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    Time to start a video thread, all you SSGX pilots, post your videos here!

    To start, I just finished an absolutely AMAZING Cassandra Gamma TT. I was thrilled with the result, as you can see at the end of the video, after a stellar run following some earlier practice runs.

    I had a little bit of an interesting wall ride as you can see on Lap 1, and the first 3 corners on Lap 2 makes my brain melt - NO WALL TOUCHES!!! Too bad I side-shift failed coming over the Civic Center hill later in the lap, and then over-rotated entering the tunnel on Lap 4, and just tried to hold it together on Lap 5 (which I somehow did), and overall, I got out with a great time - 2:25.35, with my fastest lap at 28.63 on Lap 3.

    For the record, it's my camera's fault that Cassandra appears in a minty-fresh shade of green; it still appears in its lovely daylight blue on my computer screen. Anyway, enjoy the show!

    Lap Times:

    Lap 1: 29.60
    Lap 2: 28.96
    Lap 3: 28.63
    Lap 4: 29.21
    Lap 5: 28.75

    Also, just as a challenge for myself and the other skilled SSGX pilots, could some of you on the dev team post your best TT and SL times here so we can have something (like your world records) to chase after? That would just be fun, and I think doable for some of us with a little work.

    Edit: Those lap times actually add up to 2:25.15 instead of 2:25.35 if my calculations are correct. Devs might want to look into that.
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