I ask this question since given my brief time online, not to mention taking note of records, how it seems like so far anyway, quite the agile ships are favored over something far heavier with few exceptions to the rule.

Then again maybe I should race more online, but given how all of us who've played HD fury long enough have found at least 1 or 3 ships we've grown to constantly use.

But then I wonder if anyone here actually has tried to master a ship they would otherwise not use or avoid. I say this since at this stage I'm most accustomed to Auricom, be it the original or fury variant, however I've also been taking time to get a handle on Pirana, and why is because to me it feels the most like a brick/tank. More so than the literal tank that is Triakis (am I alone in saying both the vanilla and fury variants feel more agile compared to Piranha?)

So why try to master Piranha? Because part of me is a glutton for punishment (in spite of how new I was, I started to play through every event on Elite, even though I've gotten my behind handed to me, prompting me to practice like there's no tomorrow), but also because I realize at least for me, if I can be competitive and even be able to on a constant basis actually place high.

Perhaps due to how I've been also trying to stick to purely defensive items and not use weapons (turbo, shield, I always absorb auto pilot although I've accidently used it twice) in a vein to be something like Wolfgang Van Uber (unless it's eliminator), may also make things difficult too.

None the less, been trying to cycle through various teams apart from what ships I am either used to or favor...

Specifically again Auricom, Harimau, Assegai, Mirage, and Icaras.

It's also because I want to honestly learn a ship inside and out, get my own perspective on things. I like the Auricom due to having a higher than average speed, and high shielding while still having decent handling. I sometimes pick the fury variant if I need a bit more handling and thrust, although it's an animal on it's own with it's own nuances like every other ship.

So I ask everybody else? what ships do you try or have tried to master that you'd otherwise avoid?