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    Default Faster Than Angels/Flying with Dragons

    OK, so I don't know if I'm doing it right by making a new thread here, but it is fanfic, so I guess so? Although it does involve (Well, more it mentions it than anything) Snakenator's fan-made team, Wyvern, though we've been making fanfics that mention or involve each other's team, so... I don't know. I just hope I'm not doing it wrong.

    This is about the two teams I created, Angelus and Crinale, and the title comes from Angelus' motto.

    EDIT <20170211>: A list of all of my parts is now available.
    List of FTA Parts

    [Part 1.0] The Threat

    Friday, October 13th, 2209

    AG Race Commission HQ (AGRC)


    Ident: Crinale Tech. Inc.
    Location: UNKNOWN.

    User input>|locate transmission_


    User input>|record transmission_

    [12:38:55]>>INCOMING ATTACHMENT ["CZf_12.pdf"]...

    User input>|accept attachment_

    [12:39:02]>>ATTACHMENT ACCEPTED.

    User input>|playback recording ["22091013123042"]_

    [13:02:40]>>RECORDING FOUND.
    [13:02:41]>>LOAD COMPLETE.
    [13:02:41]>>PLAYBACK ENABLED.


    AGRC>> Crinale, to what do we owe this transmission?

    Crinale>> First of all, gotta love that locating attempt. Very nice, but you will never find us. Fool. Anyway, to the business at hand. We do not like beating around the bush, we prefer to just give our news straight up. There is a spy in the AGRC, right now. They are listening to everything. They are watching everything. We know you are one of the top groups that are looking for us, but that will never happen. See, our spy knows something about your beloved building that you do not. They know about the location of a bomb. Lying. Dormant. However, it will not be dormant for long. One of two things will happen. It could be deactivated. Alternatively, it could activate, exploding and killing every single one of you in this building right now. Do not think of evacuating ANYONE, or our spy will see it, and then...[chuckle] BUILDING GO BOOM! HAHAHAHA! Do not let anyone escape. Not one individual, okay? I do not want to use unnecessary force, but I will if I have to.

    AGRC>> [EXPLETIVE REDACTED], what are your demands?

    Crinale>> Ooh, watch your language there! We wish to continue racing in the FX400. That is all. Oh, but you have to stop looking for us. And we require a special weapon of ours be accepted, just as you have done for Angelus. Check the incoming blueprints.

    |>>FILE: "CZf_12.pdf"
    |>>NAME: CZf_12 Prototype
    |>>LOCK-ON: YES

    AGRC>> You're going too far... Also, I have been informed that have an ace up our sleeves. You can't destroy us.

    Crinale>> Are we going too far though? Are we really? Remember we have taken the necessary steps to ensure your destruction if you do not accept our terms. We can and we WILL destroy you.

    AGRC>> The bomb? Threatening to destroy us if we don't accept?! YEAH, THAT'S GOING TOO [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] FAR!

    Crinale>> I told you. I told you to watch your language. I told you that the AGRC would die. I told you to not go against us. You did not listen to me. You have just made the single biggest mistake of your life. And now, it has ended. So much for your "ace up the sleeve" [chuckle]. CX1, destroy. [explosions] WAIT, WHAT TH-?!
    [13:14:28]>>PLAYBACK END.


    Chris Scarbrough (Employee, AGRC): So just what the hell was that all about? One minute we were all about to be blown up, the next minute Crinale blew up?!

    Natasha Belmondo (Executive Chairwoman, AGRC): See, that's what I meant, we had an ace up our sleeves. That spy was not working for Crinale. They are a double spy, gathering information for us. They work for Angelus, but followed Crinale after the original employees split, pretending to agree with their ideals.

    CS: Woah. Well, I think they're no longer with Crinale after that stunt, though.

    NB: Yes, I think so too, Crinale would be stupid to let that spy back in. However, I don't think they're completely gone. Notice how the explosions were only heard, and not seen, but the connection was still lost. I think that bomb was placed out of sight, somewhere near their communications system.

    CS: True, that is a logical explanation. Let's hope they learned from that experience. We really need to find them and shut them down. They're not operating on legitimate terms, we have hard evidence proving that!

    NB: I know that, we're doing the best we can. We have Wyvern Aeronautical Research and Angelus R&D helping us and Interpol search for them. I know what would happen if we do let them get away, and it's the last thing we need.

    So that was the very first part of this thread, hope you enjoyed that (and I hope that I'm doing it right by posting a new thread here)!
    I'm also thinking of having theme songs for the two teams. My choices are not final and, in fact, I have 2 choices for each team.

    For Crinale, I'm thinking either Doomsday by Nero or Ransom by Pendulum
    For Angelus, I'm thinking either Departure by Nero or 9000 Miles by Pendulum.

    You guys are free to disagree and/or pick a song that you prefer, these ones are just songs that I think would fit.
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    This is full to the brim with awesome ideas that pulls everything together, everything works and its all just an amazing read
    I'm still working on my fan fic, but I've finished college for study leave now so hopefully I have the time to get mine up and running
    I'll have to tie in my story with this one, its to awesome not to

    I also found a awesome piece of music when I was playing Ace Combat before that I would like to use as my teams theme song But I would change it if I was to publish my fan fic.
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    I'm glad you like it! Feel free to tie in your fanfic to mine, seeing as we've already done so in the other thread.

    I'm nearly done with Part 2, but I feel I should wait a while before posting it... a week, maybe half a week?

    EDIT: That's an awesome song, are you wanting to use it as the theme to Wyvern in my fanfic?

    EDIT2: I will decide the final songs next week, when I post Part 2.
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    Sounds cool

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    Default Flying with Dragons

    Here it is, the start of my fan fic. I'll put it in this thread to avoid redundant threads I also recommend reading my posts about the XAF-72 Wyvern hear:

    Flying With Dragons

    Part 1: Dragons achieving a new era

    -Secret Wyvern AR testing facility hangar-
    The Hangar doors open to a bright summers day, walks in Director of operations David Mendel and his lead pilot Falon Dare. They walk in to see the fruit of the teams labour, a project to bring humanity a step further from Anti Gravity technology. Inside is the product of Project Trinity, a aircraft never seen to anyone else but those who are members of the Wyvern team, a top secret machine no one can yet know.

    David: There it is, such a beauty isn't it?
    Falon: You can say that again, and soon it'll fly.
    David: Its such a incredible thought to think we may be the ones to achieve a new step into the destiny of humanity.
    Falon: You've done well David, you brought the team so far. And to think your Dad had the aircraft that could be used to create this beauty.
    David: Well the Wyvern team would like to thank you to, the amount of wins you have secured us has brought the financial backing to make this Wyvern possible.

    The doors to the hangar open again, walks in a team of engineers. The expressions on their faces shows a great deal of promise. Head engineer Sarah Fillick walks up to David with a excited face.

    David: Woah calm down eager beaver, what news?
    Sarah: We did it! its complete!
    Falon: Are you serious? you actually achieved the impossible?
    David: Don't you be lying to us.
    Sarah: I'm serious, the generator is complete and can be fitted to the Wyvern right now
    David: Excellent! this is such a great achievement, you've worked so hard for us. You and your team will receive a special reward.
    Sarah: Thank you! Guys bring it in, its going on the Wyvern now!

    A new team of engineers walk in followed by a pickup truck. The truck is carrying what looks like a car standard engine, but upon closer view, its so much more than that.

    Sarah: Here it is, the X-2978 Wyvern warp engine. The Wyvern is now capable of Light speed!
    Falon: With this the XAF-72 Wyvern will be the fastest thing ever created!
    David: I know, and soon we need to test it. I am dreaming that day every night now *sheds a tear*
    Falon: Your Dad would be proud of you. But we need to fly the Wyvern before we attach the warp engine.
    David: Lets do it now, engineers! prep the XAF for take off. Falon, I be honoured if you fly the Wyvern.
    Falon: It would be my pleasure.

    ????: It would be wouldn't it.

    Everyone in the hangar turns around to see a shadowy figure step into the hangar.

    Falon: Who are you?
    ????: Your nightmare

    The figure drops a can, then a blinding light and loud bang brings everyone to their knees. Once it subsides, the figure has disappeared.

    David: Is everyone alright?

    Everyone in the hangar gives a nod, although they are still clearly disorientated.

    Sarah: NOOOOO!
    Falon: What happened?
    Sarah: The warp! its gone!
    David: F**k no, how?

    A mobile phone is heard ringing, David reaches into his pocket and answers.

    David: Hello?
    Natasha: Hey its Natasha Belmondo, I have urgent news.
    David: Whats going on?
    Natasha: We just received a threat from Crinale of them planting a bomb in the AGRC HQ. But their plan back fired, you need to be careful though.
    David: Odd, a shadowy figure has just stolen a important technology from us needed to complete project Trinity. I think its a spy for Crinale!
    Natasha: No, this is getting out of hand. We need to stop them soon.
    David: Agreed, look I gotta go now. Talk again later.

    The call ends

    David: Seal the hangar, we cannot risk losing the XAF-72 Wyvern. Everyone out now.

    Everyone rushes out of the hangar, the doors are then closed. Slowly the last sliver of light on the Wyvern shrinks, till the doors close. The dragon now slumbers again.

    That's part one. Hope you liked it Feedback is welcomed.
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    Woah, that's pretty awesome!

    I might have to edit my future parts, though I don't think Part 2 will be affected. Still, Part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow.

    EDIT: Would you guys prefer if I posted the parts more regularly, or are you fine with them being posted once a week?
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