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    Default Total Wip3out Book 1 - Prototype Panic

    Noah's Ark: Total Wip3out

    Based on the racing game by Psygnosis

    Story by Nicholas Manuel

    Characters by their respective owners.

    Chapter 1: Good Sequence, Bad Timing.

    Miyamoto Dojo Labs is in for a real treat, today. Archibald McShane was about to bring his team into the future, more like an alternate future.

    Arch: Ladies and gentlefurs, what you are about to see is the future of racing.

    He inputs a sequence and pulls the lever to take them into the year 2048. However, Rayden, the mischevious Norn was about to send them further into the future.

    Arch: RAYDEN, DON'T!

    Rayden presses buttons randomly, and overloads the console.

    Rayden: Oops, my bad. Oh well, a team is in need of your help anyway. Have fun at the F7200!

    Arch: Wait, what tea--?!

    Before his question was finished, Arch and company were pulled into the singularity prior to collapsing.

    They end up in an futuristic alley.

    Kentaro: Where are we?

    Arch: More like when, we're in the year 2116.

    Aurora: Oh No! What do we do?

    Arch: *Reading a billboard* "F7200 Preseason Race Today". I know let's watch a Anti-Gravity Race!

    The team agrees and pay for tickets and take their seats. For the race is about to begin.


    Just because this is a Furry fanfiction, doesn't mean it's going to contain yiff. Ok, I'll admit, there will be only one chapter for a yiff scene, but I will not post it here, due to regulations within this forum. Instead, I will post a link to it, if any pilot's feeling brave enough to weather it, once I reach that point.

    More to the point, this story ties into the universe of one of my storytelling colleagues, who's fursona is under the moniker, Noah Taller, a wolf sorcerer. Remember when Fairclough, and Foxx said that the Overtel Corporation never made a real power grab until the F9000, years after Belmondo's death? Well, Noah's arch-nemesis, Lucien, gave the Overtel Corporation additional support to make Qirex-RD more dominant in the league than ever. Lucien even slated FEISAR for borderline foreclosure. This however, was all a front for Lucien biggest move, yet: to unite all the forces of evil in the known universes. While Arch and company boggle down over this trival matter, unaware of the true plot unfolding, Lucien will continue to make power grabs to recreate the multi-verse in his own twisted image! What will Lucien do next to keep our heroes distracted? Read more to find out!

    UPDATE: Lucien is actually in hibernation, However Spartace, Arch's brother is Racing for Qirex-RD to keep our heroes distracted while he continues his attempts to awaken Lucien. Will Arch win the seven Chaos Emeralds, and restore the balance of the WipEout Continuity? For all this and more, stay tuned!
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