Seperate thread created as you can see

Well, what can I say about your ideas and sketches? I really love 'em alot. This skillcut road and also the tunnel looks very nice. In mid-December I could start modeling some stuff based on your drawings and we can check how it looks. I really like the looks of the skillcut, because if there are a few things left and right, like a cactus, bushes etc. it would make a stunning view, especially when you consider that you are more or less facing the sun with this direction

Do you think you could create a 3D-ish drawing of the big crack in the middle of the open section aswell? I think that I will not paste any fences or anything around it. Careless ppl or ppl that are unlucky to get pushed into that crack should fall a few meters and eventually experience a respawn. But skilled people could use the edges of the crack for a short dive-in-and-out to gain airtime for barrel rolls Now how's that?