The reverse of the other thread. What was the last game you sold, why did you sell it, and do you ever wish you had it back?

What brings this up is:
I woke this morning and really, really wanted to play Star Ocean The Last Hope International...but I sold it awhile back to raise a measly bit of cash! I thought I was done with that game (obviously), but...I'm not, and now I am going to go buy it again! It was a really long game (for me, who never plays RPGs), full of lame humour, huge dungeons with hours between save points, at times incredibly hard battles (depending on how levelling up was done), and stupendous cutscenes (movies, actually). In short, the perfect mix of fun and difficulty, and I miss the darn game.

On the other hand, I tried selling my Ratchet and Clank games and nobody wanted them. I tried really hard to get into these games, and found them boring, deadly boring, not difficult, not engaging, mostly annoying with a hint of humour. Oh, the irony.