Hi everyone

Today marks one year since the closure of Studio Liverpool. To many, this also signalled the end of the Wipeout series, and they may well be right. But one thing that it did not bring to an end was the community. Tournaments such as Rebirth and Omnium were still able to draw a good following, Equilibrium will hopefully have just as big an impact over the Christmas period, and Ozone has also been a regular opportunity for us to come togther. As such, I am proposing that tonight from 6pm BST, all of us who are able to spare some time to do so should go online on HD Fury and pack out the servers. Get as many games going as we can, make it just like old times. There's plenty of new players still out there, let's get them on board too. If you're unable to join us, then bung an old classic into your Playstations and run some races and TTs. If Sony aren't willing to keep Wipeout going, then let's do it ourselves.

I'm also hoping to organise a more structured mini-tournament in the next week or so to mark the occasion, so keep an eye open