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Thread: WipEout HD and Pulse websites OFFLINE?!

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    i'm not a 100% sure what exactly is streamed, but if it is the game's video output being streamed that'll be a no go, you'll need some pretty badass internet to stream phantom without losing much visual quality, input latency will become a thing as well, something VERY important in racing games, especially fast paced ones like wipeout, even a 60ms latency is too much (i play with a 44 ms input latency due to my matrox in between, which is quite noticable, but i got used to it)
    Wipeout's already 4 years old as well, it would surprise me if they announced a new feature with a 4 year old game =/


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    I don't think it would be a problem for the PS4, mainly because of the larger amount of RAM it has.
    Plus I doubt they will release a feature that they intend to charge for if it is a lesser version of the way you could play the same game on a previous generation console.
    The games are a known quantity for Sony, the streaming would work in packages, where after a small initial wait for the first package to stream onto your PS4, the game would start once it had finished, meanwhile in the background a second package is downloading while you are playing the first, etc.
    Races would work like that.

    Sony sort of got shafted with PULSE, mainly because the PSP was hacked.
    Plus it never released the DLC for it in the USA.
    So if it were going to release it for streaming, there would be a large amount of people that would not of raced on a lot of tracks which would make it attractive to them.
    It depends how Sony intent to charge for the streaming option.
    Will they charge per game, or have a one flat charge like the +subscription that lasts you a month or year or whatever?
    Sony are well known for trying to get blood out of a stone, so charging again for the same game delivered via different way should not be surprising.
    You had PULSE already first purchased on PSP UMD disc, then as a PSP download from the store, then as a HD remake, why not try for a fourth variant with a streamed version?

    I think they are going to have to let people have a certain amount of free trial time with the service, just so they can check out if they might suffer problems streaming games.

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