I love Wipeout HD/Fury. I love it love it LOVE it.

But Eliminator mode online is borderline unplayable, especially in larger rooms. And yet, it seems most of the rooms online are for eliminator matches. The concept of Eliminator is cool. But the execution leaves something to be desired. I think the problem is that it's too chaotic. There are way too many quakes, the leech beam is virtually useless because it gets negated so easily, the cannon is not worth many points, and there are too many weapons flying around at once. It seems that Eliminator is all about staying at the front or the back of the pack, shielding until you get a quake, and then blasting EVERYONE with it. This mode has so much potential, but it just seems a bit too random or luck-based for it to be as popular as it is. So can anyone explain why they like this mode so much?