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Thread: FlaT'out - AG Racing in a 2D world

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    Default FlaT'out - AG Racing in a 2D world

    In FlaT'out, for some unknown reason an entire dimension has gone missing. Scientists worldwide have been trying to find ways to fix the problem, some are trying to figure out what caused it, and others are trying to use it to their advantage (( *cough cough* Qirex ))

    This thread is part Fan-Fiction, part roleplay, basically a team-effort. My plan:
    - Write the Fan-Fiction in Google Docs (with your help)
    - Post the Fan-Fiction Here
    - Do a roleplay/review/prewrite here
    - Repeat

    To do something out of character, put Double Parenthesis around it, (( like this ))
    I would recommend checking "Disable smilies in text" to prevent accidental smilies from appearing.
    Oh, if anyone can mimic Terry Pratchett's writing style, you're hired.

    So let's get to work.

    The lead scientist at FEISAR woke up in the middle of the night. Something wasn't right. Everything felt different, as if it were infinitely thin and infinitely thick at the same time. Just then he realized what was wrong: Our beloved third dimension has vanished. It is just... gone. He needs to figure out what is going on, and fast...
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