Before we start, the title: First of all, I hope I spelled everything right. Secoundly, I just didn't found a fitting name
Thirdly, a Vortex is a aerodynamical effect used for example in Formula 1. It's a stream of air directly under the bottomplate or something.

During this Fanfiction I'll write normally short stories about a character from the respective era of AG racing.
I also plan to create some "PR stuff", mainly starter lists for the current season, so you know who'll appear .
For special events (normally races) I'll try to
write longer stories, maybe without a "man character"

And if you have ideas, detect a spelling mistake or want to left some critic, let me know
So, let's begin:

Preperations for the AGR (2037)
Starting up a racing series
17th March 2037

Anti-Gravity vehicles weren't widespreat as the Anti-Gravity godfathers Pierre Belmondo, Jonny Bovier and Chuck Hoffman announced the AGR. Standing for ",Anti-Gravity' Racing_" not only the stylisation gave it something that made the spelling sounding fresh.
Originally it was a coalition between AG research teams, rich people and racing driver who wanted to be part of a new generation...

"We're all happy to announce a new kind of motorsport, the AGR!" said a loud voice. It was Chuck Hoffman speaking through a microphone. The crowd was facinated. Anti-Gravity was something believed to be impossible, until Pierre Belmondo, standing next to Hoffman, absolved his historic flight.
"This new kind of racing competition will allow Anti-Gravity research bodies from all over the world, regardless their origin, to evolve Anti-Gravity technology, while winning the price money that is necessary to keep labours running and still entertain the crowd." This discribed the series very well, but it wasn't said the nice way. Jonny Bovier was already doing his typical facepalm pose, but the crowd saved his forehead. They were laughing.
"Many current Formula 1 Teams showed interest in the new Anti-Gravity technology, the AGR will give everyone a good proving ground. I think the most of you know it alredy, that blueprints for a working AG generator are open scource." continued Belmondo.
The actual presentation was much shorter than originally belived.

Everything ready for 2038?
30th July 2037

"Did you already heared that Red Bull Racing and Ferrari already established an Anti-Gravity research division?" asked Jonny Bovier his friend Pierre Belmondo while drinking a glass wine.
"Really?" Belmondo replyed while filling up his glass.
"Do you think I'm kidding you? And stop drinking so much!"
"I'm not drinking much, you're drinking less" both laughted.
"Actually I don't drink alcohol, but you frenchmen have the know-how" Bovier sorted out some pices of paper.
"Did you never tried Italian wine?" but Bovier didn't reacted and just showed him his sheets.
"This are already confirmed teams, the starting money is 400.000€ by the way."
"FEAGR, that's us! Wait, you want to fly too?" Belmondo was just thinking about Boviers age.
"Why not? Thats the biggest dream I ever had. And what does 'too' mean?" He already knew what Belmondos answear will be.
"Ok, I'll race to."

This are the first two "chapters", because it's the pilot I decided to release two of them.
And the next one will feature new unknown pilots.