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    Post WipEout Pilot Archives

    Author Note (Update 6-12-17): Taking consideration from Challenger #001, I'm gonna shorten some of the FX400/500 pilot backstories that may be too long and just get to the point when they enter the AGRL. However, I'll still keep the original extended versions on if you're interested in deeper/detailed backstories of some of those pilots.

    Also a new pilot archive has been posted for the AGRC Era. I don't know how to set up a link to skip to a post like Keg_11 does with his, so if you know how, then send me a private message on how to do that. For now just click on page 5 and scroll down for the first AGRC post.

    From here you can skip down 6 post to find the first FX400/500 backstory. Once again I'll get this sorted out somehow.

    Or you can view them easily on Just click on this link to take you there. You could also find other stories I've written for other games:

    Iím already prepared as you could see, but I still have plans for this thread after Omega Collection is released including my Youtube channel under the same username. I'll be revealing possibly 4-6 new pilots including 2 new AG-Queens for teams Van-Uber and Tigron Enterprises sometime soon, plus some more including the WipEout 2048 era. I'm also planning on an actual storyline now that all the pilots posted here are established. First I need to create extended backstories for the returning two teams, using also Challenger #001's team profiles as a reference. Once again, I wonít be promising everything, but I will bring out as much as I can to this thread and on Youtube.

    Now what about Formula Fusion? Because of Omega Collection being announced, I decided to cancel the idea of fanmade pilots for that universe. However, some of the names of the pilots that I showed a few posts down, will be carried over as the names of the new pilots for WipEout, mostly for 2048. Still, of course Iíll be buying Formula Fusion as well, just not diving deep into their universe. I may show fanmade concepts that I did drew for FF on Youtube.

    Overall, Iíll be waiting for the game release. Hope to see some of you on multiplayer.
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