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Thread: Faster Than Angels

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    FTA s2.9_2: A Prelude to Season 3


    Saturday, February 27th, 2213

    Location Unknown.

    Time Unknown.

    "Once again, I am really sorry I had to do this to you. I just... really do want to keep the location of our new headquarters a secret."

    Alexandra Kotova, now using her old pseudonymous surname of Gelorum, had apologised for the second time to Jacob White and Yvonne Giorgio, this time over the skies of an unknown country. The reason why she was apologising was very simple. She had covered the two guests' eyes, to prevent them from figuring out the exact location of the new headquarters of the old Gelorum-led Crinale.

    The method of doing so was with a rather intricate piece of eyewear. It wrapped around the wearer's head, and latched at the back in a way that the wearer couldn't unlock it easily, if at all. The front part was designed so that it covered their entire view, not just a major portion of it like traditional blindfolds.

    "At least it's somewhat comfortable," Jacob commented.

    "We had time to develop it. It is better than just some other blindfold, or even a bag over your head."

    After another 20 minutes in the hypersonic grav-plane Alex had rented out, the three of them had finally landed. Stepping off, they were led into a building. At that point, the woman in the black longcoat reached up behind the two guests' heads and unclasped the glasses before pulling it off them.

    "Welcome to Crinale Technologies' new headquarters."

    It wasn't the laboratory-like appearance of Angelus', yet Crinale's new headquarters was not like the basement of their old AG racing tenure. It showed that, despite the major changes, they were still serious about their competitive attempts in the F-Class championships.

    Alex walked past them, nodding her head in a certain direction.

    "Come on. It would be inefficient to waste time."

    The two followed her, unable to truly take in the sights of the fairly large building, most of it taken up by the hangar and maintenance area for the two F0-RA8 craft used in the F12000. Alex led the two into a smaller partition, where several office rooms had been set up. One of which was the conference room, the room that Alex had stopped in.

    "Alright, take a seat, I will start informing you of the project." She began, pointing to the large desk in the centre of the room.

    As they took their seats, she started the briefing, loading up some screens on the projector at the head of the room. The moment they saw the data on it, they both said the exact same thing.


    Alex started her explanation. "This car I'm wanting, it has one purpose. To defeat Brandon's Razer.X."

    The details of the car's concept was, while not impossible, rather unique. It would have its basis design-wise in her custom Gen 2 Katana Havok, but obviously more modernised. The uniqueness was what the car had to be designed to fit. The planned powerplant was 2 small jet turbines, to be mounted in the mid-rear where Katana and Angelus' supercars usually had their engines.

    "In addition," She continued, after explaining the details of the car's proposed powerplant, "I would like the car to contain a sort of canopy opening, a centred driving position, and some fins that extend behind the rear body, which would act as a both a stability and an airbrake system, along with other flaps placed around the car, like Brandon's Razer.X."

    "Alright," Jacob commented, "I'll see what I can come up with."

    Over the following couple of days, Jacob had mocked-up several primary designs for the new project, showing them to Alex. She flipped through all the designs, and let out a single comment.

    "*t. Did I mention how much I love your designs? I honestly cannot pick between these."

    "Well, thanks." Jacob replied. "Jus' happy I did my job well enough."

    "Yes, well you did it too well. I will need some time to deliberate over these designs. I will get back to you two when I have made my decision."

    "No problem." Yvonne said. "Take as much time as you need."

    A few hours later, Alex had returned. Still unable to select one design, she had opted to select the best parts out of all the designs to compile into one final cohesive design. Jacob had then set to work on drawing that final design, completing it within half an hour. Alex had taken one good look at it, and...

    "...p-perfect..." She muttered. "That's absolutely how I envisioned the evolution of my Havok would look like."

    "Really?" Jacob replied. "That's mad!"

    "Looks like I'm up now," Yvonne added. "I'll start on making the 3D model."

    "Please, go for it!"

    Pulling out a portable device that was the evolution of the 21st century tablet, Yvonne set to work, beginning work on the 3D version of Jacob's 2D drawings. It had taken only a mere few hours, since she knew what she was doing, but she had completed the first concept of the car.

    Upon seeing the design in full 3D, Alex took a step back, placing a hand to her mouth.

    "This... I thought it looked beautiful just through Jacob's drawings, but... wow! It looks exactly like it, and I can see just how great it does look. Thank you, so much!"

    "It was nothing, really." Yvonne replied. "Thank you for letting us design this for you."

    "No problem. Now, while your job may be done here, I should clarify that the design would probably be modified a bit, just to ensure everything works as it should. But there would not really be any major changes."

    "'S fine," Jacob said. "Make as much changes as you'd like. I'm just happy to do my job, and I'm happy 'nuff that you like it."

    Just as Alex had said, their jobs were done, thus the two Angelus employees were set to return to Australia, back to Angelus' headquarters, to resume their work on the project Brandon had called, 'RXR'. After saying their goodbyes, and Alex paying them for their work, the black haired leader of the rival team flew off back to her hidden headquarters after dropping the couple back off in their home city.

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    I should have posted this part on the 5th. I apologize.

    FTA s2.9_3: A Prelude to Season 3


    Sunday, March 21st, 2213

    Wolstenholme Point, Devon, England.

    "A surprise turnout has happened today with long-time racing team Auricom publicly announcing they have decided to pull out of the F12000 AG racing league. They have explained that the reason for their absence here at Wolstenholme Point was because of their planned withdrawal. In a live datacast, the current Director of Operations has stated the following:"

    "I don't know what kinda sick joke this is, but it's clear to us that this Chris Scarborough guy is clearly obsessed with making a second coming of the F9000 a reality. It is because of this that we feel it is necessary for Auricom to, once again, pull out of the Anti-Gravity Racing League. Perhaps, once this fool is fired, and we have a somewhat decent and fair league, we may return. But until that happens, you will not see Auricom in a racing environment any longer. We give our heartfelt apologies to our fans, but this is for the best. Thank you."

    "Of course, the only other time Auricom has not participated in an Anti-Gravity league out of protest since its inception back in 2048 was the 2169 and the prematurely suspended 2170 seasons, protesting against the F9000 League's policies. To repeat today's breaking news, before we begin the datacast of today's F12000 race in Wolstenholme Point, long-time racing te--"

    "So... it's happening again." Brandon muttered, after switching off the datacast. "Let's hope it's not another two years before this stupid league dies off."


    Sunday, April 18th, 2213

    Sidewinder, Shibukawa, Japan.

    "Following in the shadows of veteran team Auricom's departure from the F12000, another team has announced their withdrawal, AG Systems, the founders and pioneers of Anti-Gravity technology. This will definitely throw off a few bids, as they were slated to win on their home course here at Sidewinder. Here is what they had to say:"

    The PR Manager began speaking in his native Japanese, which was overdubbed by an English translator.

    "It is with great sorrow that I must announce the withdrawal of Anti-Gravity Systems' racing division from the F12000. We did not take this decision lightly, but after careful deliberation and analysis of the rules and regulations, we have determined that they are not particularly agreeable, when compared with our experiences between the start in 2212 and now. We realise that some of our fans may be upset about this, but we will definitely return, once more agreeable League regulations are in effect. Thank you."

    "To reiterate, AG Systems will not be participating in their home race, as they have wi--"

    Again, Brandon had shut off the datacast before it had finished.

    "The uprising... it's happening. Surely it won't be soon before plans are set forth to undermine the league..."


    Friday, April 23rd, 2213

    From a recorded phone call between Auricom and AG Systems.

    "はい、細田です" ("Yes, this is Hosoda.")

    "Hosoda, hi. This is Robert. From Auricom."

    "Robert-san. To what do I owe this call?"

    "I'm sure you know. The F12000."

    "Ahh, of course. You left too. So, what about it?"

    "If you wouldn't mind, may I propose an alliance?"


    "Yes. In a similar vein to how the F9000 was thwarted by the Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition, my proposition is to create an Anti-Gravity Purity Alliance. AGPA."

    "...very interesting. So will it be like the old Coalition? Uh... as in..."

    "Protesting against the league, while gathering evidence against that madman in charge, Chris Scarborough. I don't know what the hell that guy's deal is, or where he came from, but he needs to be taken down a peg or two."

    "That, I can agree with. Okay, let's do it. I accept your proposition. Consider the Anti-Gravity Purity Alliance officially established."


    Sunday, May 2nd, 2213

    Nokav Vertigo, Rocky Mountains, USA.


    "3, 2, 1... G-"
    "Critical Weapon Pad failure."
    "System force stop initiated..."
    "Systems successfully stopped."
    "Attempting to restart system processes..."
    "Attempt failed."
    "Running hardware diagnostics..."
    "Diagnosis complete: power overload. Recovery impossible."
    "Recommended action: Immediately replace damaged parts."

    Technicians from AG Systems and Auricom had grouped together to overload the weapon pads, effectively disabling them right at the exact same time the race began. Also around that point, digital screens displaying advertisements from the two non-participating teams shut off, being replaced by a simple message.



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    FTA s2.9_4: A Prelude to Season 3


    Monday, October 18th, 2213

    Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia.


    In an attempt to ensure fairness, the Anti-Gravity Racing Coalition have devised the following rules for immediate implementation into the official Sporting Regulations for the 2214 F12000 season. As always, teams wishing to participate in the season must adhere to the rule changes, and prepare their craft to the current specification.

    The complete
    2214 F12000 Specification Sporting Regulations are available for viewing, however, the main change is listed below.

    Article 5, Section 2, Subsection 2: Projectile Super-Weapons now must meet a minimum Destructive Power Rating (MDPR) target in order to be eligible. MDPR targets are dependant on the weapon and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    A few days after the publication of that document, Brandon called several people into a conference room.

    "Xygen lead technician and designers, and Xygen head Weapons R&D, please come to Conference Room 1."

    Several minutes later, those individuals walked into the first of five conference rooms. In the middle of the oval-shaped table was a scale model of the current version of the Xygen V. As they took a seat, Brandon brought up a familiar document on the screen behind him, at the back of the room.

    "Okay, We... really don't have time to waste with this, at all. I'm just going to cut right to the chase."

    He brought up the major rule change into focus on the screen.

    "This rule, I'm sure, is to mess with us directly, to jeopardise our non-violent ways. The thing is, I don't want all of that electromagnetic technology to go to waste. But, since we can't use the Railgun, we need to pull it off the craft, and redevelop it into something else. I don't know what, though, the weapon isn't my top priority. So, for the 2214 season, until we develop a replacement, I am willing to not have any Super-Weapons registered to our team."

    He nodded. "Okay. Would you still like us to start R&D on EM-based tech for our Railgun replacement?"

    "Yes, if you could? We would still like to take advantage of the availability of Super-Weapons, but to make it our own thing, to fit with our ideals."

    With nothing else left to discuss, Brandon called the meeting a close, and dismissed the members of the group, leaving the leader to focus on the tasks and important data he was to sift through that day.

    Crinale Technologies HQ.

    "Development has started on Project Keres. I want nothing to do with Thanatos any longer."

    After another disappointing race in attempting to maintain and tune the F0-RA8 craft for the previous race weekend, Alexandra Gelorum had had enough, almost ditching the most important part of their racing team into the bin: the craft itself. That, combined with the harsh memories indirectly tied to the craft meant that she was willing to forgo the 2214 season to focus their attempts in starting over. The problem was, with work starting so late in the year, the project would run well into 2215 as well.

    "Tch, if I could, I would just bring Valkyrie back, but that wouldn't stand a chance."

    "If I might ask," CO-05, Xavier Reid, the team's appointed Overseer Head Technician, spoke up. "What exactly is wrong with Thanatos?"

    "Chris Scarborough is what's wrong with it."

    He smirked.

    "I'm glad you didn't mention our performance for the second half of this season. Whether we upgrade it, or start on this new project, money would have to be poured into it... admittedly more money needing to go into a new project than upgrading our existing models."

    "Yes, howev-"

    "However nothing." He cut her off, before taking a deep breath. "Starting a project from scratch like that is just not efficient at all. We-"

    "Why the f*ck not?" Her eyes glowed. "We have the funds to do it! No-one complained about Valkyrie when we had the Devil!"

    "Valkyrie was a necessary upgrade to Devil. What you've started is an entirely new project altogether. Furthermore, you went behind our backs. The other COs feel the same way as I do. [sigh], look. I know you hate everything Viktor did. But forcing a new F12000 project is just a little too extreme."

    Alex's eyes grew a little paler.

    "What... do I do, then? I hate the RA8, we are losing races left, right and centre, and it has nothing to do with Lucia or Leon. I just want to give up on it."

    "Call a meeting with the other COs. We might be able to come to a more suitable course of action with all 11 of us here."

    Her face contorted to something resembling a grimace upon hearing that number.

    "Tyler was a f*cking idiot, but I hate the fact that Scarborough murdered 10. He was a good guy."

    "It still hurts you after we told you?"

    "It doesn't hurt you?!"

    He shook his head. "Of course it does. It hurts everyone. But we need to move on. Should I call the COs?"

    A few seconds silence, Alex recomposed herself.

    "No need. I will do it."

    Five minutes later, the eleven remaining COs had gathered in the main meeting room.

    "...So maybe I was too quick in initiating Project Keres. I still want to go through with the project though, I want to continue with Thanatos no longer. How should we go about it?"

    That was the opening query that started the unintentionally long proceedings, that seemed to turn into a debate of what Keres should be, if it should even exist any further in the first place. For the first hour, the debate was going back and forth between stopping development of Keres, and ceasing the maintenance of the F0-RA8 and focusing solely on Keres itself.

    It seemed to be going nowhere, until CO-02 spoke up.

    "Solution. Redefine Keres as an evolutionary step of Thanatos."

    That caused everyone to fall silent. They all stared at her incredulously, as if she had spoke in Latin.

    "Did... you just say what I think you said?"

    "It's a strategic solution to your problems: combine the two. Since some main assets of Thanatos would stay, it won't cost as much. But I do admit that it will cost more than upgrading. Still, Gelorum doesn't want to have Thanatos anymore. Thus, like Valkyrie was to Devil, we develop Keres as an upgrade to the entire Thanatos project."

    "That is a compromise." Alex replied. "A massive one... but I would be willing to take it if as little of Thanatos is included in Keres."

    "We won't make it noticeable. You won't know which components are from Thanatos and which are new." Xavier said. "We're good at that."

    "Tch, I know you are, that's the concerning part."

    She shook her head, succumbing to her peers.

    "Alright, fine. Keres is now an evolution of Thanatos."
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    FTA s2.9_5: A Prelude to Season 3


    Monday, November 14th, 2213

    Brandon's house, Perth, Australia.


    "In the news tonight... Jennter celebrate their win in the final F12000 race of the season. For more, we have our resident sports nerd, Natalie Winters, with the sports report."

    "That's right! Jennter have come out of nowhere to claim the final race victory! They did get a podium finish, but were sadly trailing in points, right behind Assegai. But they've been mid-pack runners this entire season, so the question remains, how were they able to pull off such a victory?

    "Now, from the footage, it seems like a massive upgrade to their JAG-F12 craft's aerodynamics have taken place. It wasn't like they weren't nimble before, but in this final race, they seemed able to take corners at a far greater speed than normal. What exactly this technological or aerodynamic upgrade was, is something that is still yet unknown, but we do know that it did pass the post-race inspection, meaning it's most likely not some illegal technology like the outlawed Reverse-Inertia Deceleration system, used by Triakis up until the end of the 2206 FX300 season.

    "We'll keep you all up to date, but I highly doubt our beloved classics would stoop to use banned tech!"

    "I know what was going on with their tech... and if they can do that, then we can."

    "Next in the sports report, a mysterious black craft was captured at Sidewinder in Japan, apparently being put through its paces in what might be pre-season testing. The craft had no markings or livery to speak of, so it wasn't possible to know which team it was, if it was an existing F12000 team at all.

    "Now, we've seen some speculation from F12000 fans suspecting that it might be former F9000 team Tigron Enterprises, who also had confirmed appearances in the FX300, as a transitional tool for Qirex's heavier craft; and in the latter half of the FX350 pre-testing season, this time not affiliated with Qirex in the slightest.

    "However, only time will tell if their suspicions are right or not. We'll be back after a short break."

    "First the return of Scarborough, and now this? I swear, this better not f*cking be Tigron."


    Tuesday, November 15th, 2213

    Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia.


    Brandon started the day by collecting the lead designers and technicians for the Xygen F-Class project once again, to outline the plans he had thought up the preceding night.

    "Okay, so here's the thing. Jennter did not cheat. Active aerodynamics is not against the rules, thus I intend to develop some of our own. I expect the first working prototype to be completed late next year, but don't count that as a deadline. I don't see the technology being race ready until the 2215 season."

    "That's fine. We know your predictions aren't deadlines. Doesn't mean we won't make them, it just means you know us well enough that you know how we manage and utilise our time." The designer replied.

    "You know..." A technician piped up. "We have been throwing around an idea since the start of Project X5's development back in 2210, but we weren't too sure about going through with it, because of what happened with Triakis in 2206, but it was just something to keep us further entertained while we kept working to the Project's specs. I think... this theoretical might be the answer to what you've set forth for us."

    "Just as long as it's not completely broken. I don't want another Xff Type 3165 incident."

    "Speaking of, what did happen to that? Far as I was aware, it was running perfectly!"

    After finding out about a certain aspect of a developmental version of the Xygen V's engine, called the AGR:Xff Type 3165, it mysteriously disappeared, work immediately starting on the 3164-based Type 3166 that resided in the F12000 craft in 2212.

    Brandon simply smiled. "The less said, the better. Need to know basis. Curiosity doesn't count."


    Unknown Date.

    Unknown Location.

    Unknown Time.

    >>EREBUS OS V3.7.564


    >>LOGGING IN...


    >"SG_R-000": INACTIVE


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    FTA s2.9_6: A Prelude to Season 3


    Tuesday, May 31st, 2214

    Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia.


    "Brandon Smith, to the R&D Weapons Testing Section, Brandon Smith, Weapons Testing Section."

    Brandon had found himself just outside the R&D sector after hearing the announcement, correctly believing it to be of high priority. Stepping inside, he headed to the relevant section of the R&D sector. Upon his entry, he saw a full-scale model of the Xygen V. Below it, he saw several technicians working on something inside it. Upon seeing the tall lab coat-clad man enter, the head of weapons development welcomed him."

    "Alright, Brandon. We hope this is to your liking... we ready?" He added, turning to ask one of the technicians.

    "Yeah, it's ready."

    "Go on, then... activate the ce31B!"

    A low, almost silent hum began to emanate as a bright blue-purple light appeared around the craft model. As they both faded into existence, the model itself started to fade into transparency, but it hadn't completely disappeared. Merely, the technology had begun to warp some light around the craft, making it somewhat transparent.

    "Making it's return since 2155, I present, Angelus' new Super-Weapon: the EM Cloak."

    It took several seconds of stunned silence to elicit a response from the leader.

    "...fascinating. That... is actually really well done!"

    "We're glad you think so."

    "Mhm, now it's just a matter of reapplying the Super-Weapon to the league. Thankfully we retain the License, so that isn't an issue. Let's hope they accept our blatant exploitation of their loophole. They forced that rule to hinder us, but we'll just come back stronger."


    "Even then, I'm sure they would have no choice but to accept it. It doesn't break any of the rules at all. Speaking of, I might as well check up on the other 2214 update."

    As he said that, he began to move to another section of the R&D building, where two pieces of technology were being developed for two very different vehicles. This time, however, Brandon was greeted not by a model, but by the two very real vehicles themselves. One of which was the Xygen V itself, the other was one he had only seen in digital renditions.

    The very first working prototype of the RXR Project was finally complete. Of course, though, it was unpainted, being a rather basic test prototype unintended to be seen by the public at all. The very first shell prototype, given the designation KA-D977 after the final digital design designation, was completed in the third quarter of 2213. It was there that the last parts of the fine tuning of the design were completed, along with the physical aerodynamic tests.

    The working prototype, however, was to test various new systems along with the main change, a shiny new powerplant. The tests included fuel efficiency, driveability, also when used in conjunction with other systems such as stabilisers, and of course, power output. The project was naturally kept out of sight of those that were not directly involved with it, but exact nature of the engine itself was still unique and completely radical enough that Brandon didn't want it placed in any random test mule.

    "That... is looking pretty nice." Brandon commented after seeing the smaller prototype.

    "Yeah? We think so too." A technician replied.

    "I can't wait to see it all painted up and in it's final form. That would be a thing of perfect beauty."

    It was then that the head technician turned to face the leader, previously working on the larger craft.

    "Brandon, to what do we owe this visit?" He asked.

    "What? Can't I check up on how far our secret projects are coming along?" Brandon joked.

    "Nuh, get out!" Came the response, in the same joking manner as the question.

    A shared laugh later, the technician began explaining the situation report.

    "So yeah, the project. We've got the thing in a working state, but it's not quite yet complete. It's very close, though. All that's needed is to recode the management systems to make it work, among some light fine-tuning with the angles and power and related stuff."

    "Good, good." Brandon replied.

    "That, however," The technician continued, "Is only with the Xygen. This thing, however," He pointed to the prototype. "This has been a complete nightmare."

    "That bad, huh? Alright, tell me this, at least. Would this affect the deadline for the rest of the project units?"

    "No, not at all. This is, in a way, separate from the rest of the RXR Project's development. And even then, it will be finished by the time it's ready for release."

    Brandon nodded. "Okay, that's good. If need be, I'll pump some of my personal funds into this thing."

    "That's good to hear, but we're not exactly running out of funding just yet. Anything else, though?" The head technician asked.

    A few seconds later, Brandon did ask a question.

    "Does the system play well with the engine and every other relevant system?"

    "That is what's making this thing a b-... difficult thing to accomplish. In its current state, it barely works, and only with just the powerplant. Add other systems to it, and the instability just grows exponentially, until the point comes where it just dies every. Single. Time it gets switched on."

    "Damn. Well, I have faith that you'll get it working properly. You're the best of the best, that's why you're working here!"

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    FTA s2.9_7: A Prelude to Season 3


    Monday, July 18th, 2214

    Crinale Technologies HQ.

    Three months from the one year anniversary of the start of Keres' development, the main chassis was finally nearing its final stages of development. All but one of the new components to be developed for the new craft were complete, just being mere upgrades to the existing technology in the Antonov-designed craft. Because it was a mandated upgrade of the old craft, the advantage Leon Turner had was gone. Both craft were to receive the same level of technology within it, which did slightly uneven the playing field in Lucia's favour.

    The design of the craft looked rather different to the F0-RA8. It was clear that the design direction was taken by a different person than the predecessor. It looked more similar to the older F0-RG7.2, than the RA8. Instead of the heavily strengthened chassis, the tank-like appearance, all of it had diminished with the new design. It instead now looked like a strengthened combat racing craft, rather than an all-out armoured fighting vehicle.

    The aerodynamics and handling, however, weren't that much better, but Alex had an idea of how to fix it, her source of inspiration lying within the final 2213 race.

    Jennter's seemingly untouchable, ever-evolving airbrake technology was being attempted by Crinale.

    Of course, none of the teams involved, the team whose technology they were trying to match, nor the rivals they were trying to outright beat, knew of their mutual rival's attempt at such technology.

    ", in conclusion, we just try and defeat them in all aspects. Speed, turning capabilities, combat power... all of it. That is what we hope to achieve with the XF-XX System."

    The chassis of the craft itself was an integral part of the system. The craft itself was designed so that it channelled as much air as it could into the rear ducts. This air was allowed to just freely pass through normally, but when the airbrake was applied, that air was forced out through an alternate side exit. The opening of the extended airbrake, along with the mechanical device itself had also served to funnel even more air into the system.

    The system and chassis worked together to provide as yet unseen amounts of handling capabilities in the normally violence-oriented team. However, it was well within what they were also known for, flaunting and bending the rules to their will.

    Apart from updating the RA8's systems, the aero system, including the new chassis, wasn't the only thing they worked on. Offensive energy technology was their speciality, yet, purely due to Gelorum's personal feelings about it, entirely threw away the ZTR7620 Quantum Destabiliser, replacing it with a highly revised and redeveloped piece of controversial technology from their past.

    For 2215, Crinale were to once again arm their craft with their well-known Energy Blaster, this time designated CZf_13.

    Development tests for the system proved it to still be dangerously powerful, yet not as powerful as its more rebellious predecessor. For all intents and purposes it operated quite similarly to the Quantum Destabiliser, as the old Super-Weapon operated similarly to the Energy Blaster itself. Despite its decreased power, the blaster still had the capabilities of eliminating a craft in one shot, but it wasn't a guaranteed elimination to those with tough enough shields.


    Monday, August 1st, 2214

    Wolstenholme Point, England


    Two weeks later, while still technically incomplete, the craft was ready for its first pre-season test. The only thing left to do was the lengthy, arduous, and potentially revealing task of fine-tuning, the only effective way of doing so being to actually race the craft around a track, to gain an understanding of how the new chassis and airbrake systems reacted and harmonised with one another. Knowing that photographers and journalists secretly recording footage would be present at the course they had chosen, Wolstenholme Point, because they always seemed to be, the team were very sneakily camouflaged in plain sight.

    An entirely black, full body, identity-obscuring racing suit similar to the ones seen by the mysterious pre-season test late last year was worn by all three test pilots: current F12000 pilots Lucia Scarlatti and Leon Turner, along with Alexandra Gelorum herself. Along with that, the F0-RG08/β1024 itself was painted entirely in black, with no team logo or other identifying details to be seen anywhere on the craft. Again, similar to the pre-season test seen last year.

    The camouflage was essentially to the identity of the craft's owners, not to the craft itself.

    Interestingly, their original choice for the test was to be at Magus, in the UAE. The course was originally the Mirage Anti-Gravity Excellence Centre's test track, a course hidden underground, to prevent prying eyes from seeing their Mantis concept being tested before it was complete. With the announcement of the F12000 specifications in mid-2210, they decided to open the course up as a part of the official roster, closing it only when their Mist F12000 craft underwent testing at the course.

    Of course, at the last minute, they cancelled, out of fear that Mirage would try and spy on the craft itself, and attempt to gather information for use in the Mist craft, especially regarding Crinale's answer to Jennter's airbrakes, instead picking the more neutral Wolstenholme Point. The long course had far more tight sections than the other two, but the course was still a generally high-speed course, so it was a good second choice to test all of the craft's functions.

    <black church | dimension_>[/FONT]

    At 36 minutes past 11am, the first of many tests began, the pure black craft rising from the pits, shooting off with the same high acceleration as the RA8 usually had. The system was so effective, it needed minimal tweaks to maintain its high thrust output. So far, the thrust was proving to be pretty much perfect. But that was not what was being tested.

    To hide it's true top speed, the craft's power unit was only run at a certain percentage lower for the entire test, but even with that limitation, precise calculations could be performed to determine the craft's limit at 100%. The same was done for the prototype aero airbrake hybrid system, which was also concealed somewhat by the pure black paintjob.

    Despite the limits imposed, the craft still flew down the track at an incredible rate, well faster than their current model. The tight corners were not a problem for them any longer, gliding around them as easily as Angelus. Even with the rather notorious tight chicane series two-thirds of the way in, the craft was far from destabilised. Soaring past the line at an incredible, near maximum speed, the first time was displayed...

    ...which was faster than any time they had ever made.

    Several more laps were made, each with a different technique and style designed to push the system to its limits. With the data gathered after the first 12 laps, the craft coasted to a halt over the pits, and was brought down to start the first of the craft's tweaks.

    Stumbling out of the craft, landing quite gracefully on her feet was one rather shocked Lucia Scarlatti. Not that anyone else would know, she, like everyone else, was still wearing their identity-obscuring suits.

    "..h-holy crap that was amazing! It's still heavy as sh*t, but it's just so much faster and easier to control!"

    "That is the aero system for you." Gelorum replied, seeing if she was alright after her fall. "Well, we have the data, but is there any kind of settings you would suggest?"

    "Not really," The young girl said, "This thing is just better in every way I can think of."

    "...I see. That is fine, then."

    She turned around, and walked to the engineer underneath the craft, pulling a box out.

    "Just the data, Lucia has nothing more to add."


    That box was the craft's telemetry data recorder. F12000 crafts sent data needed to observe and make related tweaks to the various systems on-board the craft wirelessly, albeit heavily encoded to prevent others from stealing the data and analysing it for themselves. This wasn't a problem in races, since it was more effective to focus on ones own data instead of using up precious resources decoding data that, by the time it would be decoded, would be far out of date.

    This wasn't the case for pre-season tests. With the data gathered so early on, before the season even began, spies could gather the data sent back, and use all the time they have to decode and analyse it, as well as make changes to their own craft based upon that data.

    For that reason, the data recorder present in the test craft did not have a wireless transceiver. Naturally, it meant that the data had to be transferred physically, but that was a small price to pay to maintain the secrecy of their new project.

    An entire hour later, the data was obtained, analysed, and used to make the very fine adjustments the data suggested be made. The physical and ECU adjustments complete, the craft was to have another shakedown test performed, following the re-installation of the data recorder. When he saw Gelorum striding towards the craft, Leon tried to get her attention.

    "So, it's my turn now, right?"

    The leader maintained her gait, staring straight ahead of her at the craft.

    "No. Mine."

    Her hands merely hovered above the railing of the stairs as she leapt up the steps towards the craft's cockpit. As fast as the craft was now, the leader of the team was now seated in the craft, preparing to set off.

    "Now, observe how it is done... heh, if you can."

    She grinned widely, not that anyone could see it behind her black race helmet. Everything that wasn't the prototype craft was pulled away from the pit grid, before it was raised up to the track above. Using the data, an expected 3 second decrease in lap time was calculated. Despite the limiters still in place, Gelorum aimed to beat that projected time.

    Now, one would expect her to be unable to get anywhere near that time, considering her lack of actual craft piloting since March 2210. That, however, was not the case. As soon as Crinale was back in her hands in November of 2212, Alex herself began using the simulator to get back into the practice, despite her not replacing the two pilots. One quote from her given in 2213 revealed her reasons:

    "First, I do enjoy racing, I get a joy out of piloting these craft. But I do not want to replace Lucia or Leon, they have proven themselves with Crinale, and I am not one to betray that. Second reason is... if I know how to race, if I know how the craft performs first-hand, then I can direct Leon and Lucia even better than if I do not."

    Additionally, she was always seen, like the current test, flying in the post-race shakedown and test sessions, seeing what could be improved with the craft. Thus, she was treating this more secretive session like it was any other, putting her all into pushing the craft to its limits...

    Unfortunately, she had failed to beat the projected time. She was within acceptable range of it, though, which got her reluctant approval. The F0-RG08 had officially entered its final stages of development, and would be more than ready for the 2215 season.

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    FTA s2.9_8: A Prelude to Season 3


    Tuesday, August 23rd, 2214

    Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia.


    After what seemed to be the last person leaving the building, there were, in actuality, two people remaining inside. The man inside locked the building up, then began to make his way up to a secluded and forbidden area of the complex, even more so than the section it was contained in.



    Stepping inside once the doors unlocked, Brandon walked through the surprisingly large complex. Various technologies in different states of completion and production lay within the building, both intended for the F-Class racing craft, and for their production car line. However, in the depths of the complex lay one other piece of technology, hidden behind the most secure door in the entirety of Angelus's headquarters.


    >>████ █████ ███████ ██ ███ █████████_





    That wasn't the end of the security protocols, either. There was one remaining, located within the tiny room itself, which housed but one solitary device, which took up approximately half of the room's dimensions.

    This was the Anti-Gravity Stasis Pod.

    Brandon slowly walked up to it, placing a hand on the glass face plate. Letting out a sigh, he directed his attention to a keypad to the side of the glass door.


    There was space for only eight numbers. Having devised the security protocols in the first place, Brandon naturally knew the code and the significance of those digits, and entered it.



    Entering the code had brought up several touch options on the screen and keypad. At the same time, an internal panel between the door's outer and inner reinforced glass panels slid around and away from the glass panels, revealing the contents of the device; the second remaining person in the currently otherwise unoccupied complex...


    His hand pressed up against the glass door once more, his gaze directed solely at the bright orange-haired woman, suspended in anti-gravity. It looked like she was completely peaceful, oblivious to all that was happening in the outside world...

    Maybe it would be better that way, he thought...

    ", that's stupid. I promised to make the world a better place for her return. I will still do that, I promise."

    As he looked over the girl, he had suddenly become aware of one surprising fact. His hand had begun to move, and was currently hovering over the keypad. More specifically, his finger was aiming at one option in particular.

    2. Awaken.

    He looked over to his hand, the finger twitching over the option. He was seriously considering pressing the button to awaken her... to speak to her. He missed her, of course he did, he was without her for just over one and a half years. But... he was still hesitating despite that, and he knew why. He still remembered what she said, what she had told him with teary eyes before being locked up in there...

    "I'm sorry, I don't think I deserve to see your face until I'm cured. Really, I'm so sorry."

    While they had completed the chemical makeup of the Condition's anti-chemical, the Cure, they had not manufactured enough of it to begin the Nullification.

    "...damn it. I'm sorry... I really am."

    Both his hands dropped down to his sides, before hitting the final option on the keypad.

    'C. Resume Operation.'

    When he hit it, the opaque panel returned to its prior state, blocking the view from its contents.


    "I thought I could do this... I really did. I've remained strong for so long... and yet... and yet! ... [sigh]... I vow to end this accursed league. As soon as possible... I just need time..."

    His mind made up, Brandon turned away, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.


    Hearing the various clicks of the door locking itself, and making sure it was locked, he continued, out of the R&D section.


    This time, he heard a bleep, followed by a single click of the lock.

    "Alright... I'm out."

    Heading for the carpark, he entered the car he was using ever since a certain incident happened. That car in particular being a unique one, even though it just looked like an ordinary R210 GT. However, when it started, the engine and exhaust note didn't really sound like an AGS:X V10. Really, the car was a test mule, for what was to be a new generation engine. Even reversing out, it sounded very smooth and quite powerful when Brandon drove out of the multi-story parking garage.

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    FTA s2.9_9: A Prelude to Season 3


    Monday, October 10th, 2214

    Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia.


    In an attempt to ensure fairness, the Anti-Gravity Racing Coalition have devised the following rules for immediate implementation into the official Sporting Regulations for the 2215 F12000 season. As always, teams wishing to participate in the season must adhere to the rule changes, and prepare their craft to the current specification.

    The complete
    2215 F12000 Specification Sporting Regulations are available for viewing, however, the main changes are listed below.

    Article 3, Section 9, Subsection 1: The use of any and all movable aerodynamic aids are no longer permitted for use in an F12000 Specification Craft, excluding Aero-Mechanical airbrakes developed to F12000 standards.


    In one fell swoop, Angelus' prototype technology was now all for naught. In addition, Jennter's wings had been clipped. They had been subtly tweaking their active aero system with every session, every race they had participated in, going from a standard rating of 85 to a monumental 110 by the end of the final race.

    "Damn it, this was progress! It's not like we were cheaping out on safety, either! ...tch, violence over aerodynamics? Of course..."

    An angry, upset gait in his stride to the R&D section, he got the attention of the head technicians with eight simple words.

    "...abandon the AeroForce project, Scarborough just killed it."

    "What?!" Was their response.

    "That's what I said when I found out. But yeah, it's over. Article 3, Section 9, Subsection 1. Only airbrakes are allowed now."

    "But we were so close!"

    "I know. But this wasn't my call to make. It was either cull the development of the tech, or cease participation."

    The lead technician just sighed.

    "It's fine," Brandon said, in an attempt to reassure the head technician. "We can make it on just our airbrake tech alone, the regulations haven't changed, we're still okay with them."

    "We're far from FEISAR, though."

    "I'm convinced they use black magic." He joked.

    That elicited a chuckle from the technician. "Hey, we got close. The Xygen4 was really close to FEISAR's handling."

    "Only in terms of FX400 stats. Where it stopped at 100. Their true handling was well above stat '100'. I... don't know how high, though."

    "Well, what about now? With what's happened now, what's going on now?"

    "With Jennter down, we can theoretically maintain victory. But, I dunno, it kinda seems bittersweet."


    "We'll just have to try our best to win like we usually do. I'm not backing down, I still fully intend to show Scarborough our non-violent ways."

    "It's not as if we're at the bottom of the pack. We're consistently high, despite our... still consistent shaky starts."

    "I've still yet to see a season start with even so much as a finish."

    The technician thought for the briefest of moments. "Wait, what about 2210?"

    "...Ah, right. Our test for the Xygen-R25. Honestly, that 'season' was so short, I just forgot that it happened."

    "Yeah, I get it."

    Brandon just shook his head.

    "And I was really looking forward to the Prototype class too. Going above and beyond the standard regulations, to truly show off the very best technology."

    "Not to mention the astronomical waste of money the Xygen-R25 was."

    "It wouldn't have been, had the season continued as usual."

    "Well, yeah. But it didn't."

    "I... guess."


    Monday, October 10th, 2214

    Crinale Technologies HQ.


    Meanwhile, Crinale had only a one-word response to the changes.


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    FTA s2.9_A: A Prelude to Season 3


    Sunday, November 27th, 2214

    Magus, Dubai, UAE.


    The final 2214 race of the season was, without a doubt, completely pointless. Jennter's technology was taken above and beyond the limits of anything anyone had ever seen in the league before, and as such, the German team were sitting very comfortably in an untouchable 1st in the standings. It was, however, the final season that the superior airbrake technology was allowed, to the dismay of the teams who had to ditch similar technologies that were in various stages of development.

    Contrast to that, the weekend started with a mass protest from the lesser off teams who seemed to be... less than pleased about Jennter's allowed continual use of the system, and continued to make calls for the technology to be banned right there and then. Even in the last race, where it just did not matter any longer, the protests were still being made. However, it had gotten to the point where teams were actively considering, and threatening to the officials to pull out of the race. In the end, since it was the final race, the F12000 management stuck to their guns, and Jennter were allowed to race.

    On the grid, a presenter travelling along the grid stopped by one of the teams, and held his mic up to interview the Icaras pilot.

    "Hi, Louis, could I ask if you do intend to race? We know you had been in talks with the race officials with the rest of the your team about dropping out of the race out of protests of Jennter's airbrake technology."

    The pilot, visibly annoyed, shot a reply anyway.

    "I cannot say anything about the matter. I'm here, I'm on the grid, and I know what is expected out of me from the team. That's all I have to say."

    Finally, Louis Sorento looked away from the presenter, and continued towards the Icaras pits.

    "Well," The presenter spoke into the mic, looking into the camera behind him. "We're still not sure what's about to happen, but there is an almost palpable aura around the track. I, I feel that something massive is about to go down here at Magus."

    Another pilot was interviewed, David MacKenzie of Triakis, who, when asked about the potential breaking of the Sporting Code, spat out an even angrier reply. "Aagghhh, f*ck the Sporting Code, okay?! F*cking Jennter broke the code in the first place with their technology, and the F12000 Racing Commission is to blame too, they broke it by allowing them to race! These bastards are lucky we're even on the grid in the first place! Total c***s, the lot of 'em. And yes, I understand the irony, but this isn't 2197, we're beyond that."

    A third interviewed pilot gave, by that point, the shortest interview at the pre-race. Marie d'Ambrosio, lead pilot of Goteki 45 was quoted as saying a cryptic message as a response to the entire situation regarding Jennter: "Gulfstream. 338a. That's all."

    The fourth and final pilot interviewed, Sascha Foss of Harimau, beat Marie by providing the interviewer with a single word: "...No."

    Angelus were not one to back away from a race, even if they had no hope of winning in their current spec. Still, the battle for second was still relevant. Wyvern and Piranha were both within range of taking the silver from Angelus.

    "Ridiculous," Brandon said after having a microphone shoved in his face. "It's the end of the season, No-one can possibly hope to defeat Jennter, and just wanting to drop out is taking the baby way out. What could you all possibly hope to achieve by dropping out?! The tech is banned for next year, just aim for second like we're doing and be done with this year."

    "So you don't think their tech is unfair as it is?"

    He shook his head. "That's not what I said. Sure, it might be unfair as it is now, but it was progress. We were developing an answer to that tech ourselves, might as well say it now, considering it's banned. I-I just don't get it, why they would even consider doing something like that, dropping out when it doesn't even matter anymore. It just makes no sense. Earlier on in the season, sure. But not now, not when it's just too late."

    "Alright, so moving on, could you tell us what you think about your three-way battle against Wyvern and Piranha for second place?"

    "Well, there's not much to say about that. They're both proving themselves extremely well this season, and... I just wish them the best of luck. Anyone could win!"

    With the five minute warning having gone off, every single craft was accounted for on the grid. It seemed, evidently, that all the teams were still intending to race. The final minute went by rather slowly, despite the knowledge that Jennter would shoot off at the first corner, and not be seen for the rest of the race. But, at long last, the race was mere seconds from starting, as the start line lit up...

    3, 2, 1... GO!

    <magus: med fwd_>
    <race: lap 01 of 71_>

    01. AUR164.0.16.156 #16 Aurora Jennter JAG-F12.212/4
    02. ROU931.1.26.156 #26 Patrick Rouser Jennter JAG-F12.212/4
    03. ARD889.0.19.194 #19 Gareth Ardos Angelus AX2.2_r7

    <contender eliminated_>

    The instant the race began, that one message was displayed nine times over, all simultaneously. Falling back down to Earth, the nine craft the messages related to became known. The two craft each from Harimau, Triakis, Goteki 45 and Assegai, plus Icaras' singular craft had all been shut down by their own pilots.

    Those five teams had gone through with their initial protest, and had effectively self-eliminated themselves in order to pull out of the race.

    On the other end of the race, Jennter pulled away gradually from the slightly slower accelerating Angelus, until the power unit of the Xygen V ran out of puff, which then the white and orange craft continued on, pulling farther away from the singular white and azure craft.

    The first corner was, interestingly, where the surprise lay. Gareth was expecting the craft to turn quickly, but not as quickly as both of them actually did.


    In the blink of an eye, both craft soared around the corner at maximum speed, as if they were glued to the track. Instinctively, Brandon commented about this to Gareth, to get him to calm down and focus on the race.

    "Final race, Gareth, only natural they would crank it up to max. No real point in hiding the airbrake's limits anymore."

    Taking a deep breath, the pilot did relax. "Yeah... yeah, you're right."

    "Just let them go, stick to the plan."

    "I know, I know."

    The only time Jennter were ever seen again was very briefly, when the fast agile craft sped past the rest of the pack to lap them. Not even weapons could stop them, as soon as they were slowed down by a missile, or in one extreme case, all three rockets, the race leaders simply absorbed whatever weapon they were holding. It was a strategy they had learned to adopt for the new season, to best suit their new ever-evolving technology.

    It came to no surprise that Jennter won the final race, taking a clean sweep of the 2214 championship. The weekend came as a loss-loss to those who decided to self-eliminate, being fined colossal amounts of money for their conspiring against the race, and their complete failure to allow the craft to race.


    Friday, December 9th, 2214

    Crinale Technologies HQ.


    Not wanting to keep their potentially outdated technology following the advanced airbrake ban for 2215, Crinale took it upon themselves to develop new, 2215-compliant airbrake technology. Their craft's chassis, however, was just one portion of the now banned XF-XX System, and was utilised as much as it could, without it being classified as being technically part of the new system according to the rules.

    The main bulk of the system was an easily sourced piece of technology, from which the new airbrakes were based upon. The XF0 system from the rather short-lived FX400 Prototype Class provided the answers Gelorum was looking for in regards to elevated aerodynamic ability. Despite it being 6 year old technology, it was just powerful enough that it was, with modern tweaks, able to provide the extra agility the founder was looking for.

    December 9th was the date the system was being finalised. The old proven technology, intermixed with new proven technology was given minor testing. Crinale's technicians, alongside Gelorum herself, knew what they were looking for if it were to go wrong, and also if it were to be all in working order.

    It was far from the agility the XF-XX System provided, but it was leagues better than the old XF9 airbrakes. Only time would tell if it was good enough to bring the new chassis to match the other craft entered in the 2215 season.
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    FTA s2.9_B: A Prelude to Season 3


    Date of obtainment: Saturday, July 15th, 2215

    Time of obtainment: 20:38:05

    FEISAR LS Team <>
    Mon 10/10/2214 2:18 PM
    You <>
    Attachment: "feisar_64ls_mk2.pdf"

    To the Pygocentrus tech at Piranha Advancements,

    We have decided to accept your request for a trade agreement. Thus, we will waste no more time in providing you with the details of our 64LS MK.2 racing craft.

    If you wish, please make note of our stability technology, so you may be able to gain the edge in future races.

    We await your response.

    FEISAR F12000 Racing Program team.

    Piranha F12000 Development <>
    Tue 11/10/2214 12:33 PM
    You <>
    Attachment: "pygocentrus2-7.pdf"


    We cannot thank you enough for accepting our deal. The best we can offer is to provide you with the details of our craft.

    Please look this over as closely as you can, so you may, in return, upgrade your top-end speed.

    If you need any more details, please, by all means reply to our email.

    We hope to see you racing next year.

    Piranha F12000 racing development team.

    ██████ <██████>
    Mon 17/10/2214 5:50 PM
    You <>
    Attachments: "feisar_64ls_mk2.pdf", "pygocentrus2-7.pdf"

    Icaras Project Staff,

    This email is being sent under the premise that it is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Under no circumstances should the contents of this document, or the related attachments, be revealed to any unauthorised person. Only persons directly working with the SunGod 2XV Project may inspect and discuss the details of this document and related attachments.

    You have to uphold your title of the fastest on the track, by any means necessary.

    F9000 Reformation Committee

    ██████ <██████>
    Mon 17/10/2214 5:50 PM
    You <>
    Attachment: "triakis_x3f4.pdf", "assegai_r5-292.pdf"

    EG-X Project Staff,

    This email is being sent under the premise that it is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Under no circumstances should the contents of this document, or the related attachments, be revealed to any unauthorised person. Only persons directly working with the EG.FF-201 Project may inspect and discuss the details of this document and related attachments.

    Reinstate the Electro-Gravitics engine you were renowned for, the F9000 is upon us once more.

    F9000 Reformation Committee

    ██████████ ██████ Project <██████@██████████.██.██>
    Sun 29/01/2215 9:09 AM
    You <>
    Attachment: "████████████████████.exe"


    [AG Systems NB01 "Spirit"] (Withdrawn)
    Angelus KA-AX2.2
    Assegai R5-292
    [Auricom LN20/4] (Withdrawn)
    Crinale F0-RG08/01536
    EG-X EG.FF-201 II
    FEISAR 64LS MK.2
    Goteki 45 Hellfire Type X
    Gravitesse DXG T73.11
    Harimau Apex PTT-E100 V1
    Icaras SunGod 2XV
    Jennter JAG-F12.212/5
    Mirage Mist δ
    Piranha Pygocentrus 2.7
    Qirex LS12 v2.8
    Syncline V.ult 3X512
    Triakis X3-F/4.214
    Wyvern WYV-18


    Tigron K-Bystrota v1.4
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