctively, right in the middle of the turn, which caused her car to slip more, further widening her drift angle. The result was a visible wobble, as she tried to correct herself, fully planting her foot down as she exited the corner.

    The rest of the run was like any other, with one small difference. The friends that knew of one small fact had begun to notice one rather subtle, almost unnoticeable quirk with one of their friend's car, or more, how they drove. They tried to hide the fact, but they weren't very good at hiding it, so their cornering was very smooth, even if they were just as fast as everyone else.

    For the final section of the course, Haruto decided to have some more fun, and attempt to pass Naomi.

    'Solar. No offense, but you're ahead of me. I'm coming for you.' He thought.

    <ghost voices | virtual self_>

    Before she knew it, Haruto shifted down and mashed the accelerator. The roar of his small 1.6L engine could be heard by the girl, who looked behind her in surprise.


    Hastily shifting down herself, Solar tried to speed up herself. She didn't have any reason to though, she could have let him pass, but something compelled her to maintain her position. The gear activated, she stomped on the accelerator, her own car responding with a similar loud scream, lurching forward from its sudden peak power output.

    There was not much of the course left, only about 10 corners remaining. The three that were trailing the two seemed understandably surprised at the turnout of the situation and, one after the other, tried their best to keep up to them, and each other.

    "Wh-? Hey! Hold on!"

    Iori's powerful Fairlady propelled him faster, while narrowing his margin for error. Yet, he was still able to, very barely, keep up. The white coupe that was quite coveted by the group gradually pulled away from the line of sight of Tsugumi. Her response was to start speeding up, stopping the distance between them to stop growing.

    "I'm not gonna be left behind..."

    Her S2000 powered Civic responded instantly, the small car thrusting ahead at a rather quick speed that could only possibly be matched by it's vastly more powerful Type R sibling. Such a beast, however, was far from the recently graduated student's reaches monetary-wise. Not that she needed the 310hp monster anyway, her own 254hp rocket did everything she had asked of it.

    "No! No, no, no, no, no!"

    Rei, meanwhile, had reached his limit. He could not accelerate any faster, despite his 180SX being more than up to the task. He could only watch in dismay as the two white cars directly ahead of him pulled away, leaving him behind. The small battle had continued in his absence, Iori and Tsugumi only observing the race unfold.

    Of course, on paper, there was no way a 152hp, 1053kg Angelus Neko ST could ever keep up with a more powerful and lighter Toyota MR2 GS. However, human skill was something to be taken into consideration, and on that front, Haruto had Naomi beat. In that sense, they were almost on equal footing.

    The final corner was approaching quickly, separated by one penultimate straight. Both drivers used the entire rev range to go as fast as they possibly could, but the cornering was something different. Naomi took a wide, flashy drift approach to the corner. Seeing the opportunity, Haruto decided to opt for a more faster 'racing line' type drift. He slowed down a small amount, before turning in, the stabilisers slipping and pitting him into a controlled drift.

    "Ghh! Come on... GO!!"

    The car slid beautifully, while also moving closer to the inside guard rail. The corner wasn't perfect, and Haruto ended up grazing against it, sending sparks flying upon contact. But enough speed was preserved for him to slowly catch up to the leading MR2...

    It wasn't enough. Naomi's lighter, more powerful car had gained more speed in the time it took him to catch her, and she had, albeit barely, maintained her lead. The sounds of the decelerating cars could be heard by the two observing drivers, who rounded the final corner and barrelled down the final straight shortly after Naomi and Haruto did, so they saw the final moments of the race. Stopping their cars next to Haruto's and Naomi's, they both exited, rushing up to them just as Naomi stepped out of her car.

    "Hey! Solar! What was that all about?" Iori exclaimed. "I had to try so hard just to keep up with you!"

    Calmly, Naomi explained herself.

    "It was Haruto, suddenly he started speeding up to overtake me. I... don't really know what came over me, but I felt I just had to keep him from doing that."

    Iori turned to the almost ever-silent man, walking over to them.

    "Haruto? Ahh. Man, this better not be one of those times where you stay silent no matter what. You weren't... ah, never mind, just... explain yourself?"

    Several silent seconds passed, as the man retained the trait he was known for, before, finally...

    "...I tried to accomplish something. I had failed. Passing Solar, is not what I am talking about."

    "Then what was it?"

    "It is not important, we can get to it later. There is a different, yet vaguely related topic we had all decided on discussing after reaching the end. So here we are."

    "You mean, we discuss while you stay silent?" Tsugumi giggled.

    Haruto responded, quite unsurprisingly, in a silent manner.

    "We can't discuss it yet," Iori noted. "Rei isn't here yet."

    As if on cue, the sound of an SR20 inline-4 filled the air, and the headlights of the black, highly visually modified 180SX came into view, the car drifting around the final corner, to race up to where they had congregated, and slide to a halt alongside the four other cars.

    "Oh, yeah." He sarcastically commented as he stepped out. "Don't wait for Rei, he can catch up to us."

    "Well, you did, didn't you?" Naomi said with a giggle.

    "I... [sigh], whatever. Anyway, the announcement I was talking about earlier, I think it's time we talked about it."

    Of course, everyone perked up to pay more attention to their friend, who had decided to just start to bring it up out of the blue.

    "The gist of it is, the group, Chimera, that team we just made up when we were teens that found each other through this one common interest, is being targeted."

    "...targeted!?" Tsugumi piped up.

    "Not in a threatening way... well, sort of. Basically, did you hear about what happened in Shomaru? The fastest racer there got completely beaten by some unknown racer who called himself 'Archangel'. He's coming for Happougahara now. For us. For the fastest racer down this pass."

    "But... none of us are the fastest, right? We usually just mess about down the pass, we aren't serious racers!"

    "Oh, no. There is one. One of us is very much... the fastest."

    Haruto understood. The time had finally come. The truth had finally been revealed. Thus, he spoke.

    "...We know of your talent, Tsugumi."

    The girl was, understandably, quite surprised.



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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 48.0

    The referenced song title of Part 47 was Cthulhu Sleeps by deadmau5.

    [FTA|s3_8.0: Part 48.0] The New Model


    Saturday, March 11th, 2215

    International Geneva Motor Show, Geneva, Switzerland.


    As the lights dimmed, the projector on the back of the display lit up. At that point, it begun playing something that was very much seen before: it was the teaser for the very first project Angelus had announced in 2213, in the very same location two years ago. It was a very simple teaser, since the project had only begun one month before the show did. Only containing the words "NS4 Project, coming soon." fading into existence, staying there enough to fill up one minute of total footage, before shutting off.

    It wasn't over yet. Immediately after the teaser ended, the next one began. This one was debuted at the International Motor Show in Germany, later on in 2213. Flashing, swooshing, speeding blue lines entered and exited the screen before the words "Prototype G9.6" filled the screen.

    The third one started shortly after, signifying that all of their "secret projects" were, in actuality, just one. This one was different in three aspects. The first was that it had, after the same blue lines as the previous teaser sped past, an image showing the design of the project... albeit mosaic censored. The second aspect was that it was translated from the teaser's original Japanese, having been displayed only at the Tokyo Motor Show in late 2213:

    「申し訳ありませんが、検閲が必要です。 これはあまりにも猥褻です。」

    The translated text showed it to say:

    "We're sorry, we needed to censor this thing. It's too obscene."

    The third and final aspect that the teaser was altered from the TMS original. The last portion of text erased itself, and the entire image decensored itself, showing a very dark, almost uniform black silhouette of the project. It looked to be a very sleek supercar.

    Again, the teaser abruptly ended, where the fourth began to play. That one was shown in the North American International Motor Show in Detroit in early 2214. It was similar to the Tokyo Motor Show teaser, except for a couple things. First, it was in English, since it was being displayed in the USA. Second, the entire censorship joke was removed, and instead of showing the design of the project, it provided some small details of the Project. Finally, it was given a similar, but still new designation: Type ¹⁹³Z.

    And then, the final teaser. This one, like the Tokyo Motor Show teaser, was altered. It showed just one piece of text: "Project Ir77". It was then the alterations happened. The word "Project" faded out of view, and "Ir77" moved to the centre. A recognisable grid filled with symbols faded into view, and began zooming in. As that happened, the "Ir" and "77" separated, changing their position. The zooming in grid focused to one cell in particular, as the letters and numbers stopped moving. Then, finally, everything disappeared, flickering out, except for the name of the chemical element the code had signified.


    When that happened, the cloth covering the car was flung off it.

    "I finally present to you: The new Grade 4 Angelus hypercar... Iridium!"

    It was then that the mass amounts of flashing happened, from the equally large amount of cameras going off, taking photos of the new, even more sleek-looking product when compared to its predecessor. To avoid them stealing the limelight from them, the reveal was scheduled to not happen at the same time as Jennter's own announcements. It was there the car's details were finally made public.

    "This is a rather new type of beast." Brandon started. "Of course, it had to be, with what it had to stand up against. This had to truly be a successor than the Razer.X.

    "Well, let's start off with the transmission. Now, most car manufacturers offer one, maybe two ways to drive a car. Maybe, for instance, a full automatic mode combines with a flappy-paddle sequential gearbox. Our Delta-Gear electronic gearbox system has been fully utilised here, to offer 4 switchable styles to drive the Iridium. The first is completely automatic. So, this would be ideal for, say daily driving, for city driving, if one doesn't feel the need to shift.

    "Both the second and third styles are different flavours of a sequential approach. The first flavour is a flappy-paddle shift setup. Pulling one paddle increments a gear, the other decrements one. The second flavour, along with the fourth shift style, utilises the stick shifter. The sequential method is simple enough, flick upwards to shift up, and flick down to downshift. But, flipping this dial here, switches the mode into the fourth and final style.

    "You can actually use the shifter as a full H-pattern, select-whatever-you-want, manual gearbox. Say you're on the highway, cruising in 7th, and you want to overtake someone. In a safe, controlled manner, without speeding, of course. You can move the shifter directly down to 2nd, and perform the overtake.

    "Now, space. The Iridium is ever so slightly smaller than the Razer.X, but we were able to better utilise its footprint. So, behind the doors, there are these panels here."

    He pointed to one of them, then opened the door to pull a latch in the doorwell. The panel flung open, revealing a storage compartment.

    "This is like the storage compartment in an almost 2 and a quarter century old car: The McLaren F1. There is another one on the other side, but unlike the F1, that's not all of them."

    Deciding it was better to use his phone, he pulled it out, and opened all of the cars covers. As the front lifted up, he walked over to it.

    "There is another compartment here, in the front..."

    Then he walked over to the back of the car, where another cover just below the rear one stayed unclosed.

    "And another, thinner compartment here. But, that begs the question: where's the engine? What is it, and how powerful is it? After all, the Razer.X had a 700hp V10, what could possibly match that, and not take up as much space? You may recall that Mazda had some help developing their new rotary engine for the RX-14 way back in 2208. Well... that was us. Under a... well, I don't want to say it was a front company, Mazda's engineers knew who they were dealing with precisely. Just that no-one from the public did. Anyway, that brings us here.

    He lifted the secondary cover, finally revealing the shiny new powerplant.

    "Both the Iridium and the R215 GT we showed off last year will contain a rotary engine; a four- and three-rotor respectively. The four-rotor in this will not be turbocharged, and for one very good reason: we were able to, disgustingly easily, extract 825hp from it! And this is coming from a powerplant that takes up less space, and weighs much less than the V10 it's replacing. So, we're able to add more creature comforts, as well as all of those storage spaces, we wanted to make full use of the footprint of the car's total space.

    This is, in essence, a far better hypercar than the Razer.X. No, that part isn't even necessary; it's a much better car, than the Razer.X."

    Unknown date, 2215

    Unknown location, Luxembourg

    Unknown Time

    In the depths of Luxembourg, one certain group were making the final preparations for what they referred to as the "Cobalt Project". The preparations consisted of a system, recently made ready to be installed into an anti-gravity craft.

    The chassis was the first to be developed, followed by the gradual acquirement and installation of all the various components that made up the craft. The design was a major upgrade to the one that was currently attempting and failing to achieve it's predetermined role, which was where the upgrade was to fix.

    For some reason, the internal components of the craft were all installed not as cleanly as any of the other competing teams'. Upon the partial disassembly of the craft to allow for the installation of the recently developed system, what was revealed was a gigantic mess of a countless number of, and countless meters of wires and cables, all connected up to oddly placed components and controllers of the critical components that were required to be less randomly placed. Of course, this meant that the final component was installed in a similarly messy fashion.

    One thing to note about the craft's components was that, interestingly, the Anti-Gravity Racing Commission didn't even know the details of the technology used in the craft. This was a concern, but not a major one, since they had a history of not even being able to qualify in any of the F12000 races to date.

    "Finally! We finally did it! The project is complete! 'The Future Is Now', indeed!"

    The technical director, one Felix Konrad Porsche, grinned, glancing at the founder beside him.

    Wearing a rather garish business suit, Jean-Eric Fallouis was the Luxembourgish founder of the team, a businessman that sold ultra-ionised lightweight materials before entering the anti-gravity racing scene.

    "At long last... we might just be able to qualify for Monte Carlo. This will prove that the only way to win is through cold, hard cash. Nothing more, nothing less."

    "The very best tech costs the most." Porsche affirmed. "The very best pilots are always the most expensive. I don't know where our funding is coming from, but I do know that it's not my place to know. Not like I care, of course, I have more than enough to play with, to perfect everything to do with the project."

    "I provided you the seeds, but we shall soon see the fruits of your labour, Felix. I expect nothing short of complete victory."

    "As if I'd be expecting any less."

    "Good. No more warnings. Gravitesse shall be known to the entire world!"

    Gravitesse Cobalt Project <>
    Sun 29/01/2215 9:09 AM
    You <>
    Attachment: "Cyriopagopus_lividus.exe"

    ---Decoded Message---

    The time of which you seek is finally upon us. The F12000 Anti-Gravity Racing League will bow down to us as the true rulers of speed, of strength, and of technical prowess. Our identity shall be unveiled from the deepest, darkest shadows from whence we currently reside. There will be not a single chance for the Anti-Gravity Purity Alliance to act, as our ultimate victory shall be attained before long. The finality of our actions will ensure that absolutely no team shall ever question our integrity any longer.

    This shall not be considered a warning, this is but a notation of purely certain future events.

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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 49.0

    The referenced album title of Part 48 was New Model by Perturbator.

    [FTA|s3_9.0: Part 49.0] Drift Away

    Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan.

    "Defeating an opponent is, in theory, a simple affair. In practice, not so much. To achieve total victory over an opponent, you need to outwit, out-strategise, out-maneuver, and out-skill them. Being stronger, more powerful, helps rather marginally, to a certain extent. It takes skill to outperform your opponent, but much greater skill to mask that ability to your opponent themselves."

    Day 16.


    "...We know of your talent, Tsugumi."

    The girl was, understandably, quite surprised.



    Haruto opened his mouth, before looking a little uncomfortable. Closing it, he looked to the three others.

    "You are the fastest one out of all of us." Iori picked up from the now silent Haruto. "We've seen you practice, late at night."


    "It's your white GC4, we know it was you."

    That left her out of excuses. She had no choice but to come clean. And with a sigh, she did just that.

    "...I-I... I didn't want you to find out... I can't tell you why."

    Looking around to confirm with the others, Iori continued. "We... all think it's awesome though! So what if you're better than us? You're still our friend, we still love you!"

    "I... you sure?"

    Her response was met by nods from her 4 friends.

    "O-Okay, then... So, you know the race is tomorrow, right?"

    "Oh! Yeah, that's right. How about we start the preparations by giving you a statistically faster car?"

    "What? How are you gonna get one now?"

    "I meant... letting you drive my Z."

    "Th-... what!?"

    It was was well known amongst them that Iori's well managed Z39 was, statistically, the fastest car in the team. In the hands of the fastest person in the group, should mean that it would become a monster in her hands.

    "Get a practice run in... using the Fairlady."

    To emphasise his point, he held up his keys, which dangled from his finger. Tsugumi just stared at the keys in bewilderment.

    "...wait... seriously?"

    "Of course I am."

    "I... don't know. I'm really used to my car, y'know? And it's such a massive difference, going from FF to FR."

    "Hmm... I... see your point. Okay, we'll be watching!"

    "I know you will be!"

    Day 17.


    At 10pm exactly, a black car similar to the one seen at Shomaru Pass could be seen making its way up to the start point of Happougahara. At the last possible second, the handbrake was applied, and it very quickly slid to a stop.

    Right in front of a Honda Civic Si GC4, painted in a non-factory colour, the Type R exclusive Championship White colour.

    "So. Here it is."

    The driver's door to the black car opposing it swung open, and the tall, helmeted form of Archangel stepped out, walking slowly towards the girl standing beside the car after shutting his car door.

    " must be Kotonami Tsugumi." He finally spoke.

    "Archangel, I guess?" The girl sleepily replied.

    "That's right. Well, you know why we're, let's not waste any time."

    She nodded, before looking back to her friends behind her.

    "Good luck!" Naomi called out, giving her a thumbs up.

    Tsugumi smiled amicably, and nodded in her direction.


    The two opponents turned and entered their respective cars. Archangel fired his up first, in order to move and reposition it at the start line. Once that was done, the race would start proper, with Iori standing between the two cars...

    <smoke and fire | moog_>

    "Counting down! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!"

    Driver 'Archangel'
    Team N/A
    Car Unknown
    Year Unknown, possibly 2200s
    Type Sports, 2-door
    Layout M4
    Plate ·4 07, classification 390
    Colour Black
    Engine Unknown modified engine
    Power 250PS
    Weight Unknown
    Custom Parts "Archangel" Body Kit, Unknown engine modification, Azure Blue Laser headlights, Unknown other systems.
    琴南鶫 (Kotonami Tsugumi)
    Honda Civic Si (GC4)
    Sports Compact, 2-door
    62-75, classification 592
    Championship White
    Modified 2.0L I4 NA F20C7
    Custom Exhaust, Custom Mirrors, Custom Carbon Fibre Hood, Custom Front Bumper, Bucket Racing Seats, Engine swap from 1.5L L15F8 to 2.0L S2000 F20C7.


    Tsugumi's pure white Civic shot from standstill, taking the initial lead. That came off as a surprise to her, for a quite obvious reason.

    'Eh? His car looked way more powerful than that...' She thought.

    It was a rather short straight, with the corners coming thick and fast shortly after. The first one was taken in Tsugumi's usual manner when she was practicing her top speed runs on her own. Turning into the corner, she deactivated the customised rear stabilisers very shortly after, sliding the front-wheel-drive car's rear out, a trick she found out a few months after buying the car. It was not as wide a drift as she would usually take when with her friends, but it was still far wider than the looming black sports car behind her...

    Except it was no longer behind her.

    Archangel was now right alongside her, his car still in the shallow drift Tsugumi saw him enter.

    "Ngh!? I thought so! Was he holding back? ...he must have."

    When she straightened out of the corner, and angled the car for the subsequent corner, she saw her pursuer back away from her, slowing down to keep behind her. Of course, being scared like that, she had gained the knowledge that he could pass her at any moment, lest she speed up. And that, logically, was what she had begun to do. Maintaining the same angle of drift as the first corner, she tried her best to increase her speed, pushing harder than she had ever done.

    After reorienting himself behind her from the first corner, Archangel took a note of her entry speed, and his almost accidental overtaking. Observing closer, he started looking for a certain tell. Throughout the subsequent corners, one thing was revealed to him, but he decided to wait it out, in the possibility that it may become more observable further on in the race.

    Tsugumi's wide drift angles would have been fine on its own, but there was no strategy, and only slightly more speed to back it up. The drift was just for show, not to block Archangel.


    Directly following the consecutive chicane-esque corners, a gentle right hand bend presented itself. The scream of the F20 S2000 engine could be heard even by Archangel, as Tsugumi planted her right foot into the floor, shooting away from Archangel. Naturally, Archangel's response was to mirror her, and accelerate into the high speed bend as well.

    While he took a standard line in, not the best by any means, he still found himself gaining ground on Tsugumi. That meant that he was very close to overtaking her, despite him taking it easy. To aid in that, he pulled a wide drift around the following right-angle left hand corner.

    One more chicane-type corner preceded the first of the course's many hairpins. It was extremely early into the race, but...


    Archangel called it quits, in what he thought was the easiest way.

    <smoke and fire (whitecitylight remix) | moog_>

    With the corner's entrance looming, Archangel shifted down, ready to accelerate hard and fast. As they entered the corner, he took the outside, before Tsugumi could drift wide.

    "Wh- Wait, what!?"

    She could only watch in awe as the sleek black car soared majestically past her. That vast speed, he made it look so easy, like the car wasn't even breaking a sweat.

    Was that it?

    Was that the difference between where she was, and where she wanted to be?

    It looked so beautiful.

    She wanted to catch up to him, but she knew that she was unable to. Despite that, she tried her best, not giving up right there and then. However, it was all for naught. The black car just kept gaining distance from her.

    Unfortunately for the crowd that had peppered the sidelines of the course, they were not expecting a complete domination. One such optimal viewing point was along a series of consecutive hairpin corners, where two particular people were situated: A father, and his child.

    "At least it's close enough to home, Hayate." The father spoke. "You would have had to gone yourself if it was somewhere farther away."

    His child laughed "Dad... I know you wanted to come too."

    That seemed to silence him, being unable to find a response. And at the right moment too, the high-pitched scream of... well, it wasn't a Honda inline-4, that was for sure.

    "So, do you know who's battling?"

    Hayate's response was "A girl that was my senior at school, and... someone else. Archangel, they're called. They're starting to get really famous."

    "Mm, I know of Archangel. I didn't know that he was battling someone from your school, though."

    "She graduated years ago, th-"

    Hayate was cut off by the volume increasing dramatically, as Archangel's car slid into view, rounding the first of the four hairpins. It seemed like only a second, before it had reached the second, rounding the corner at near-impossible speeds.

    "...That was quick... where's Kotonami, though?"

    It was three long seconds, before the scream of the S2000 engine could be heard, and six until the pure white Civic drifted wide around the first hairpin.

    "Hmm... that's quite problematic. I think she may have just lost. And so soon, too."

    Hayate just nodded. "Yeah."

    Archangel did not let up after that, until the very end, by which time the black sports car had completely disappeared from her view.

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    Default New Jennter Racing Stories - Part 5

    Arc: NJRS - #005
    Title: External Drive

    Nokav Vertigo, Rocky Mountains, USA
    Friday, 17th February 2215

    The first practice sessions were already completed, but yet another Jennter trailer arrived in the paddock.
    Such a move was speculated the whole week, as Jennter registered two craft for this event, but arrived with only one. Patrick and Aurora thus had to take turns with the practice sessions.
    Something the size of a race craft was extracted from this trailer, but it was hidden behind a big, white holographic wall. Several other components with Jennter logos were transported into the pits as well.

    "A bit late, but I am glad that it arrived now." commented Nico Bovier, overseeing the construction efforts taking place "Patrick should be able to practise tomorrow."
    "I am sorry, but I think the robot should fly this craft first." disagreed Linda Greyson, right next to him.
    "Patrick is our lead pilot, that's clear. Hmm..." he was rethinking his idea "You are right, it is an untested prototype."
    Linda nodded in response "I'll help out the mechanics now!"
    "She's nervous, but also visably excited." whispered Nico, seeing the young woman walking into the garage.

    Saturday, 18th February 2215

    It was soon time for the final practice session of the weekend. Patrick Rouser would pilot the standard JAG-F12.212/5 while Aurora was to test a factory fresh JAG-F12.212/5B. Only a single letter was added, but several vast modifications were to be shown once the lights go green.
    "Rouser, ready." noted Linda at the control stands. The number one craft of the team was levitating calmly in the Jennter pit.
    "Australis, systems ready. Keep in mind to activate PSS once on track." she continued. Her craft was levitating in a similar fashion, but it appeared to be less stable and lower. It's shape seemed much different from the standard craft piloted by her team mate.


    "Patrick, exit." ordered Nico and the white-orange craft shot out of it's garage onto the track.
    Half a minute later it was time for the other craft "Aurora, exit. Activate PSS as soon as possible."
    A seemingly bulky version of a JAG-F12.212 entered the track, for a brief moment it seemed almost incapable of turning and travelled at low speed.
    "Activating PSS." spoke Aurora for the record and suddenly several components of the craft dropped down.

    A ring formed around the craft, connected through thick wiring and four rods. Aurora didn't go full speed yet, but after just passing through a handful of the tricky corners this track offers, it became clear to anyone watching.

    "An external anti-gravtiy generator?" observed Hiroyuki Arimoto, the technical director of AG-Systems "Not bad."
    "That thing looks fragile." commented a Tigron engineer "We'll let 'em have it."

    After two warm-up laps, Aurora was given the signal to do two timed laps.
    The craft floated way lower over the track, given the extensions surrounding it, it resembled a classic hovercraft a little.
    Patrick clocked some lap times already and retired to pits again. His time was currently topping an otherwise empty leaderboard. However, just her first hotlap displaced him to second by over one and a half second.

    "Now there are many factors playing into the lap time. Jennter wasn't able to provide a lot of testing time to their pilots this weekend." commented the trackside announcer "It will be interesting to see the further development this session."

    An hour later Aurora dropped to P2, but close to the leading Angelus AX2.2_r9 of Gareth Ardos and followed by a Qirex LS12 v2.8. Patrick was only able to maintain P6, but limited the distance to nine tenths.
    Linda was jumping up and down in the garage of Jennter cheering "It works!" multiple times and to everyone's surprise ended up hugging Aurora as she climbed out of her new craft.
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