Is there any interest in seeing a Zone Zeus run on Anulpha Pass with the Preview build of Wipeout HD? I could make a recording of it if enough people are interested in this. It will be in 1080p 30 fps (can't record 60fps unfortunately). This zone mode is quite different compared to the final build (the preview build was the version that failed the epilepsy test sometime in the spring 2008). The handling of the zone craft differs a bit in this preview version. Wall collisions are a lot stickier, I think that the final build had a lot more bouncier walls. This results in more troublesome wall collisions when reaching higher zones. It also feels like your craft generally takes more damage, or I'm getting old and have slower reflexes nowadays... Also, it was a long time ago since I reached Supersonic but a run to at least 65-70 zones should be possible (63 being my record at the moment). Anyway, sign here if interested. PS. "Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone" can be provided as in game music if requested.