I'm going to say something that probably won't make much sense, but I'll try anyway. After playing this game for years, I don't think about things like "air braking" and "side shifting" and "nosing up" or "nosing down", or any of the subtler mechanics of the game. I find that the less I think, the more I feel - and that, holds me in good stead online and for me, that's where it matters most.

However, I do advise dedicated noobs to change their airbrake and thrust settings, and leave it after that. They'll figure it out - eventually.

Sometimes, we can over think an issue, or problem and this only makes it harder to do what needs to be done when it matters. I don't like to "think" about wipeout game mechanics. Even 2.51 didn't affect me, the game felt more or less the same - Wipeout feels natural to me. Other racing games, based on reality - don't. Weird as that sounds, it's the truth.

And Icaras... well, she's my baby. I'm still getting personal bests online here and there and I believe anyone can. Just don't foster a defeatist mentality because of 2.51... it aint worth it. This game is too much fun to let an update kill it. We still race online, we still have fun... and eventually, we'll still break some records... maybe.