100k words forget it.

The way I taught my missus was to tell her to do chenghou project in venom with a ship without hitting the sides/scraping etc. She tried every ship and hated them all except for a few (feisar, qirex, ag-system and she actually liked the icaras, but hated its sheild). She ended up settling with an qirex.

A whole year and half later, she found the feisar to be better. I think she'll stick with it until it dissatisfies her and then she'll prolly goto icaras or harimau.

Most players end up switching ships when their personal skill set demands ships that suit their game play more.

I've noticed that pilots who use the analogue tend to steer more towards harimau and pilots who use the dpad tend towards the icaras... I could be wrong. Just something I think I am noticing.

Anyway, my 2 pennies worth.