As you know, in Sports many athletes use certain songs and certain genres to 'psyche' themselves up for a big event. Or just in general because it helps them perform...

Now the thing is, in most games, I wouldn't say a great soundtrack is really necessary but I've found WipEout in Phantom speed to be completely different as it requires either;

a) A solid level of concentration
b) A big rush of adrenalin.

I've found that my performances whilst listening to a custom made soundtrack put together for the sole purpose of motivating me seems to being out better performances over Race, Time-Trial, Speed Lap but another soundtrack composed of calm soothing songs, ambient even, produce better results in Detonator, Zone and Zone Battle. Each soundtrack also produced less favorable results in it's 'opposite' 3 events.

My question to you is, do you really think that soundtracks can be a performance enhancer and keeping this in mind, do you think that it would be viable to create a 'WZ-Select' soundtrack for others to have a go at to see if it adds to the game for them? Personally, I think it makes a certain difference, I always say to people that ask me when learning to play WipEout the first they should do is get a decent soundtrack that is a bit more prominent than the one on the game.