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    Name: Han Lao

    Chinese Name: 韩老

    SEX: Male

    Birth: June 2nd, 2189

    Birthplace: Beijing (China)

    Zodiac: Gemini

    Age (Currently 2217): 28

    Nationality: Chinese

    Origin: China

    Race: Asian

    Language(s): Chinese

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 5'8"

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Test Subject (Mind Control)

    FX350 IDF: LAO0602.2189

    Team: EG.X

    Position: Lead Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Elite

    Region Reputation: China

    Squad Teammates: Yumi Nakamura / Tae Chung-Ki

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: (None)

    Rivals: Jusef Suyanto (Harimau)

    Medals: Gold: x10, Silver: x4, Bronze: x4

    Sponsors: Lunar Parcs, MAGEC, Anti-Gravity Development

    Favorite Events: Single Race

    Favorite Track: Exostra Run

    Leagues Competed: Late FX350 to FX500

    Character traits: Intelligent, Obedient, Thoughtful (To Yumi Nakamura)


    Awareness: 9/10

    Aggression: 8/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 10/10

    Consistency: 9/10

    Han Lao was genetically engineered by birth in a secret facility in Beijing China. Born in a bio tank with a row of other genetic newborns, they develop at the same time as an expectant mother. Once the baby was ready to be born, they're released from their tank and are sent to a nursery in any city across the country. Lao had never received a name during the process, but was called Subject 00319. On June 2, 2189, Three-nineteen was released from his tank and was officially born on that current date.

    319 was born a healthy baby boy, but during the process he was diagnosed with a brain syndrome that gave him a high IQ intelligence. When raised in a nursery to an orphanage, 319 would develop much faster than a normal child. His brain had functioned much strongly than the other infants, that at 13 months old, he began talking almost fluently and had interest in much complex subjects. While playing with toys one day, mostly with Chinese character blocks, he was able to spell out each of the symbols put together. Nurses and doctors were amazed that a 1 year old was able to be taught so quickly that they considered him a young genius. This would get the attention of a professor/scientist that became interested to adopt Subject 319 a year later.

    Scientist Han Cheng was amazed to hear about a baby prodigy being put up for adoption, who turned out to be a researcher for a technological AG-Facility which was a development headquarters of a pre AG-team, EG.X. Cheng was no father, but it would appear that he was more interested in Subject 319's brain than ordinary. Cheng signed the adoption forms, and was now the guardian of 319. 319 would now be officially named Han Lao, adopted at age 2.

    Lao was raised with his new father in the super metropolis of Shanghai. His father did take care of him like a normal parent during the years, but between it all, Lao had been tested with a polygraph machine while doing certain tests for his father. Cheng studied Lao's brain in research for his job at EG.X, and at a certain point, it would appear that he had found his answer.

    EG.X, once called EG.R Technologies in China had been on the verge of seeking new neural technology for a new AG-Craft that had been delayed from the FX300 in 2197. Their partners from Finland already made a craft design that would look similar to AG-craft by FEISAR, even some controversy was said that the plans had been stolen by EG.X to create their own by the FX350 league. As for China, since EG.R, their business was classified as their major plans were to create a craft that can be powered by the mind, and that racing would be more controlled by brain waves rather than manual controls. Their old plans back in the 2150's were similar to what they offered till this day, however EG.R's neural experiments back then were too relied on in the race commission as their pilots were too heavily augmented with cybernetic components and hardware implanted in their brains. Their known pilots, Paul Cheung and Alex Reece were never themselves after their transplants, and had suffered with major dysfunctions like eating, talking, etc. Even so they could never win a single race during the F9000 league.

    To make matters worse, EG.R's head director, Xao Chiu faced legal issues from the race commission and had suffered losses to his team's ships and their pilots going along with the great depression in the 2170's. However, when met by Xios’ head director, Sampsa Kovalainen in secret, the two companies would merged together in 2172, saving Chiu’s business. From then point on, now called EG.X, Chiu's part of the craft development was still researching another breakthrough with neural net bonding technology. (Most of this research was never shown to public.)

    Chiu had led his team of researchers for any alternate breakthrough of the project, and for other cases, finding strong minded subjects that could use the technology. Leading back to Cheng and Lao, Lao was suddenly a test subject for EG.X throughout his childhood. As a teenager, he was then taken to the facility for complete neural testing along with other test subjects that were agreed to take part. As for Lao, he was a very intelligent young man, but was almost casual. While going to school, his progress was mind blowing of how quickly he solves a single problem in every test, being the first to finish out of every student in his class. In simplifying, Lao was a quick thinker and had a strong memory than average. After finishing private school, his father convinces him of taking interest in working for the EG.X facility, more telling by studying his mind, and as such possibly controlling an AG-craft for a career. Lao would agree to do so.

    The test subjects were volunteered for mind control experiments; basically, they've tested themselves by concentrating on controlling a miniature craft on a small built course inside a hidden warehouse. They were required to use a headset to be able to control a large AG-Craft while other possibilities were also becoming an official pilot for the team. Each subject was able to concentrate hard enough to move a working powered miniature craft, but it wasn't enough to be able to control a larger one. Each subject failed the experiment, going off course not being able to turn it or not move at all. When Lao was up next in line, they expected a lot from him, being bragged on by his father. While checking his brain waves, there were large spikes showing on the graph as Lao fluently controlled the tiny craft around the small course. He successfully completes the course without going off course. Scientist were stunned as to how stable his control was and immediately called him over for an opportunity to control an actual craft, needing his brain in doing so. Lao would agree to take part of the program, but by accepting, he was agreed to have brain surgery by placing an implant in his head.

    At a young age of 17 years old, Lao's operation turned out successful as he now has two ports on the back of his neck, including more devices on his right ear. Lao became a hybrid of a human cyborg with less augmented technology, and is still able to function normally having no damage to his brain tissue. With the use of the implants, Lao will be able to control a prototype craft with only his mind. EG.X had already built an official craft to compete in the FX350 league in 2205, but the craft was still manually controlled with levers and airbrakes pedals, only using the pilot's helmet with a transmitter to control bit of the craft. New Director at this point, Hua Chang, hopes to complete a craft that will be only controlled by the pilot's mind, having no levers or airbrake pedals on the finished model. Lao was the first test pilot to control a prototype, making progress for the team overall.

    The prototype craft will soon be known as EG.X's Fury craft, the FG.X. It had no levers in the cockpit, but had only one import that will connect to Han's back neck. Using their craft in a secret location, Lao was now on the pilot seat and became in control of the mind controlled craft. His concentration was very high on the meters, getting the craft to move and turn while presenting to the researchers. The researchers from Finland were jaw dropped seeing how the Chinese could have a human being meditate a craft with no manual controls. Unfortunately, things became uncontrollably as Lao began to lose consciousness with the craft, dropping it on the ground. Researchers rushed to him to see if he was alright, as Lao walks out of the cockpit with a migraine and blurred vision. He suddenly faints in front of the researchers and was immediately taken away by medical staff. The neural bonding on the craft was too much for Lao, too much concentration led to head pain and that the prototype was still under development. He recovers the next day and still continues to pilot a regular craft in the league. Their FX400 craft was still being used in most races as a manual craft, not fully presenting their projects in the public AGRL. For Lao however, his craft was specially built with the neural bond imports, yet he was recommended to still use the mechanisms on the craft, making the mind control systems as an option.

    Lao had competed in the league officially before piloting the prototype. Still under Rapier class, his performance on the track was average. Without the neural bond system, he was not as quick as expected and only relied on the controls and his helmet to at least control some of the craft with his mind semi-automatically. As for progress, he never got a chance to stand on the podium, not even the other pilots on the team could reach up to 3rd place. EG.X was still a team that could not catch up with the stronger and faster teams on the grid, but in hopes that they will soon dominate the team leaderboards. When travelling to Makana, Lao stayed mostly in the Chinese districts on the island, most notably in the business district of Chenghou Project. Lao was stressed by his performance and only needed motivation to beat the best pilots in his division. A teammate was necessary, until one day in 2209, someone had taken his stress away from the league.

    During a rough race day on the city's main track, Lao had stopped by at a local food joint for a quick eating. The Joy Noodles Bar was almost closing as the seats were already stacked up on the tables, while he was the last customer for the night. A female waitress serves him his bowl, and while looking up at her, there was something about her that looked familiar. Lao recognizes the young waitress as a young AG-Queen almost three years ago, when he was entering the pre-leagues in 2207-08. Lao saw beauty on the young model when seeing her from his craft's cockpit, feeling attracted to her. But during later in the AGRL she just suddenly disappeared, until now seeing her again working at a restaurant.

    The two spoke for half an hour, as the waitress felt comfortable and positive as she continued speaking to him. Before long, the waitress introduces her name, Yumi Nakamura, a Japan/Chinese-Makanian that had a mother that came to the island from Japan. However, she was raised Chinese and was born without a father. She had very low self-esteem living in Chenghou Project since she was born and had remained so when meeting Lao. While talking to her for a while, Lao forgot to introduce himself until Yumi mentioned it, walking out of the restaurant. The next day, he would visit Yumi again at the same restaurant, until it became every day for her. She was becoming more confident when seeing him again and continued to talk to him once more. Unfortunately for her, the visits began to fade off as Lao left the city on tour with the team, but eventually, Yumi was back counting down races and dancing on stage, confident that she'll face her biggest fears around public.

    Lao would reach more with the experienced pilots by 2210, moving on with the rest of the professional pilots on the 4th season in the FX400 league. His skills in the league would improve, reaching the podium spots around China and east Europe, but coming back to Makana, meant challenging races and aggressive pilots. He was reunited with Yumi, given the surprise of her interest of piloting a craft herself. During after hours after a raceday in Vineta K, sneaking his craft out of the team hanger, he would teach Yumi the basics of the craft without the team's supervision. However, after getting caught and discovering Yumi’s flight by Chang with impressions, the classified craft would come back in the hanger, locked away until shipping back to an HQ in China. Yumi also heads to the country in 2212 as she became surprisingly chosen to train and race for the EG.X team.

    Lao took care of Yumi during their sentence to an EG.X facility in China, as her acceptance with the team was kind of a shaky one. The Chinese pilots became prejudice of her Japanese background despite her familiarity with Chinese culture. The team's craft, or at least for the Chinese pilots, were now fitted with the Neural Bond System. For Yumi, as initiation to the team, she too was implanted with the NBS, as her personality would forever change after her surgery. Lao then was partnered with Yumi in his squad, as he, she, and the rest of the EG.X pilots were quickly moving up on the team leaderboards. In 2215, reunited with the FG.X craft for the FX500 league, Lao and Yumi would become an unstoppable force in almost all standard team events. For Lao now relying on the NBS on his craft, improved and migraine resistant, he was now the most reactive pilot in the entire league, not until FEISAR figured out the team's main secret of their win streaks and strange behavior. The two teams would increase tensions during the current league, but as for their new partnership with Qirex, the team was also at war against Auricom Research Industries, attacking the Belmondo foundation under Qirex’s new race principal, Nadia Elenova. Lao would do whatever his team desired, taking EG.X to rule the whole Race Commission.

    Han Lao would make elite rank by the 2217 season, earning 18 medals within 11 years of racing. (10G/4S/4B) His only recognition was that of his own country, but his popularity in the region alone was self-worth. EG. X’s involvement during the conflict however was mostly less, rarely getting into eliminator events in favor of standard combat races. Along with Mirage, they were not so aggressive like Qirex and or Triakis, though they do oppose the teams of the Belmondo Foundation. However, things would start to change when Tigron enters the scene in 2218. Still remembering them as EG.R and Xios, the rogue team would still target them in most events followed by every other team that gets in their way. EG.X, along with Lao would refuse to let an old nuisance take advantage of them. They’ll fight against Tigron if necessary, but stay focused on defeating their main opponents as possible.
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