Hey everyone

I've had this idea of mine for a while after watching Hellfire's beginners tutorial for the first time, I want to help newcomers in their decision of which team to race for. So I'm thinking of starting my own series detailing all the things you need to know, tips and strategies, named:

WipEout HD Fury the Teams in depth.

How it will work is I'll run tests on each vehicle (both HD and Fury) to work out precise statistics for speed, handling etc.
I'll try to test and work out any hidden characteristic traits of each vehicle such as ability to maintain speed in corners, "tail-happiness" and more.
Say what the vehicle is ideal for in terms of strength and weakness.
Give a overview of the vehicle and any recommendations to style of play with each team.

The point is to help newcomers find their ideal ship so that they can exceed at the game, what I want from you guys is any ideas that could help improve this and whether its worth making this idea a reality. Plus should I do it as a text or video format based series as I don't know which one would be better?

Please give feedback if you can, Thanks.