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Thread: SSGX TT and SL World Record Tables

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    Arrow SSGX TT and SL World Record Tables

    Hello to all of you fearless SSGX pilots. I'm currently working on a spreadsheet-formatted World Record table for Time Trials and Speed Laps on SlipStream GX. If you would like to submit a time, please take a screenshot of your time, and post it here along with the screen name you would like to be recorded as. Please set the difficulty to hard for ALL TTs and SLs you do, not that it makes a difference in how you fly, but you must follow this rule. Also, please list the speed class, ship, and track (although it may be obvious) that your record was set on. I will post the first time here:
    Draco Cavernae, Daytime, Gamma Class, iFreet, 2.00.1

    The dev team is also very welcome to post what I suspect are blazing fast times for us to take on. Good luck, pilots, and happy second-shaving!

    Edit: Please tell me, moderators, why aren't Microsoft Office Excel or any other database/spreadsheet type documents allowed in the attachment system? This will make it very hard to keep the table public, might have to see if I can put it on SSGX website instead of here.

    Fly iFreet because it is the best.
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