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Thread: Feeling the brain!

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    Default Feeling the brain!

    Hi guys,

    After playing a realy intense game of zone mode 75+ levels i start to feel the back end of my brain working over time.
    the lower back to be precies. So I tought I google it for the fun of it and aperently thats the part that handels all the optical info.
    it feels like more blood is rushing trough it and the presure goes up. (normaly i dont realy feel my brain at all, and yes it does work )

    I only get this with 75+ tho, it seems every thing below is not that intense or not fast enough.

    another thing that i have, When i'm neer a new rec with zonemode also 70+ I can focus so hard on the game that I stop breathing and have to manualy breath.
    this does not happen that often tho.

    other wipeout habbits that i developed are my right thumb goes higher and higher

    and I always blink on the same spot in the map.

    PS wipeout hd zonemode (vk cockpit) is the only game so far that gave me those effects. (i kinda like it, it feels intense)

    Do you guys have simular things or other funny habbits while playing wipeout?

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    Very interesting to see the way people's hands work while playing. I might have to look at my own one day .

    Makes sense about the occipital lobe in the brain working harder.

    For myself, I've noticed most of the times I have hit a barrier in my records, and then somehow beat my old score/zone by a long way, I'm usually having a conversation with someone.
    Maybe it helps to go into autopilot a little. Keep in touch with reality or whatever lol.

    I always blink in the same place too, until I get to the last 10-15% of the run when I stop blinking. Usually come out with red eyes

    I have never set a TT world record without having my right leg crossed over my left. Something else weird I noticed :3

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    You two have discovered a calm state of self meditation, not only that, you KNOW how to slip into it easily.
    It obviously works well for you, others don't slip into that frame of mind that easily.
    TRY this site.

    It depends how you start out on a zone session , and really what your persona is regarding visual stimulation.

    But then again, that could be said about all aspects of WO.

    Is meditation worth a try ... I don't know ... but it can't hurt .... give it a go.

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    Excellent topic, thanks!! It's fantastic to realize how our physical state is affected by our mental powers.
    Personally, I can't seem to race properly unless I'm sitting cross-legged, and I never reach my state of zen without either proper electro on or else no music at all. (Actually, anybody who's raced me recently would argue that none of those things helps me race properly )

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    Hmmm, wipeout for me is an abs workout LOL, everytime i pull of a not so easy roll or have to do a boost rool and pitch my ship, i work my abs XD
    Not feeling the brain too much (no lame jokes alright?! >.<), i don't do zone mode often though, so maybe that stuff only happens at the super speeds
    have tried to record my hands as well, but meeh, phone kept falling to the floor, although i'd love to have a look at it as well ^^


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