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    Default European Wipeout Convention 7

    Hello everybody!

    EWC is coming at cha! Together with Hellfire_WZ we are going to make a great experience. Every year this is a fantastic event to meet new pilots from all over world, to talk to and to play your most favourite game; Wipeout with!

    Where: central London in the United Kingdom.

    When: Thursday 11th of July untill Sunday the 14th of July.

    Before you all book your tickets we need to know who is coming. Hellfire_WZ will look into the hostel. When we find the perfect place to stay and to play our Wipeout tournament, Hellfire_WZ and I will say the 3, 2, 1, GO! sentence to book your plane tickets to experience the biggest Wipeout tournament out there!

    Please let us know asap if you are coming! We will reserve a spot for you.

    Greetz Hellfire_WZ and Mad-Ice
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