Hey everyone. Raz here and it's been a while. Korea and being remarried will take it out on a person. But today, I'm here to help many pilots look for new avenues to HD/Fury and in the process, help them understand in detail the difference between the 350 Series and the 350 Fury Series AG ships. It will be done track by track and it will be auto updated on the first Post. So, look forward to this.

I'll update every few days. All tracks are forward.

1. Vineta K (VK)

A1- FEISAR 350 Stock- I found FEISAR 350 stock a bit too jumpy for VK and to my dismay, the handling was very, touchy for me. The airbrakes are very sensitive on FEISAR (But what do you expect with the best handling ship in the circuit?) and between the S-bend turn in the tunnel and the undulating track, FEISAR 350 stock wasn't cutting it for me.

A2- FEISAR 350F- The handling was still touchy and now with the Fury class, I found myself eating wall, nose first. Reason, the handling on FEISAR is so treaked that even the slight miscalculation with the airbrakes and you'll find yourself wishing you didn't airbrake at all. Not a fun feel for me at all. The thrust and speed modifications really didn't do this ship justice, at least for VK.

The verdict- 350 Stock: While I admire the modifications on the 350 Fury, the speed and the touchy feel of the handling made for a disaster for me. So, unless you're using Pilot assist (WHICH IS A BIG NO, NO!!!!), stick to stock. You'll like it on FEISAR.

B1- Qirex 350 Stock- I really liked how it surprised you in believing that it didn't handle decently. I found the ride a bit stiff, but easily doable due to the weight of the ship. A nasty spot for the 350 stock is after the three speed pads after the first tunnel. I found this turn a problem not only on Qirex, but for MANY TEAMS as well.

B2- Qirex 350 Fury- This was a superb ride and with slight tweaks in everything but the shields, I found this a natural ride and a great performance for this ship. That one turn rarely gave me issues and dollars to donuts, it was a great feel.

The verdict- 350 Fury: Hands down, it was one the best rides in VK. Despite the longer nose, the engine system works the full ship and as a result, you get a great ship for VK.

C1- Piranha 350 Stock- Ugh... This ride was horrible for me. The handling was garbage, the speed was too much, and due to how heavy it was, quick rolls were nowhere near easy. I just hated the whole ride of Piranha 350 stock. It felt like I was in a crash test dummy test car the whole time. The fins made this ship stick to the edge if you didn't turn correctly.

C2- Piranha 350 Fury- An improvement from the Stock, but still too stiff. VK is unforgiving for Piranha and I found myself just gritting my teeth at the thought, but still anything is better than that stock. The fins moving inwards helped a lot.

The verdict- 350 Fury: You knew this was coming. This entire experience made me realize one thing, NEVER USE PIRANHA AT VK.

D1- AG Systems 350 Stock- For a medium ship, AGSYS zipped like a bat out of hell. It was surprisingly heavy enough not to bounce so much and it was doable when it came to turns from undulating track sections. I kinda liked that feel.

D2- AG Systems 350 Fury- With a speed and thrust increase, oen would think this was a match made in heaven. WRONG!! Due to the extra speed, the Fury class "Floats" on undulation rather than to take the undulation with little airtime. I expected it as much in Assegai, FEISAR, Mirage and maybe Harimau, but on AG SYSTEMS??? I didn't welcome this change. It took some adjusting to really get on the ball in VK with the 350 Fury.

The verdict- Either one, actually: Depending on who you're racing, you can go Stock for control and stability or Fury for getaway speeds. This is all on the pilot's preference and habits.

E1- Triakis 350 Stock- I felt like a tank. It controlled, like tank. ME SMASH!!!!! Seriously, it takes a lot of patience to rock the 350 stock. The mastery of airbrakes is required if you want to stand a ghost of a chance in the 350 stock.

E2- Triakis 350 Fury- Now this feels decent. Nowhere near as horrible of a ride like Piranha, Triakis 350 Fury really feels like an overall improvement and I didn't really need to gripe about this. I just enjoyed the ride.

The verdict- 350 Fury: Without hesitation, I choose this over a couple of other ships. It feels nice and it's great on the handle.

F1- Goteki 45 350 Stock- It was, different to try the stock when I'm accustomed to the 350 Fury. But, to my surprise, it zipped a better than the Fury. The downward force on this was really good and it made for some interesting situations that I can better elaborate on. A nice way to go in the 350 stock. One of the better ones IMPO.

F2- Goteki 45 350 Fury- It zipped and maintained the speed. The handling though become a tad touchy, but it wasn't FEISAR touchy, no... It was manageable to a degree and it would better help on the Pass, Moa, and Metropia.

The verdict- 350 Stock, BARELY!!!!: I say barely because it's the downward push from the undulation from the first tunnel that gave me the go ahead... The thrust really mattered when it's coming downward....

G1- EG-X 350 Stock- Oh boy.. This ship I hate almost as bad as Piranha. The ship's design is UGH!!!! Narrow escapes aren't in this one's future (Making Modesto and Sebenco tracks I'm not looking forward to do in this.) and it never screamed an identity of its own. Most of the time, I struggled to really understand how the hell I'm going to pilot this crazy thing.

G2- EG-X 350 Fury- From one problem to another, EG-X was getting on my nerves. The Fury wasn't nowhere near decent enough in handling to maintain control, the speed was too much on the ship, the design (despite moving the fins closer to the hull) still was tacky and bulky and it just become, UGH!!!

The verdict- 350 Fury: The only thing that this has going for it is the speed. All the problems I had with the 350 Stock, I had with the 350 Fury, only faster. NUFF SAID.

H1- Assegai 350 Stock- I enjoyed the ride, but it floats a lot and it will punish you for being to generous on the airbrakes. I consider this a precursor to the FEISAR stock. It manages well, but overall, its middle of the road in the 350 Stock class.

H2- Assegai 35- Fury- WOW, I remembered why I enjoyed this ship. From the Stock to Fury, it got a tad heavier, but the speed is now adjusted for the getaway feel. Still punishing new racers for being too friendly with the airbrakes, the 350 Fury is just an overall better ride for VK.

The verdict- 350 Fury: Come on! It's just too easy to see the speed and handling harmony in the 350 Fury mod.

I1- Mirage 350 Stock- Holy smokes this thing can really move. I enjoyed this ride and on many aspects, it can catch other ships with absolute ease. The balanced stats and the scarab design makes for an interesting ride that I didn't forget. I liked it.

I2- Mirage 350 Fury- What makes a good ship better, A SMALLER SCARAB!!!!! With the increase in speed and in shielding (Not needed for this test), the most notable thing i saw was that the outer wings on the Mirage 350 Fury fold in when you begin! This makes the ship smaller still and can be a rather good thing for more, technical tracks ahead!!!!

The verdict- 350 Fury: Jeez. Making a ship smaller on launch... I'll take that every time!!!

J1- Harimau 350 Stock- Harimau is a step down from Icarus. It floats and it is great in speed management, but it felt, empty here in VK. The undulation wasn't the problem. It was after the second tunnel where I wanted to cry a tad. Still, a decent ride.

J2- Harimau 350 Fury- Icarus training with better handles. I swear this felt like I was riding Icarus. No lie, if you don't believe me, try it out yourself and you'll see what I mean.

The verdict- 350 Stock: The Fury mod seemed too fast for the handle to be right. Also, the wings help stabilize the Stock over the Fury.

K1- Auricom 350 Stock- For a heavy stock, I was quite shock to see it turn well enough to turn some heads. It was light enough to turn, but had the weight to stay near the ground. It was better than EG-X and Piranha, that's for sure.

K2- Auricom 350 Fury- The handling on this is WAY TOO TOUCHY for VK. I found myself begging to go back to Stock over Fury. The crashing into walls was too much for me too be bothered with.

The verdict- 350 Stock: See above to understand why I chose Stock.

L1 Icarus 350 Stock- The small ship helped for better control (Not so much handling) in VK. At times where the 350 Fury was crashing, I didn't have that problem in the Stock. It also had a bit of zip to it as well.

L2- Icarus 350 Fury- Oh brother. I can see why pilots use this thing. For a huge sacrifice on handling and control, this machine can REALLY MOVE!!! But in a race like this, unlesss you started with Icarus, you'll be wanted to go Stock over Fury.

The verdict- 350 Stock: I just find it better to maneuver with the Stock and sacrifice a bit of thrust over getting a lead and losing it on a driving error.

Next time, Anulpha Pass.

See you soon!!!