Just curious to see what other pilots here are into racing. The choices are: single race, speed lap, time trial, zone, zone battle, eliminator, tournament, and detonator

I'm interested in seeing how the posters here would rank all of these events from their most favorite to their least favorite. For me, I'd say this:

1. Zone
2. Zone Battle
3. Detonator
4. Single Race
5. Eliminator
6. Tournament
7. Speed Lap
8. Time Trial

I guess with me, I love the sheer speed of Zone. I also like how anything that happens in zone is my fault and my fault only. No chaotic weapons flying around. No bombs leftover on the track to trip me up. No rogue quakes. If I crash into the wall and lose 30 ship energy, then I only have myself to blame. As for Zone Battle, that's my absolute favorite mode to play online. The thrill of flying through challenging courses at Super Zen while dodging zone barriers and making split-second decisions whether to boost up or absorb energy is incredible. Zone and zone battle FORCE you to be perfect.

I'd imagine that Detonator is not too popular, but I view it as a Zone/Eliminator hybrid event. I like that I don't have to deal with chaos from other racers. And shooting all those bombs can get quite challenging at higher speeds.

Single races are fine, but I am not particularly good at straight-up racing. I've got gold medals on elite for all racing events in HD and Fury, but I'm just not that competitive when it comes to this.

Eliminator is hit or miss. I like the concept of it, but I think it's a little too random and a little too unfair at times for my taste. It's more manageable offline, but it's not as satisfying as it is playing human opponents.

I am not a fan of tournaments because sometimes I have to disconnect from the room before the event is over. Also, sometimes it's a foregone conclusion who will win and who will come in last, but you have to race 5 or 6 more times just to officialize that.

I just don't care much for speed laps. I suppose they could be useful for mastering individual tracks, but that's why I play zone. Maybe speed laps are basically zone events with better barrel rolling ability and no increases in speed class. But I'm not a perfectionist and I am not willing to put in the hundreds of laps required at the various speed classes to master a track. (Of course, Beat Zico is the only trophy I have yet to earn before I finally get Transcendence.)

Time trials are even worse for me because I am locked into going around the same track a set number of times. I'd rather do that in a straight-up race. And I can practice laps using Speed Laps.

So how about you guys?