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Thread: Faster Than Angels

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    [FTA|s2.9_F] s3_0.0


    Sunday, January 31st, 2213

    Parking lot of a convenience store, Perth, Australia.


    The low roar of a certain vehicle filled the air, and stopped just before its target: A black Angelus Razer.X.

    "ANGEL01... that's it... DESTROY THAT CAR!" Chris Scarborough yelled.



    The turret hit its mark. Crinale's T9-CA5 grav-tank annihilated Brandon Smith's beloved car... right in front of Brandon himself.

    "[gasp]! YOU...!" He could only manage, ducking behind an aisle. "You will pay for this, I thought you said you 'wouldn't mess with me outside of the races'!?" He added, calling someone he thought was related to the attack.

    "Crap. What the hell do you want?" Alexandra responded.

    "WHAT. THE. HELL do you think you're doing!?" Brandon yelled back.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Don't give me that 'What do you mean?' crap! You destroyed my car! I spent years building and modifying it, shaping it into the road racer I loved!"

    "Hmph, you should stop your emotional attachment to that. It was a machine. I didn't feel bad when my car got destroyed. You know, the one that's now sitting at the bottom of the sea underneath Omega Harbour? [sigh], in any case, I actually do have no idea what you mean. I destroyed your car?"

    "One of your grav-tanks blew it up!"

    "One of my... oh. What, the T9-CA5?"

    "Yes! That! The only grav-tank that was made under the Crinale name!"

    "The T9-CA5 was made under Antonov's Crinale, not my Crinale. As soon as I was back as Director, I stopped construction of and destroyed all Antonov-era craft, apart from the F12000 craft."

    "Then, are you saying that it might have something to do with Antonov?"

    "Yes. I'm assuming you're hiding from it?"



    "A convenience store."

    "Oh. Well, that won't stop a tank, as I'm sure you are aware. In any case, I can't help you any further. Goodbye." Alex said, ending the call.

    When that happened, Brandon just stood up and walked over to the exit, where he saw the gunner open his hatch and stand up.

    However, before Chris could speak...



    The tank blew up spectacularly. The first explosion caused no external damage, but did cause a failure of the mechanics of the vehicle, and as such, it fell to the ground. Immediately after that, there were 3 more explosions before a massive blast that ripped the craft apart and threw Brandon backwards.

    When he got up, he found the wreckage of the grav-tank, still in flames. He could do nothing but stand there.

    'YES!' He thought 'Viktor... Chris... he's finally dead! The second dark age of the AGRC is OVER!'

    Suddenly, though, he stopped, processing the scene burned into his retinas. There, faintly, almost completely disappeared, was a trail of smoke. He followed the trail back with his eyes, ending up looking at the roof of a 2 or 3 story building. On the roof was a figure, holding what looked like an RPG Launcher. They looked at Brandon and, seeing him looking at them, turned and walked away.

    Brandon, seeing them gone, just happened to turn his head, and immediately discovered the identity of his saviour. Sitting outside the building's entrance, sporting a new red and black paint job...

    Was the only ARD Tsunami in existence.

    Instantly, he walked up to it, checking out the new shiny paintjob.

    'Huh, looks like she's taking care of it quite well' He thought, taking out his phone and opening the machine up, conducting a quick check-up.

    He couldn't look for long, as he heard the ex-international spy nearing the exit, so he quickly locked the car up and left, quickly hiding in an alley between the building the Tsunami was sitting outside and another. The woman, now looking completely different, opened the door, which lifted the canopy. Getting in and closing the door and canopy, she started it up, floored it through a 180° drift and accelerated away.

    Watching her leave, Brandon was now stuck with the predicament of getting back to HQ. Eventually, Brandon decided to just call up an employee to come pick him up.

    Unknown location

    Unknown time

    "I trust that the Darkwater Plan is progressing smoothly?" One of the two men inquired.

    "Naturally," The other replied, the more calculating, less emotional sounding of them. "The second phase is close to complete implementation. The only drawback was, as you know, the destruction of the SG_R-000. However, more can be manufactured, so it is not a complete loss."

    "Good. I am monitoring our progress, and it seems that it will be very successful."


    "The only thing I see that may impede the Darkwater Plan is one Angelus R&D, however, I doubt they will be able to stand against the SG_X-043."

    "If they do defeat it, I have a multitude of backup plans and other phases to the Plan that may do the job. Victory will be assured."

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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 41.0

    The referenced album title of Part 40 was W:/2016ALBUM/ by deadmau5.

    [FTA|s3_1.0: Part 41.0] The Beginning of the End

    Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan

    "'The universe has a wonderful sense of humour. The trick is learning how to take a joke.'

    "I believed that right until it blew up in my face.

    "My story started a long time ago, but this is where it becomes relevant.

    "The world thrives on one of two things. The first is an unhealthy obsession with Anti-Gravity racing. I do understand why it would be popular, but not to this degree! It's quite off putting, to be honest. The second? Information. That's where I come in. See, everyone has pieces of information they would pay to obtain. I gather this information and sell it to those who both require it and, of course, have the necessary funds to purchase it. This is an Information Broker.

    "2215 was the single most eventful year in my life, both due to the information I had obtained, and the recent...
    hobby I had taken up. With information as my primary weapon, I shall be the sole individual to bring the Anti-Gravity racing world to it's knees."

    Day 6.


    In the dark alley, the man lay in wait, for when his contact would eventually arrive. Soon, the sound of a car filled the alley, however, he kept his head down, leaning against the wall. The driver exited and walked over to the man, who in turn pushed off the wall and walked toward him, the headlights of the car bathing him in light, giving a full view of his appearance. The driver faltered for a moment, before closing the distance between them.

    "Codeword." Was the first word to come out of his mouth.

    The man who waited replied with "Anarchy-46, Harmony-96."

    "Very well, then. Now, the info."

    "Do you have the necessary funds?"

    The driver pulled out a wad of cash, and held it up. The man held out his hand, which prompted a quizzical expression to appear on the driver's face.

    "Oh, please. You have a car. I don't. You can catch up to me if I run, but I won't. I'm a very honest man."

    The driver then slowly placed the money in his outstretched hand. He then flicked through the notes, counting them.

    "Fantastic, that's enough. Now..."

    He dropped the folder full of sheets of paper from under his arm into his other hand, before holding it out to the driver, who took it and started flicking through the data.

    "Alright, thanks."

    "Any time."

    With that, the man got in his car and departed, the other man leaving several minutes afterwards, a smooth, successful transaction completed.

    Day 7.


    In a certain apartment complex, a man sat typing rapidly at one computer, with many others sitting around, running programs and downloading data. He checked the clock, then stopped the programs, allowing them to download the last bit of data, before shutting them down, unplugging the small flash drive from the computer he sat at, and departed the building, heading outside to the city.

    Outside, the man made a beeline for his destination, a vending machine that dispensed food. Throughout the entirety of that day, his facial expression was the same: unsmiling. When he reached the vending machine, he fished out some change, pushed the coins in the slot, and jabbed a button below a can of oden. The machine sent the can to the bottom, where he was able to take it out and eat the contents.

    That man was known as Rei Kurokawa, an information broker that had started working in Ikebukuro several days earlier. He was a fairly tall man, his attire consisting of an all black suit, black tech sunglasses and, occasionally, a long black coat. Because of the sunglasses, not one person could see his whole face, which was intentional on his part. The glasses provided a secondary function, though. It acted as a miniature computer, able to display data that he had downloaded, so he could read it, study it, while he was on the move. This proved useful, as he was investigating a certain subject, his major project.

    Before he came to work in Japan, though, Rei went by a different name, had a different job and lived a different life. However, that didn't matter to him anymore, as he had, for the most part, put that past behind him. The cause of him dropping his previous life was all attributed to something he briefly mentioned in passing, an event he called "The Cataclysm". Nothing about that event was explained, and the only people who did know about it were those he had left behind.

    While he ate, he studied a report pertaining to that certain subject, one published several decades ago. It was in a surprising amount of detail, explaining all the back-alley deals, corruption and terrorism a certain group his subject covered had created. Naturally, the existence of the document meant that the group was forcibly disbanded. However, he sensed that they hadn't completely been rid of this world and still continued to exist, even deeper and more hidden than before.

    That was the true intentions of his investigation, to pull them out of hiding and give every last one of them the justice he thought they deserved. In addition to that one report, he had lifted terabytes of data from top secret servers around the world and yet, it was still not enough, as he was still pulling data.

    7 surviving members had been brought to his attention through the data he pulled, however, he had reason to believe there were a couple more than just that. That was the reason for his unsmiling expression: His knowledge of the group surviving on, spreading corruption throughout the globe.

    He poked around the can as he read, then looked down into it. It was empty. With a click of his tongue, he shoved the can into one of the recycling bins beside the vending machine and headed back for his apartment. As he was walking back, one of many phones he had started ringing. Pulling it out from his pocket, he answered it.

    "Kurokawa Delivery?"

    "Can I get the usual?" His caller spoke.

    "'The usual'? Fine, you know the price. What will it be this time?"

    "Ah, it's not for me, it's for my company."

    "Well, I don't care who it's for, just as long as I get paid for it."

    "Of course you will."

    "Right, what are you after, then, specifically?"

    "Specifications, technical data on a certain product of a competitor company of ours."

    "A little more specific?"

    "I'll send you the details later."

    "Fine. Later."

    Hanging up, Rei entered the small apartment in the complex. As soon as he was in, he booted up his computers all at once, through a single control panel, a low hum filling the room. As they loaded their booting procedures, he pulled a small storage device from his pocket and plugged it in the desktop computer sitting in the centre of the back wall. A couple new lines were added to the boot screen, before it instantly changed to a desktop.

    Rei sat at that computer, started a few processes, and started reading his mail. True to the word of the caller, there was an encrypted mail sent to him, containing the details of his company and the information what they required. However, what he saw in the decrypted message made him pull his phone out and rapidly mash at the keypad, calling the man back.

    "What exactly are you pulling here?" He asked calmly, yet with a subtle hint of fury.

    "I... don't understand?" Came the reply.

    "You understand perfectly. Let me make this clear to you. I'm never getting involved in this. You can take your corruption and shove it in someone else's face. You hear me? I will not accept anything involving that. Now, do not call me again."

    Hanging up and tossing the phone aside, Rei just stared angrily at the decrypted message, at the information he was provided...

    "My company is F12000 team Gravitesse Anti-Gravité. We require data on Goteki 45's racing craft so we can develop updates to our craft in order to gain the advantage over our competitors."

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    Default Faster Than Angels | Part 42.1

    The referenced song title of Part 41 was The Beginning of the End by Nine Inch Nails.

    [FTA|s3_2.1: Part 42.1] Rumours


    Sunday, February 5th, 2215

    Wolstenholme Point, Devon, England.


    A new year, a new F12000 season. Several things had changed between the end of the 2212 season and the start of 2215. Most notably, the establishment of the Anti-Gravity Purity Alliance. It had started off as an alliance between two former teams, Auricom and AG Systems, both of whom had left the league within one month of one another in 2213. Over the following months, the Alliance had grown to include Jennter and Angelus, yet those two teams were still competing.

    New rules were added for the 2214 season. Due to Angelus, Syncline and a couple other teams' Super Weapons dealing no direct damage, a new rule was added effectively banning them. To combat the rule, Angelus kept with its electromagnetic-based weaponry and developed a defensive cloak. Syncline and the other teams also developed new Super Weapons for the new league.

    Similarities between the two seasons were also prevalent. For the two years after Kyoko revealed herself as Tarah Andrews, and was pulled off the team due to her being infected by The Condition, Angelus continued to race with only Gareth Ardos, the former second pilot. Another similarity was one that had shocked Brandon 2 years ago. The one in charge of and had announced the official start of the F12000 there in Wolstenholme Point, along with both the 2213 and '14 seasons, was...

    "Welcome, everyone, to the 2215 season of the F12000 Professional Anti-Gravity Racing League!" Chris Scarborough began.

    The Executive Chairman of the F12000 Anti-Gravity Racing Commission had somehow survived being caught up in the tank explosion that happened in Perth. Unsurprisingly, that had left Brandon speechless upon seeing that man introduce the 2213 F12000 League.

    "Before we begin the race, there is something I would like to set straight. There have been some rumours and theories regarding this season. For now, I can confirm at least one of them."

    At that point, two craft rose up from the pit to the starting grid, about half an hour before the race was scheduled to start.

    <go | andy hunter°_>

    From the first craft's grid, position 7, two similarly dressed individuals stood beneath the monstrous craft. While both of them wore a Standardised F12000 Specification Racing Suit, the girl with short, slightly sticking out black hair wore a pair of classic light blue-tinted sunglasses, and stood with her hands on her hips with a rather smug look on her face. In contrast, the short haired man, wearing an ushanka, bore a slight scowling expression, and seemed like he'd rather be somewhere else.

    Upon the craft and two apparent pilots coming into view, Chris continued.

    "That rumour being... Tigron Enterprises' return to AG racing!"

    Brandon's usual smile had broken. His face had instantly transformed into a scowl, and his hands clenched into fists.

    " Not. Again. The FX350 was enough. Now I have to deal with them directly for this entire season!?"

    The thought of having to deal with two heavy-shielded craft at once brought a rather strong fear to the man, and he let out an instinctive shudder.


    Meanwhile, in another certain team's control room, upon seeing the team return once more, the race manager spat out their drink, narrowly avoiding any critical systems.

    "Call Felix. Now! Code Nightmare Fire Black... GO!"


    "Now, we have half an hour until the race starts, so our datacasters may proceed with their pre-race shows! But first, a word from our sponsors."

    As Chris concluded his introduction to the 2215 season, Brandon had remained in his pose, looking angrily at the two craft on the track. As the team spent the rest of the half hour performing final checks and ensuring everyone was ready, one of the analysts sitting in the control room walked over to Brandon.

    "Uh, hey... you alright?"

    "I'm thinking... leave me alone." Brandon's reply was in a rather controlled, emotionless tone, as if he was making a conscious attempt to suppress his anger, as he continued to watch the scene unfolding on the track.

    On the grid, various datacast reporters had rushed over to get their interviews with the two new pilots. After a hoard of intermixed questions, the girl raised a hand to stop them, speaking in a heavy Russian accent.

    "My name is Natalia Kireyeva, I am... lead pilot for Tigron. No team shall be shown mercy, we are here for ultimate victory. Although, looking at some certain competition, it would be easier than we thought. 'Pure Racing', hah! What a load of crap. The only way to effectively win is to annihilate the weakling competition! 'Pure' racing is not taking it seriously, not to mention that 'Pure' racing by their definition does not even exist, weapons have always been part of AG racing!"

    Finally, after that, the race was about to start. All the other craft rose up on the grid, including Angelus' sole craft, piloted by Gareth Ardos. Upon seeing the craft ready to set off, he simply picked up the comms system, and spoke just five words.

    "...avoid Tigron, by any means."

    3, 2, 1... GO!

    <wolstenholme point: med rev_>
    <race: lap 01 of 64_>

    02. SCA308.0. 7.329 # 7 Lucia Scarlatti Crinale F0-RG08/01536
    05. ARD889.0.19.194 #19 Gareth Ardos Angelus AX2.2_r9
    07. KIR311.0.67.297 #67 Natalia Kireyeva Tigron K-Bystrota v1.4
    08. TUR847.1.13.329 #13 Leon Turner Crinale F0-RG08/01536
    13. VAL027.1.66.297 #66 "Valkyria" Tigron K-Bystrota v1.4

    The instant the craft shot off the line, Brandon's eyes widened.

    "...that's impossible! How could that even...?"

    That initial confusion had changed into realisation, which caused Brandon to have yet another moment of anger at the Russian team, slamming the desk with his fists.

    "...of... course. Straight back into the illegal sh*t, eh? Not even one fair f*cking race!?"

    Several of the technicians in the room looked back as Brandon yelled out.

    "Brandon, chill out. What's up?"

    "Bring up the regulations, now! ...P-Please, sorry."

    A few taps of a screen later, the official rules and regulations were brought up. Brandon began to scroll through the document at rapid speed, until he reached Article 3, detailing the regulations for the craft's power unit.

    "Blah blah blah, type limits, size regulations, power control, minimum power out- wait."

    Turning to the rest of the people in the room, he asked a rather simple question.

    "...where's the rest?"

    "The rest?"

    "Yeah, there was a subsection in Article 3, Section 2. From memory, it said 'Power systems must be a single unit. Systems such as Hive-type or cluster units are prohibited.'"

    "Huh... that sounds familiar."

    "Yeah... tell you what, bring up the regulations, this time revision 2214."


    Bringing up the previous year's regulations, Brandon scrolled back down to Article 3, finding the phase he had, indeed seen.

    "Article 3, Section 2, Subsection 4. 'Power systems are required to be comprised of a singular primary unit. Systems such as Hive-type or Cluster Thrust Units are prohibited.' It's right here! Those bastards secretly eliminated that phrase from the regulations... for what reason!? Just to let Tigron back in!? To legalise their technology just for that!? Bullsh*t!"

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