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Thread: Are the Fury ships really superior than the HD ships?

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    Default Are the Fury ships really superior than the HD ships?

    Obviously since the release of the Fury DLC, in the ship select screen the Fury ships have stat boosts over the originals, but does this render the originals obsolete? or do the HD ships have their own distinct advantage?

    Which version of the team do you use and any thoughts on which is the better ship to use for each team?

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    Given the margins and thresholds of both offline and online racing modes, and how these relate to the absolute 'limit' of the game, I would say one can be competitive to a top 20 global level with any ship in the game on any given track in any given speed class.

    Although some ships may be better suited to certain tracks than others and vice versa, the difference is not enough to overcome the overall 'balance' of the game.

    NB: It is worth noting that the difference in performance between Fury ships and their HD counterparts is larger when you play 2.51 as opposed to earlier versions of the game, however it is again not enough to upset the overall balance or capability of any craft, just takes a little more practice.

    Short answer: It's personal preference.

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    Yeah your personal preference will be your most beneficial. You'll simply handle a ship much better when you're more comfortable using it. I use the HD variant of EG-X a lot for sub Phantom speeds. If you can handle a HD ship better than a Fury, you'll scrape less of those walls and keep your racing lines more consistent, which will all add up to a faster lap time.

    I would argue that Thrust is an important stat for online races. It's somewhat "anti-meta" as the majority of people use Icaras online, despite their personal preferences. From a boost start in Goteki/AG-Systems, you will more often overtake others and grab the first weapon pad, putting you in a safer lead. In most cases it allows you to avoid the initial crowding of ships at the start of the race, where random rockets and missiles are often fired. You don't want to get caught in that.

    Of course if other players are using high thrust ships you can't get that lead advantage. My advice would be to specialise in a least one high thrust ship, one high speed and possibly a balanced ship. I've found more success online by avoiding being weapon hogged and not joining that dangerous crowd at the start of an online race. The key is to avoid being lucked out at the start so that you can create your momentum, racing lines, and weapon accessibility as soon as possible.

    In short, no one ship beats all. No Fury ship will give an advantage over a more skilled player in their favourite ship. You have to create your own advantage, through personal preference, or smart positioning.

    My Ship Preferences:
    Thrust - EG-X (HD), AG-Systems (Fury)
    Balance - Qirex (HD), Pretty fly for an Assegai (Fury)
    Speed - Harimau (Fury)

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