Hey guys. Now since we have our own subforum for SSGX thanks to Hellfire, we want to make the most possible use out of it. There is one pending question in the room for quite a long time: Racemodes!

We actually have a bunch of racemodes which will definately make the cut. These are:
Single Race
Time Trial
Speed Lap
Endurance A single race with 15 laps
Head To Head Race against one AI enemy [needed for campaign story]
Zone Unlike WO, a track will be generated while racing and random cornerings etc. will be added up. Normal race tracks won't get converted into a Zone track.

Actually these are quite a few modes already but we would like to include something fresh aswell. So if you have ideas for fancy race modes, post them here. No rating intended as of now, just collecting ideas. We might create a poll later on. Also keep in mind we could simply add our well known "Eliminator" mode but maybe there are some bright ideas here which we like to collect