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Thread: Faster Than Angels

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    FTA s2.9_2: A Prelude to Season 3


    Saturday, February 27th, 2213

    Location Unknown.

    Time Unknown.

    "Once again, I am really sorry I had to do this to you. I just... really do want to keep the location of our new headquarters a secret."

    Alexandra Kotova, now using her old pseudonymous surname of Gelorum, had apologised for the second time to Jacob White and Yvonne Giorgio, this time over the skies of an unknown country. The reason why she was apologising was very simple. She had covered the two guests' eyes, to prevent them from figuring out the exact location of the new headquarters of the old Gelorum-led Crinale.

    The method of doing so was with a rather intricate piece of eyewear. It wrapped around the wearer's head, and latched at the back in a way that the wearer couldn't unlock it easily, if at all. The front part was designed so that it covered their entire view, not just a major portion of it like traditional blindfolds.

    "At least it's somewhat comfortable," Jacob commented.

    "We had time to develop it. It is better than just some other blindfold, or even a bag over your head."

    After another 20 minutes in the hypersonic grav-plane Alex had rented out, the three of them had finally landed. Stepping off, they were led into a building. At that point, the woman in the black longcoat reached up behind the two guests' heads and unclasped the glasses before pulling it off them.

    "Welcome to Crinale Technologies' new headquarters."

    It wasn't the laboratory-like appearance of Angelus', yet Crinale's new headquarters was not like the basement of their old AG racing tenure. It showed that, despite the major changes, they were still serious about their competitive attempts in the F-Class championships.

    Alex walked past them, nodding her head in a certain direction.

    "Come on. It would be inefficient to waste time."

    The two followed her, unable to truly take in the sights of the fairly large building, most of it taken up by the hangar and maintenance area for the two F0-RA8 craft used in the F12000. Alex led the two into a smaller partition, where several office rooms had been set up. One of which was the conference room, the room that Alex had stopped in.

    "Alright, take a seat, I will start informing you of the project." She began, pointing to the large desk in the centre of the room.

    As they took their seats, she started the briefing, loading up some screens on the projector at the head of the room. The moment they saw the data on it, they both said the exact same thing.


    Alex started her explanation. "This car I'm wanting, it has one purpose. To defeat Brandon's Razer.X."

    The details of the car's concept was, while not impossible, rather unique. It would have its basis design-wise in her custom Gen 2 Katana Havok, but obviously more modernised. The uniqueness was what the car had to be designed to fit. The planned powerplant was 2 small jet turbines, to be mounted in the mid-rear where Katana and Angelus' supercars usually had their engines.

    "In addition," She continued, after explaining the details of the car's proposed powerplant, "I would like the car to contain a sort of canopy opening, a centred driving position, and some fins that extend behind the rear body, which would act as a both a stability and an airbrake system, along with other flaps placed around the car, like Brandon's Razer.X."

    "Alright," Jacob commented, "I'll see what I can come up with."

    Over the following couple of days, Jacob had mocked-up several primary designs for the new project, showing them to Alex. She flipped through all the designs, and let out a single comment.

    "*t. Did I mention how much I love your designs? I honestly cannot pick between these."

    "Well, thanks." Jacob replied. "Jus' happy I did my job well enough."

    "Yes, well you did it too well. I will need some time to deliberate over these designs. I will get back to you two when I have made my decision."

    "No problem." Yvonne said. "Take as much time as you need."

    A few hours later, Alex had returned. Still unable to select one design, she had opted to select the best parts out of all the designs to compile into one final cohesive design. Jacob had then set to work on drawing that final design, completing it within half an hour. Alex had taken one good look at it, and...

    "...p-perfect..." She muttered. "That's absolutely how I envisioned the evolution of my Havok would look like."

    "Really?" Jacob replied. "That's mad!"

    "Looks like I'm up now," Yvonne added. "I'll start on making the 3D model."

    "Please, go for it!"

    Pulling out a portable device that was the evolution of the 21st century tablet, Yvonne set to work, beginning work on the 3D version of Jacob's 2D drawings. It had taken only a mere few hours, since she knew what she was doing, but she had completed the first concept of the car.

    Upon seeing the design in full 3D, Alex took a step back, placing a hand to her mouth.

    "This... I thought it looked beautiful just through Jacob's drawings, but... wow! It looks exactly like it, and I can see just how great it does look. Thank you, so much!"

    "It was nothing, really." Yvonne replied. "Thank you for letting us design this for you."

    "No problem. Now, while your job may be done here, I should clarify that the design would probably be modified a bit, just to ensure everything works as it should. But there would not really be any major changes."

    "'S fine," Jacob said. "Make as much changes as you'd like. I'm just happy to do my job, and I'm happy 'nuff that you like it."

    Just as Alex had said, their jobs were done, thus the two Angelus employees were set to return to Australia, back to Angelus' headquarters, to resume their work on the project Brandon had called, 'RXR'. After saying their goodbyes, and Alex paying them for their work, the black haired leader of the rival team flew off back to her hidden headquarters after dropping the couple back off in their home city.

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    I should have posted this part on the 5th. I apologize.

    FTA s2.9_3: A Prelude to Season 3


    Sunday, March 21st, 2213

    Wolstenholme Point, Devon, England.

    "A surprise turnout has happened today with long-time racing team Auricom publicly announcing they have decided to pull out of the F12000 AG racing league. They have explained that the reason for their absence here at Wolstenholme Point was because of their planned withdrawal. In a live datacast, the current Director of Operations has stated the following:"

    "I don't know what kinda sick joke this is, but it's clear to us that this Chris Scarborough guy is clearly obsessed with making a second coming of the F9000 a reality. It is because of this that we feel it is necessary for Auricom to, once again, pull out of the Anti-Gravity Racing League. Perhaps, once this fool is fired, and we have a somewhat decent and fair league, we may return. But until that happens, you will not see Auricom in a racing environment any longer. We give our heartfelt apologies to our fans, but this is for the best. Thank you."

    "Of course, the only other time Auricom has not participated in an Anti-Gravity league out of protest since its inception back in 2048 was the 2169 and the prematurely suspended 2170 seasons, protesting against the F9000 League's policies. To repeat today's breaking news, before we begin the datacast of today's F12000 race in Wolstenholme Point, long-time racing te--"

    "So... it's happening again." Brandon muttered, after switching off the datacast. "Let's hope it's not another two years before this stupid league dies off."


    Sunday, April 18th, 2213

    Sidewinder, Shibukawa, Japan.

    "Following in the shadows of veteran team Auricom's departure from the F12000, another team has announced their withdrawal, AG Systems, the founders and pioneers of Anti-Gravity technology. This will definitely throw off a few bids, as they were slated to win on their home course here at Sidewinder. Here is what they had to say:"

    The PR Manager began speaking in his native Japanese, which was overdubbed by an English translator.

    "It is with great sorrow that I must announce the withdrawal of Anti-Gravity Systems' racing division from the F12000. We did not take this decision lightly, but after careful deliberation and analysis of the rules and regulations, we have determined that they are not particularly agreeable, when compared with our experiences between the start in 2212 and now. We realise that some of our fans may be upset about this, but we will definitely return, once more agreeable League regulations are in effect. Thank you."

    "To reiterate, AG Systems will not be participating in their home race, as they have wi--"

    Again, Brandon had shut off the datacast before it had finished.

    "The uprising... it's happening. Surely it won't be soon before plans are set forth to undermine the league..."


    Friday, April 23rd, 2213

    From a recorded phone call between Auricom and AG Systems.

    "はい、細田です" ("Yes, this is Hosoda.")

    "Hosoda, hi. This is Robert. From Auricom."

    "Robert-san. To what do I owe this call?"

    "I'm sure you know. The F12000."

    "Ahh, of course. You left too. So, what about it?"

    "If you wouldn't mind, may I propose an alliance?"


    "Yes. In a similar vein to how the F9000 was thwarted by the Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition, my proposition is to create an Anti-Gravity Purity Alliance. AGPA."

    "...very interesting. So will it be like the old Coalition? Uh... as in..."

    "Protesting against the league, while gathering evidence against that madman in charge, Chris Scarborough. I don't know what the hell that guy's deal is, or where he came from, but he needs to be taken down a peg or two."

    "That, I can agree with. Okay, let's do it. I accept your proposition. Consider the Anti-Gravity Purity Alliance officially established."


    Sunday, May 2nd, 2213

    Nokav Vertigo, Rocky Mountains, USA.


    "3, 2, 1... G-"
    "Critical Weapon Pad failure."
    "System force stop initiated..."
    "Systems successfully stopped."
    "Attempting to restart system processes..."
    "Attempt failed."
    "Running hardware diagnostics..."
    "Diagnosis complete: power overload. Recovery impossible."
    "Recommended action: Immediately replace damaged parts."

    Technicians from AG Systems and Auricom had grouped together to overload the weapon pads, effectively disabling them right at the exact same time the race began. Also around that point, digital screens displaying advertisements from the two non-participating teams shut off, being replaced by a simple message.



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    FTA s2.9_4: A Prelude to Season 3


    Monday, October 18th, 2213

    Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia.


    In an attempt to ensure fairness, the Anti-Gravity Racing Coalition have devised the following rules for immediate implementation into the official Sporting Regulations for the 2214 F12000 season. As always, teams wishing to participate in the season must adhere to the rule changes, and prepare their craft to the current specification.

    The complete
    2214 F12000 Specification Sporting Regulations are available for viewing, however, the main change is listed below.

    Article 5, Section 2, Subsection 2: Projectile Super-Weapons now must meet a minimum Destructive Power Rating (MDPR) target in order to be eligible. MDPR targets are dependant on the weapon and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    A few days after the publication of that document, Brandon called several people into a conference room.

    "Xygen lead technician and designers, and Xygen head Weapons R&D, please come to Conference Room 1."

    Several minutes later, those individuals walked into the first of five conference rooms. In the middle of the oval-shaped table was a scale model of the current version of the Xygen V. As they took a seat, Brandon brought up a familiar document on the screen behind him, at the back of the room.

    "Okay, We... really don't have time to waste with this, at all. I'm just going to cut right to the chase."

    He brought up the major rule change into focus on the screen.

    "This rule, I'm sure, is to mess with us directly, to jeopardise our non-violent ways. The thing is, I don't want all of that electromagnetic technology to go to waste. But, since we can't use the Railgun, we need to pull it off the craft, and redevelop it into something else. I don't know what, though, the weapon isn't my top priority. So, for the 2214 season, until we develop a replacement, I am willing to not have any Super-Weapons registered to our team."

    He nodded. "Okay. Would you still like us to start R&D on EM-based tech for our Railgun replacement?"

    "Yes, if you could? We would still like to take advantage of the availability of Super-Weapons, but to make it our own thing, to fit with our ideals."

    With nothing else left to discuss, Brandon called the meeting a close, and dismissed the members of the group, leaving the leader to focus on the tasks and important data he was to sift through that day.

    Crinale Technologies HQ.

    "Development has started on Project Keres. I want nothing to do with Thanatos any longer."

    After another disappointing race in attempting to maintain and tune the F0-RA8 craft for the previous race weekend, Alexandra Gelorum had had enough, almost ditching the most important part of their racing team into the bin: the craft itself. That, combined with the harsh memories indirectly tied to the craft meant that she was willing to forgo the 2214 season to focus their attempts in starting over. The problem was, with work starting so late in the year, the project would run well into 2215 as well.

    "Tch, if I could, I would just bring Valkyrie back, but that wouldn't stand a chance."

    "If I might ask," CO-05, Xavier Reid, the team's appointed Overseer Head Technician, spoke up. "What exactly is wrong with Thanatos?"

    "Chris Scarborough is what's wrong with it."

    He smirked.

    "I'm glad you didn't mention our performance for the second half of this season. Whether we upgrade it, or start on this new project, money would have to be poured into it... admittedly more money needing to go into a new project than upgrading our existing models."

    "Yes, howev-"

    "However nothing." He cut her off, before taking a deep breath. "Starting a project from scratch like that is just not efficient at all. We-"

    "Why the f*ck not?" Her eyes glowed. "We have the funds to do it! No-one complained about Valkyrie when we had the Devil!"

    "Valkyrie was a necessary upgrade to Devil. What you've started is an entirely new project altogether. Furthermore, you went behind our backs. The other COs feel the same way as I do. [sigh], look. I know you hate everything Viktor did. But forcing a new F12000 project is just a little too extreme."

    Alex's eyes grew a little paler.

    "What... do I do, then? I hate the RA8, we are losing races left, right and centre, and it has nothing to do with Lucia or Leon. I just want to give up on it."

    "Call a meeting with the other COs. We might be able to come to a more suitable course of action with all 11 of us here."

    Her face contorted to something resembling a grimace upon hearing that number.

    "Tyler was a f*cking idiot, but I hate the fact that Scarborough murdered 10. He was a good guy."

    "It still hurts you after we told you?"

    "It doesn't hurt you?!"

    He shook his head. "Of course it does. It hurts everyone. But we need to move on. Should I call the COs?"

    A few seconds silence, Alex recomposed herself.

    "No need. I will do it."

    Five minutes later, the eleven remaining COs had gathered in the main meeting room.

    "...So maybe I was too quick in initiating Project Keres. I still want to go through with the project though, I want to continue with Thanatos no longer. How should we go about it?"

    That was the opening query that started the unintentionally long proceedings, that seemed to turn into a debate of what Keres should be, if it should even exist any further in the first place. For the first hour, the debate was going back and forth between stopping development of Keres, and ceasing the maintenance of the F0-RA8 and focusing solely on Keres itself.

    It seemed to be going nowhere, until CO-02 spoke up.

    "Solution. Redefine Keres as an evolutionary step of Thanatos."

    That caused everyone to fall silent. They all stared at her incredulously, as if she had spoke in Latin.

    "Did... you just say what I think you said?"

    "It's a strategic solution to your problems: combine the two. Since some main assets of Thanatos would stay, it won't cost as much. But I do admit that it will cost more than upgrading. Still, Gelorum doesn't want to have Thanatos anymore. Thus, like Valkyrie was to Devil, we develop Keres as an upgrade to the entire Thanatos project."

    "That is a compromise." Alex replied. "A massive one... but I would be willing to take it if as little of Thanatos is included in Keres."

    "We won't make it noticeable. You won't know which components are from Thanatos and which are new." Xavier said. "We're good at that."

    "Tch, I know you are, that's the concerning part."

    She shook her head, succumbing to her peers.

    "Alright, fine. Keres is now an evolution of Thanatos."
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