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Thread: SSGX Seasons for competitive play

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    Default SSGX Seasons for competitive play

    So this is an idea that we came up with that ties in with our rankings and competitive play.
    Basically, SSGX will feature 'seasons'. Seasons run all the time, and during a season, event wins from all players will be tallied up. At the end of each season, a rankings list is created that shows the most successful pilots and teams that season. Then, a season win is added to that player's profile and a new season begins.

    Seeing as there are lots of competitive wO players here, I wanted to know your opinions and suggestions for this idea. In particular, there are a number of things to consider:
    Length of each season (1 month? three? something else entirely?)
    Should everyone be included in the season all the time, or should people have to opt in for each season?
    How to make a distinction between speed classes and ship classes? Should we have multiple 'winners' at the end of each season, or should we restrict it to a particular class...
    Which events should count towards a season? Should we allow racebox ones, or only online matches? Should we allow or disallow specific game modes?

    The idea of this mode is to provide a more 'official' area for good players to compete that isn't too separated from normal play. So you don't have to attend a tournament to prove you're better than everyone - you can do it over the course of playing the game normally

    So yeah. What do you think? Feel free to suggest changes or point out problems.
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