This would be my story of how I tried to Beat Zico numerous times, but failed, and decided that it is no longer worth it (and please also note that I do not hate WOHD or the trophy itself, just making up a story):

Beat Zico, the trophy that I thought it would have been simpler... had it not been for the time, of course. Me and my Piranha had tried to get the best time, on a futuristic track of Anulpha Pass, on my first ever attempt. At first, Pilot Assist had caused me to be held back and decided to improve, with the use of Turbo and Barrel Rolls throughout the track.

After around 20 laps, I have accumulated a time of 30.89. I was 7 seconds behind and tried once more, doing what I can to beat Zico's time with my Piranha. After 50 laps, however, the time I accumulated yielded the same results, despite my efforts. My Piranha was unable to even come close to beat Zico's time, no matter the retries. Even with different tactics, it became more of a step back than a step forward. After that, I gave up, my Piranha, even with my skills, was unable to get anywhere close. Not even its tutorials have improved my time, it yielded zero success.

However, with the release of the Fury add-on, the Piranha was upgraded, and I had high hopes that with its upgrades, it would guarantee success into wiping Zico's smirk off of his face to prove him wrong. I pitted myself, with the Piranha Fury in my arsenal, on the Anulpha Pass track and getting ready to beat Zico's time once and for all.

The same 50 laps later, however... the same results as before; 30.89. No matter how good, or proficient, I was, not even my renowned skills have earned any success in beating Zico's time. All of my hopes in beating Zico became next to nothing. I could only tell by just watching Zico, laughing at me and boasting me on how I was unable to beat his time, even with my upgraded Piranha Fury, even going as far by telling me that I will never beat his time, nor that I will ever be the best AG-pilot there is no matter how many times I tried, even though most of my fellow pilots say that I have decent and very efficient flying skills.

I soon realize that all hope is lost; the time he made was designed for me, and among different pilots, to fail, because even though his words were harsh, they were, unfortunately, true. he did so just to watch me fail, no matter how much effort I put in, but even so, after a whole 99 laps, the 30.89 time remains, and it will never be moved for countless of years. Not even a glistening light will yield any new-found success to beat his time. And I also realized that his time is based on extreme luck; skill was out the window. It does not take a veteran AG-pilot to beat Zico's time; it takes luck and luck alone, and in my case, luck has turned its back on me, refusing to assist me on beating Zico at all.

Soon after, the trophy name "Beat Zico" should have been renamed as "Zico the Impossible", after my valiant, yet futile efforts into trying to beat his time from 100+ punishing laps overall, but failed in the end. If only he had configured the time a little, then it would be more of an exciting challenge, rather than making it purely unwinnable. But, me and my Piranha Fury, and its original, had its last flight. Zico is now unbeatable, a man that cannot be touched, no matter how hard you try. He will simply sit back, watch, and laugh on proving that he is indeed unstoppable, such as myself who endured all of this to try and beat him and lost afterwards.

The end.