Hello, and this thread is for posting new track plans that you might want to be implemented in the final game. Please only post track plans and if you can, a description of what the track is.

Up first, the Monstrosity (Ignore the purple text, that was a fail trying to screenshot).

KEY: Green line: Start/finish line
Blue lines: Checkpoints/Sectors

BIO:After the fall of the F9000, Germany could no longer fund races due to a massive decline in the world economy. However, the new FX-150 event gave new life to Germany, and with Ampithere Engineering leading Germany out of the troubles of the economy, the country used its last of its emergency funds to build this colossal test track to push Ampithere's craft to the limit. The New Nurburgring, as they call it will test every aspect of your craft to the extreme. No matter how good of a pilot you'll become, never lose your respect for the mighty Monstrosity.