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Thread: New World Records Not Possible?

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    Today was a GREAT (lucky) day for new records. So I'm still kind of pumped up about that so I've forgot how to type/communicate effectively! I played a handful of races on Venom (no one seems to want to play at Venom anymore. I LOVE Venom almost as much as I love Rapier). I got a the top 5 as previously stated, AND a top 10 on Modesto Reverse. I think it has just been so long since I've raced at Venom that I haven't gone back to try to break new records in a while. Good to know that multiplayer races are still beatable. Now that I think about it 1er, I helped you get the bling brigade trophy (I got mine the same time)! That was one of the first "hard to get trophies" I ever received!

    Admittedly, I got lucky both times (started first, got shields when needed. got a turbo each lap for the super barrel roll).

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    i can't find the update file in game data or saved data. do I have to reinstall the game to downgrade?
    do you downgrade to v1.0 or can you update to another version pre2.51?

    ok, so I did a quick test. unfortunately I had problems installing Fury, so it's Icaras Fury v2.51 vs. Icaras HD v1.25

    First lap: Icaras+ v2.51
    second lap: Icaras v1.25 following first lap's ghost

    I slam the airbrake in the righthander with inside speedpad and the last righthander. may be I have slightly better lines in the 2nd lap, but I think you can still see the difference as soon as a slam the airbrakes.

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