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Thread: How long will you hang onto a weapon pickup in order to set a trap?

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    Default How long will you hang onto a weapon pickup in order to set a trap?

    So, I'm racing this guy on anulpha pass and after I had finally caught up to him, he laid mines behind him while we were both on the long skinny upper area with the four speed pads on it. I of course hit the mines, flew off course and promptly lost the race. Now, he could have gotten lucky with those mines, but I kinda feel like he got them early on and held onto them for just that kind of situation. Do you do the same thing during races or do you like to use your pickups sooner than later?

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    I would usually use an item by the time I reach the next weapons pad. However, if I get a particularly good tool for a specific task (e.g., turbo, bomb, quake, etc.) I may hold on to that item longer in order to use it more effectively, depending on the track and my location on it. Given that there are usually multiple opportunities to exploit that item's function to a satisfactory level.... probably an absolute maximum of around 15 seconds on Venom, and much less as the speed class increases.

    The typical strategy I use in a race is: 1) be faster than everyone else, 2) take every weapons pad as soon as I hit the lead, 3) hold onto item until it's either a) necessary to use or b) necessary to absorb; and if neither is necessary I will absorb it when I reach the next weapons pad to help buffer any surprises, 4) maintain 1, 2, & 3 until I win.

    While I'm of the mindset that mines aren't particularly worth keeping for any length of time longer than that which will take you to the next pad, I think there are a lot of pro-weapons players that would try to exploit them to their best as it suits them. I think the best way to avoid that kind of situation is to improve - once you're faster than everyone in the room, it almost doesn't matter what pickups they get and you'll be so far in front that they can't even touch you. The difference between someone with average skill and someone with a lot is a big one in WOHD.

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