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Thread: What are your dream ideas for WipEout.

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    Default What are your dream ideas for WipEout.

    If you were to take on the WipEout franchise, what would you do with it? I had a thought whilst randomly drawing Triakis from WipEout HD and rendered it with a rusty metal appearance and I thought; WipEout Apocalypse. I thought about it a bit more and imagined that sometime after the FX400 the nukes rained down on the world and centuries later people salvaged AG craft from the FX300, 350 and 400 leagues to race again through derelict cities and the racetracks for survival.
    I think this would be a really fun game. The ability to modify your weapons and loadouts and that kind of malarki. I'd like to hear what you fellow racers think of this and drop in your own ideas; not necessarily about this one but what you would see in a future WipEout game.triakis post apocalyptic001.jpg
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